Low blood pressure what causes it?

High blood pressure is usually the most talked about as it is the most dangerous one for brain damage and other physical body damage.

But not many people talk about low blood pressure, which can be as damaging or dangerous as the high blood pressure.

In the past week there has been one of the most famous people fainting and hitting his head because of low blood pressure and it made me think about my own story 30 years ago about my low blood pressure, which led me to cut my finger while cutting bread and faint. The cause of my low blood pressure was not having breakfast in the morning, not drinking enough water in a very hot day and standing up for 4 hours at work? That was my combination of things. Now with the famous person it seems was a similar thing, not having much to eat or drink due to a very tight work schedule.

What is causes low blood pressure?

Blood pressure goes down for various reasons:

  • Reduction of blood flow to the brain due to either a trauma; or hock, which can be physical or emotional;
  • A very strong allergic reaction such as the anaphylactic shock;
  • Low blood sugar level, due to not enough glucose is around in your cells due to low nutrients intake. Also, a sudden raise in blood sugar followed by a sudden drop of blood sugar level, due to consumption of either stimulants such as coffee, teas, red bull or sugary breakfast.

Symptoms of low blood sugar level are dizziness, mental irritation, shaking or feeling faint!

What are the consequences of low blood pressure? Well the biggest one is fainting on the street and hitting your head on hard pavement, or worse driving a car and causing an accident with damage to another innocent person because you fainted. Dizziness due to low blood sugar level, can lead to anxiety and panic attack due to the stress response kicking with adrenaline to raise your blood sugar level.

What can you do to normalize it?

Eating a good slow release sugar free breakfast is the key for you to avoid getting into the low blood sugar level. This can be porridge, eggs and avocado, fruits with yogurt, nuts and seeds. Salmon with whole bread (gluten free or normal).

Having time for a good lunch as well, either a light one or big one, which include some form of protein with some wholemeal carbohydrate.

Having a snack such as apples or nuts and seeds or any other fruits with nuts and seeds for mid- afternoon or mid-morning.

Having a good dinner which contain protein, good carbohydrate or protein and vegetables also helps. If you are having an early dinner due to eating with your children, then have an apple or a pear 1 hour before going to bed.

Remember that the body needs nutrients from food in order to function, so skipping meals for any reasons will put more stress on the body to function well. Your health is more important that your work or any other issue that you have! Because you are worth it!

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