New Year resolution! Have a craniosacral therapy, change your life!

New Year resolution! Have a craniosacral therapy for yourself or suggest it to a friend or family, that would change their life in a more positive and constructive way! From babies to elderly!

  • I spend Christmas in Italy this year as usual, and usually my mum would think of everything and spoil everyone with her food and attention.
  • This year she was the one that needed lots of attention, after a heart operation. Everything went well, however, the post-traumatic stress and mainly fear of dying, made her more vulnerable and fearful of dying!
  • I was working with her grounding and integrating her body and soul again, as well as dealing with her shock and trauma, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • No medication could calm her down, or get rid of the fear of something would go wrong, or for every single symptom that she had, she wanted to check with every single doctor that it was ok.
  • When I first got there, our first trip was to the doctor, as she was in pain from her arthritis, even though they gave her the right medication beforehand, she would not take it or do anything about it. So, we had to go to a doctor that she really trusted, which first gave her something else, which did not work very well, then went back to what she had before after few days.
  • The difference between the first day that I saw her and few days later, was that she was more grounded and more integrated in herself, with less shock or memory of the operation and therefore she took the first line of medication that she had to take.
  • Now if it was me I would have done all naturally, however my mother has many fears and she is not quite used to take everything naturally, and as I am not there all the time, she took what she had to take. Before the operation, she was on homeopathic remedies and supplements for her arthritis and was working very well. However, after the operation and due to her fears, that did not work anymore. She will be back on them later, I am sure.
  • What I did with her, was every day and bit at the time, working on her with CST for a gentle release of the shock and trauma, and balance her up again, so that she would think a bit more logically on her health again, and not be so scared of everything.
  • Everybody saw the difference after two days and they recognised my mum as the person she was before the operation.
  • At the end of the week, she was almost back to normal, even though she has a bit to go, she can now deal with things with less fears!

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