Craniosacral therapy – Nutrition for babies and children integration – reducing trauma & allergies

We see trauma, emotional and physical trauma all the time, as adults we get scared and brave and scared again. We usually have an up and down emotions all the time, especially at a time that you know you might not be able to protect your children or yourself sometimes. However what we can do is heal ourselves from fear, pain, sorrow or physical and emotional misunderstanding or beliefs that do not longer help us. With babies and children being very sensitive to their surrounding world, being able to deal with life and life circumstances in a more relaxed way, helps your babies and children deal with life much better. When a baby is born through a traumatic way such as C section or outside forces, then the fear is there for a while, also because the parents got more scared than the baby, and they keep that fear inside them, even though it does not show from the outside.

For children is the same, when they get older, then the parents fear of not protecting them enough, or teaching them enough or knowing enough to protect their children, might lead the relationship with your child to the other way. Instead of installing confidence and less fear, they get a bit more fearful.

We just have to remind ourselves as parents that before the modern life, we lived in caves with wild animal around us, and we learned to survive and live and build a bigger society.

My point is, certain things before were not considered too stressful, while now, even the smaller things are considered stress for the brain and mind. So lets start your baby and child life with the best nutrition and the best relaxed way possible to the world, by giving a CST treatment to your baby and children and yourself you will start the process of giving them confidence that you are able to do what you need to protect them withing your own control.

You are already a brilliant parent, if you think that you are not, as your concern will lead you to your own growth as a parent, giving the best you can to your children!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – Craniosacral Therapist

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