Elderly people and babies and children in the orphanage playing together.

Elderly people and babies and children in the orphanage playing together. How wonderful would be for both ages!

A while back I saw an emotional study done on babies and children in an orphanage in the Easter European country. I am not sure if it will be the same everywhere. How wonderful it would be if elderly or retired people can play with the orphanage babies and children (obviously all the check up for the elderly people needs to be done or strictly supervised).

The point of the study was to see the difference between a baby that has been given attention and one that has not. As the most important time of a baby and child life is from 0 to 5 to build in the good memory and stimulation of the neurological built up, it is essential that they children and babies feel love and play with the adults around them. As well as stimulate their imagination in the most positive way, so that they have a chance of a life when they grow up!

I would say that is also valid for many of the babies and children in a normal setting of family or with or parent or carer.

The reason that foster parents work well if they are great loving people, is that the children still feel loved by someone and they know that no matter what they are worth living a happy life because there are good people out there no matter what.

So if anybody in ANY Country, especially in the ones that they are understaffed, can have the idea of elderly or retired people play or interacting with the babies toddler, checked and supervised at all times by the staff, they will give those children a chance to have a life!

(c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

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