Free opening and closing down meditation audio to download. If you feel that you are not listened to try the meditations!

My husband/wife/child does not listen to a word I say, it feels like I am not even here!

Have you said that many times or somebody that you know has said that many times! Well probably if you said it, you are ungrounded or they are. Try the exercises that I suggested for grounded, or go swimming, walk and think of roots growing from your feet going down to the Earth and grounding you, or just say it that every step you take you are grounded to Earth. If you run, run a little bit, stretch then walk for a while till your pace is slower. If you use a gym, go to the gym and do a pilate class or a yoga class the hatha gentle one. Then have the same conversation with the person you want to get your message across again and see if they hear you!

If you feel like you do not exist or you are not even there when you are talking, the chance is that you are not fully grounded in your body and therefore your true presence is not there. Whatever you say to yourself or others cannot be heard as you/yourself and/or the other person are ungrounded and at different level of frequency. It is like being on the radio, one is on capital FM and the other is on a Classical Jazz!

You can download to your pc or phone or music device the following opening up and closing down the chakras meditation free of charge. Just remember to always close down your chakras when you open them up before going to a public place or to sleep:


maria esposito opening up meditation

maria esposito closing down meditation



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