Craniosacral therapy for babies traumatic birth in north london

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle but powerful treatments for babies when they had a traumatic start. This can be from an emergency C section to the full use of forceps or more. The trauma can be let go much quicker with the CST session. You might need just about 2 sessions for the baby, and I suggest a couple for the mums too, as it is very traumatic for the mothers as well. This to let go of possible fears for future babies if it is your first one. There is no manipulation of any kind. We allow the babies and mother system to adjust at the physical, and emotional level. Even though it cannot be seen with the naked eyes, as craniosacral therapist we are trained to feel and listen the little movements and changes that occur when we allow the body to let go of any physical block or stress/fear response that the baby and adult are set on. By doing so, the entire system gets balanced and therefore the baby and mother are allowed to feel safe and protected and relaxed. This method helps with possible colics, reflux, pain and structural unbalance which might cause problems later on in life.


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