Cranio-sacral/NAET and over-reactions to food and environmental chemicals

meI have read many articles and books on the autistic children. What causes it and what it has helped many families. So far the most that I gather from families and studies is that some babies and children have traumatic births, with a combination of atopic allergic parents as well as digestive problems, and a combination of vaccines. For many babies and children the vaccines are fine and they cope with them quite well. What I noticed with my own experience in clinic and with reading other experiences that the ones with most sensitivity to the emotional, physical and chemical environment, as well as underdeveloped detoxyfing organs and an intestinal tract that is not yet tight enough to filtrer only nutrients needed in the body have developed a form of autism or an overeaction in some way or another. What I found in my clinic is that by supporting the intestinal tract, as well as using NAET and cranio-sacral method now, will support all the systems which in turn improves the condition in some way or another or at least the quality of life. The main foods that adults and children are overreacting are mainly wheat and dairy, but also eggs, and other fruits can be quite severe for some individuals and children. I had a child that was over-reacting to pear juice, which caused the child to have very read lips and mouth, as well as being over irritated with every body else around her. With a Cranio-sacral treatment and the withdraw of the pear juice, the child irritation went down 90% in a week. Juice pear is one example but any food or chemical trigger symptoms in adults or a child.

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