Hay fever season and craniosacral therapy

Hay fever season has been there for quite a while and the more I use NAET and CST together, the more I understand that the two are meant to be together. Hay ever is a combination an over reaction to pollen, which it has been around us for millions of years and should be recognized by the body as a non enemy, and therefore not react to it. However many still do, and quite often by working on a possible stress cycle that is on all the time and working on some trapped emotions, that do not want to leave the body and mind, is the key to the successful outcome. The emotions might be trapped into the muscle tissues or cells memory and by working on a possible emotional or physical trauma, that might be reduces or gone completely. Now as a craniosacral therapist and a healer, I also know that we pick up things from our parents from when we are babies to quite later in life. So, some of the trauma, or emotions trapped in our body or mind might be not quite all ours. By working on these hidden emotions, we let go of many more emotions that we did not know we had.
I do not usually have or suffer of hay fever, and as a therapist I am always healing myself, deeply and deeply, so that I can offer more and more help to my client. At times when I know I need to let go of things, and I have not had the time to process them or even acknowledge them, I can sneeze and sneeze like I have suffered of hay fever all my life. Then as soon as I deal with whatever needs to be dealt with, my sneezing goes and I do not sneeze for the entire summer!

Author Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – R-Craniosacral therapist

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