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I just thought I should let you know that so far this year I have not needed to take any tablets/ nasal sprays for  what normally is very bad hay fever!

I have had some slight symptoms when I have gone to other countries and other parts of the U.K…but not enough to do anything about it… and I am still waiting for it to hit me… !

Thank you

David (MAY 2017)

Amelia testimonial.

My hay fever started quite early in the season and would go on through the summer and on certain bad days I would get so itchy and sneezy and irritated that I would have to go and lie down. It was frustrating that at the nicest time of year, being outside in the garden/park etc. made me feel ill. I tried using conventional hay fever drugs – Clarityn and Flixonase which helped a bit but I was still getting symptoms and didn’t like taking these drugs all the time.

So when Maria told me that she could treat hay fever in the long term, I was very interested. I didn’t know anything about the NEAT system. Maria explained that she would test and treat, not only my allergies to pollen but also intolerances to all different kinds of food and environmental factors. She explained that intolerances to other things, even if we are not aware of them can increase the body’s allergic reaction to pollen. 

The first time I visited Maria, she carried out tests to see which things I had intolerance to. The test involved lying down, holding a vial with the essence the particular substance in my right hand and holding my left arm up in the air. Maria then pushed against my left arm and I would have to resist. Sometimes it was easy to resist and others I seemed to have very little resistance. I didn’t know each time which substance was being tested. It turned out that I had intolerances to quite a number of things including wheat, dairy, sugars, shellfish, pulses as well as a lot of different kinds of pollen, dust and animal hair. Maria suggested that until we treated them I should avoid wheat dairy and sugars and although this was difficult my hay fever did seem to improve a bit

She then set about treating these intolerances. As far as I understand the process is about telling the brain that the particular substance is not threat and therefore the body does not need to react as if it is a foreign body. The treatments involved a short massage down the spine whilst holding the vial containing the substance and then she would hold a vibrating device on different points round the body (wrist, elbow, knees, feet) after which I would to lie there for about 20 minutes. Then for the nest 25 hours I would not be able to come into contact, eat or touch anything which contained the specific substance that was being treated at the time. This was the difficult bit. It can be quite hard to avoid certain foodstuffs and you have to check everything for the ingredients. Also if you prepare food for other family members, it can be quite tricky – but it is only for 25 hours. For certain treatments you are really quite limited for what you can eat. I think there was one where all I could eat was cauliflower, white rice and fish. There are 2 particularly hard ones, which I have yet to do, as I have not been organised enough yet. They are calcium and dust. Calcium involves not coming into contact with water – so you have to get de-ionised water to drink and wash your hands and dust involves cleaning your house very well and wearing a mask and gloves for 25 hours. I am planning to do them soon!

We started doing the treatments in August 2010 and did most of them before the hay fever season started last year. The ones for the different kinds of pollen have to be done out of the hay fever season. I have to say that although it had not gone entirely, my hay fever was a good deal better this year and I know that a lot of people had it badly because of the late spring and it suddenly being so hot in April, all the pollen came out at once. I managed to deal with it by just drinking water with vitamin C to boost my immune system. I didn’t have a day when I had to go and lie down to calm down. During the season I kept some jars of water outside to pick up any pollen that might not have been included in the ones I was treated for. Maria has treated those this autumn and when I have done the dust in January I am interested to see what effect this will have next spring.”  Amelia  Amelia has been hay-fever free since 2014

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