Unconscious and conscious fears that holds your goal and dream back. Let them go with craniosacral therapy

After 6 years working with craniosacral therapy with myself and others, I have experienced many of my conscious and unconscious fears disappear. I have also noticed many of my clients unconscious fears disappear too. How that happens? Well as I mentioned in my previous blog, craniosacral therapy gets into the unconscious mind, body cells, inside and outside, our auric fields and our mental state. It does not however in my experience get into things that the person is not ready to share or deal with. The only time CST would deal with any fear or trauma from the past is when the person is ready to deal with it. That is the beauty of it. You body, mind and soul knows when is time to let go.

Some of the unconscious fears can be the cause of you being stuck in the same circle of events, either in a relationship or friendship, work or even by the fact that a goal that you want to achieve, is never achieved, because you stop yourself from achieving it, because of deep down or unknown fears.

So if you have had the same negative patterns for a long time, eg. getting in the same type of job setting with the same type of negative boss or you keep complaining about the same type of people all the time, be sure that you have a fear there that is keeping you in the same state of mind! Down and negative and unable to move forward, maybe even complaining that something or someone else is causing you to get stuck!

Craniosacral therapy will get to the core of that fear and put you back in charge of your Life!

It is hard and sometimes seems impossible to achieve it, as yourself and life challenge you all the time for the changing that you are making, however, if you  persevere, and you keep moving forward, it is WORTH IT, YOU are worth it!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral therapist

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