Zeolite for detoxyfing metals and bacteria. What is it and does it work?

Zeolite for heavy metals without upsetting the other nutrients

When I went to Italy last Christmas, my brother in law who works with metals all the long and he has done that for many years, wanted me to help to order a product called zeolite. I have not heard of it before, so I researched it a bit to see what was about the product that is so special. In the past, he had reduced his high metals in his body by taking glutathione. Chlorella is also the most advertised and researched for the elimination of the metals in the human body. However even with chlorella you need to know which one is the best one for it and any metal detox needs to be done under supervision, as if you remove toxins from your skin or tissues, you need to have products that mobilize them and takes them out of your blood stream and from the gut into the elimination side.

What is zeolite? It is part of the allumino silicate family and it has a shape to capture any other metals that you might have in the blood or skin. It has been used by medical health practitioner for detoxification. Zeolite is part of the clinoptilolites metals minerals, from volcanic minerals, and there are about 140 types of natural zeolites and about 150 of synthetic ones (Laurino C. et Palmieri B.) It is also a wide spread form of detoxification for animals. It seems that it removes metal toxins from animal as well as being an antioxidants and an anti-diarroetic as well as antibacterial and anti-acid in some studies of human origins. However most of the research have been done on animals, rather than humans and taking zeolite for a long time, are not suggested as there is no research on possible side effects or taking it for a long time. However, zeolite in the natural form or modified for human consumption, could be tried, if a person works with heavy metals or in dusty condition, at least for a month, to see if the metals and dusty particles can be reduces. I would not recommend given it to children as anything that has not been study enough.

For any of the products for the elimination of the metals, you need to have a full colon support so that your stools eliminate quite a lot of the metals. Your kidneys also needs to function well, and maybe combine it all with a very good sauna, to eliminate toxins from your skin as well.


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