Craniosacral therapy another thought of the magical therapy

I love craniosacral therapy, not just because it brings the unconscious to the conscious mind, which it means you can deal with what stops you being yourself and go for what you are meant to do in life, but also because it is a deep clearing and cleansing of your body, mind and soul. Young people now days seems to have little knowledge on how to behave respectfully towards each other. And also it seems that they might not know the definition of love per se. I am kind of forced to watch love Island with my son, as that is kind of do something together, which I am enjoying. However watching the show I want to go there and start giving advice on how to behave to every one on the Island. Just looking at one of them, that is taking everything so serious, it reminds me of myself and with my experience now, I know that taking every single thing in life too seriously, it means two things, one you need to heal your heart, as there has some heart breaking in the past, either as a child or adult (it does not have not be a major one, it depends on your sensitivity), and two you have closed your heart because of past experiences, which it means joy, fun, love and all the good things cannot come in. Also it means that you are not enjoying life in full as you should be.
This can stem also from a birth trauma or misalignment of the back from birth, which it might not be noticeable at all or from a small fall as a child or adult.
The reason I like craniosacral, because it helps the alignment of the spine and the entire life, inside and outside, connecting yourself to your inner self and connected to other with the same frequency as you. Lifting your life in a more productive and positive way.

How do you feel?  and how integrated are we? The new exciting workshops for all, this might be a one off workshops so worth attending and booking well in advance. 

Workshops dates:
The first one will be Monday the 31st of July at 7.00-9.00pm
The second one is Monday the 7th  at  7.00-9.00pm & the 3rd  one is Monday the 14th at 7.00pm-9.00pm

Irritable Bowel Syndrome workshop for all 21st of August 2017 – 7pm-9pm

Venue London, Clear Break – Kentish Town.
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