Fear in babies and adults – how craniosacral therapy work

It is impossible almost to list the benefit of CST treatment from pregnancy to babies, I have listed few in the past, from trauma, emotional and physical to injury, physically and emotionally. However the effect is also for the individuals. It depends pretty much what each of us needs to clear or bring up to surface in order to clear it. Quite often it is impossible to know consciously, till they surface up and only if you notice what changed, that you will be aware of what changes have happened. Others you will know only later on, and might not even connect it to the treatments, however that is what happens in some way or another.

Now it is quite ironic that I am doing a workshop for fears, as in the past year more or less England and the business world has been in an uncertainty time since the announcement of the EU referendum. Apart from the fact that many people did not understand the full impact of the results, either way, the outcome shocked everybody. Even the ones that are happy about the results.

 If you are very sensitive, like I am, you would have noticed a cloud of fear in some way, prior to the referendum and the day after the results!

Fear it is a common ground for many things, and turning that fear into a positive outcome is important for each and every one of us. Knowledge and knowing what to do next is also an important step to get rid of the fear. So as an individual, and as a global population, knowing what will happen next, is essential for our own fear to be reduced and feel safe again!

However we can only start from ourselves!

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