Craniosacral therapy for chronic fatigue, anxiety and panic attack

Chronic fatigue has got a lot of triggers, the main one is the continuous stress put on the body, either emotionally or physically. This happens when the stress response is not never switched off, either from exams fear and anxiety from childhood or from University, and then going into a busy work, with a lot of busy lives, where there is no time to rest or even to think about what is happening around you. Including enjoying your life as it is.

The stress response is on, even if you do not know it is. It keeps going on and on, till the adrenals, which are the glands who support the stress cascade, gives up and runs out of resources. This can be due to emotional stress response for little things in life to big problems, leading to anxiety and eventually panic attack.

CST works to resettle the body in a normal state of balance, in a more relaxed mode, most of the time, so that the body can deal with healing, fighting viruses and bacteria, and repairing the body so that it works in perfect order for your busy life. CST makes you see life from a different angle so that you can enjoy it more. It makes you slow down so that you can see the scenery and allow yourself to rest while you are still in full mode.

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