Global New Year resolution. How can you change your life in a more positive way?

Global New Year resolution

What is your new year resolution, what do you need to do to finally make it where you want to get? After 26 years of being a therapist and heal people either through nutrition, and craniosacral therapy and teaching now, I got to the conclusion that our biggest blockage in life is our Fears and limitations.

So, for the New Year resolution, let go of the old fears and limitations, from your own parents and your own fears and limitation. Open your heart to love for yourself and others and let go of worries about materialistic way. This year just feel the love for yourself and others keeping that in mind for the entire next year. Let of your fears about life in general and live life in full.

Most of all communicate to your children the love for them and for yourself and see what miracles can come from it. Communicate to yourself the love for life and what it brings you, transmute every single negative experience into a beautiful loving experience in your life. There is always a lesson to be learned from every experience that you have, so see everything that happened to you in the past as such and make the conscious and unconscious effort to let go of the things that you no longer need from your past and transmute it into new beginning and new patterns that are positive for you and every body around you. Live your life in the Light and you will see Light coming into your life!

Have a brilliant and fulfilling Christmas and Holiday seasons and a New Happy New Year with the biggest resolution that you ever made!

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