The Magic of Craniosacral therapy and nutrition

Since I have been working as a craniosacral therapist I know that the foetus can feel the parents voices and the mother feelings. There have been some studies now undergoing and many infants and children psychologist that have just about confirmed that the mother state of mind and health is very important during pregnancy. Also they are now connecting the fact the diet can trigger genetic predispositions in the womb if the mother eats in an unhealthy way or certain foods that can trigger that. Now the majority of mothers eating very healthy and the majority have a bit of stress and anxiety during pregnancy or their life in general. The problems arises when the mother eats very unhealthy or certain foods she knows are not that great for her. We also know that nutrition as well as emotional and mental health is very important during pregnancy as that would shape some of the traits in the unborn baby. Most of them can be changed afterwards, however some might not. Again usually is on the extreme cases such as alcohol abuse or drug abuse. Now the other very important concept to develop a healthy positive brain for the baby is the way as mothers, connect to the baby from the beginning. I used to sing and read books to my son since birth. I kept doing that when I was changing him or when he was on the back of the car bored or upset so that he would know we as parents were there and he would not get scared. One thing that I remember is that he had an amazing vocabulary since the age of 14 months and full sentence at the age of 2. Because of our reading the Dr Zeus books he recognised at the age of 2 a Yuk! That is pretty impressive. Academically he still does very well and most of the time quite easy to learn for him. Now that is just my own experience, however because of the infants studies now there is scientific proof that talking to our infants can shape their positive neurons since their birth!. If have some time watch the film “inside out” by Walt Disney and it explains in a funny and easy way how the brain can accumulate lots of happy thoughts and even though there was a time that all the happy thoughts felt that they were all gone, they come back at the right time to deal with the more scary time of the children lives or when they need to. That parents and carers love comes back to them which prevents them from doing something silly or copying well with any major changes in their lives in a more positive way. Because they will know that as parents and carers who gave them lots of love and support from the start will be there for them no matter what!  My son had a lot of craniosacral therapy from the beginning of his life because of his traumatic birth.  Before the craniosacral therapy he had constant coughs, after a year of craniosacral therapy he did not have so many coughs at all. Just the normal cold, once every now and then. Now he rarely gets it, because as soon as he gets a cold, his body fights it very well and he knows when he is ill as he will go to bed saying so. He is a very sporty guy so for him to do so it means that he is not well!

Craniosacral therapy can be done at any age and time and any trauma from birth or during gestation can still be unblocked. I have seen many people changes their lives in a more positive way because of that, as they got more confident in themselves! It takes longer as an adult, however it also can take less as more of themselves is understood. In combination with an individualized diet with reduce over reaction to foods and the environment many more positive doors have been opened, especially with adults who felt that their lives have been blocked or stuck in some way or another! I have seen the magic happen!


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