Feeling bloating & Irritable Bowel Syndrome & NAET

Many people with irritable bowel syndrome feels bloating all the time. Even if they do not eat they feel like they have eaten an entire melon. Quite often, the person looks like they are 3 months pregnant after a meal. They often have a lot of wind and their stool is either dry, or in pellets or have diarrhoea. It depends what they eat or drink. Many have tried to cut out food before, and not in the right way or not constant. Working with allergies, I have noticed that a lot of people have different food or drink allergens. The reasons why IBS has not a single cause, is because the allergens can be different for each person.

Also it can be a bacteria overgrowth, which causes a lot more gas, or yeast overgrowth, which makes them sensitive to all the sugar and sugary foods, as well as addicted to it as well.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – A two hours workshop run in London on the 21st of August at 7pm-till 9pm

The workshop include:

  • What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
  • What are the possible trigger for IBS?
  • What can you try to reduce or eliminate the IBS symptoms?
  • Nutritional and more tips that you can try to see what works for you.
  • Questions and answers time for each individual

This workshop has limited spaces and you are signed up only if paid in advanced.

Venue:  Clear Break studios (Kentish Town nearest tube station)

2 Patshull Road, London NW5 2LB.

Please check on google map for directions from where ever you come from.

The workshops are a combination of my clinical experience, research and various workshops in varied fields, as well as the thousands of workshops that I have done in all the possible fields to heal and know who we are physically, mentally, chemically and spiritually, after my University degree in Health Science Nutritional Therapy 20 years ago.

To book for the Irritable bowel syndrome workshop please click on the button below £ 25.00

Please notice – There is no refund once you book, however, you can find a substitute for the workshop.

Here is a link to my e-book: Clinical experience of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Gut-Brain axis versus Brain-gut axis.



You can click here to order it on amazon.com 

For the paperback copy please click here

Illustration copyright (c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – Craniosacral therapist

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