Craniosacral treatments for hay fever and how it works:

The combination of NAET and craniosacral treatments for hay fever work very well because any stress mode that the body is in during the allergies reaction is reduced completely, which reduces the inflammation cascade caused by the stress mode, and therefore the leaky gut condition, due to the stress mode, as well as the healing of the mind, body and auric field. The whole system reaction to the outside world is reduced, giving the physical and physiological mind to be in a state of relaxation and therefore reduction of the damaged caused by the stress.
For the immune system, once the stress is reduced, then the antibodies that attack the usual normal compound like the pollen, is switched off. Once the cortisol, which is the response to constant stress mode, is switched off, then, the intestinal tract is repaired (sometimes probiotics and other nutrients are needed to increase the speed of the repair). Once the intestinal tract is repaired then the barrier against the harmful bacteria, viruses and other undigested food are not allowed in, which it means the body will get back to a state of balance and a reduction of the hay fever.

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