Craniosacral therapy: Parents and children communication

The more I work with craniosacral therapy the more I feel that I want to know what it can possible do. I am always surprised what comes out from the sessions, from babies to adults. Things that I would not expect in a particular person or child.

Sometimes I feel the anger in a child, which feels too big for a little person. My thought on that is that it is probably too big for the little person and therefore they might act out or rebel against it by having a tantrum or wanted to run all the time till they are tired.

Children are a sponge not only for things that they need to learn, but also for energetic feelings that adults and other children, who they come into contact with, have. If a parent has a long day and he is very angry with the boss or people around him and does not let it go before going home, some very sensitive children might pick up that anger and act out upon it to show their parents that they are still angry! Which makes the parent even more frustrated or angry as they just want to relax and have fun with their child. The parent then punishes the child for being naughty and to get some peace and quiet.

The poor child gets the punishment in some way or another for something that he does not understand and he/she is only trying to help the parent see how they themselves feel. If you are child is acting out just sit back on it and see how you feel, do you feel like your child? Do you want to scream and stump your feet? But you cannot because you are an adult? Do you feel like crying because of the hard day that you had or any other problem in your life right now? If so, why don’t try to copy what your child does to see if you feel better and then let it go.

What can you do to avoid this cycle, well, if your child is angry, you can try with your child to let go of that anger by both of you punching a pillow, with the intention of that anger to go and transmute into positive things.

As a parent you can also have a 10 minute of quiet time for yourself to let go of everything that you picked up from work that you do not need it anymore, as you are at your family home.

If your child is having a tantrum, maybe you or your child just need a hug, so just do that and then play together. Give your child some attention before you answer a call from any of your friends or family. Spend some quality time with them. Sometimes when we play with our children or we give attention to them, we heal our own inner child and we start feeling better and want to play with our children more.

Your children are little part of you, so treat them with respect that you would want for yourself!

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