Craniosacral therapy for stabilizing your life

CST is an amazing tool to stabilize your life in general. People say that they do not know how it works but it does, even though during the session some can feel their body adjusting and moving, while changes and blockages are addressed. I know how it works, and how much our own body is well capable of healing itself if given the chance. 

My theory is that our spine is middle point of our energetic field or our physical body, I include the middle of the head and the middle of the legs (or between our legs) with an imaginary flexible but strong rod. When that rod sway from one side to another or back and forward because of life circumstances, such as strong emotions, old or new physical and mental trauma, then the grounding and the stability of that rod is challenged and we can see it through our surrounding life or feel it through pain in our body. Sometimes, if you have learned how to stabilize yourself, that rod gets back to the middle line very quickly, and sometimes the rod gets stuck in one position or another, and unable to move, which it means, you get stuck in your lives and not able to move or change anything. When it manifests itself in physical pain, you might try the physical therapist to get rid of it, and it comes back over and over again, even though there is nothing seriously wrong with it. That is because there is a blockage there, emotional/mental or otherwise that needs to be acknowledged and let go. 

With CST, what we do, is free that blockage and stabilize the rod in the centre of the body again, so that your life is back to normal, with possible few changes. Life does throw challenges at us all the time, and it is a normal way of living, it is the you deal with them and how fast you get back to the centre, that is important. So, what CST teaches you is to get back to normality quicker and stronger. 

If feels like we are doing magic when you have the treatments and afterwards your life gets a much easier and more stable, however, it is not magic and it does not go away for ever, unless you change the way you see life in general and keep stabilizing yourself with the suggestions that come up during the sessions.

(c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

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