Hayfever time: NAET method – Nutrition and craniosacral therapy, what works best

It is the time of the year that we are back to hay fever season. Even though for some people starts in January and finish in September. I keep having more and more story of people who have reduced and some eliminated their hay fever symptoms. What is hay fever, well is just an overreaction from the immune system reacting to pollen which is a natural and normal part of our environment. Most people do not react to them because it has been with us since life has started. So why some people would react more than others? Well my clinical experience is that many people start reacting to other normal nutrients and food first. Their immune system starts to be on an alert state. This can be because of a traumatic birth (C-section included) or very sensitive intestinal tract, or any allergy to milk or wheat, gluten or eggs, as well as grass plant. As an adult, there might be some very stressful time or job that you do, or just a past trauma that is stuck in your mind and body that needs to be released in order for the entire body and mind to relax enough to reduce that over reaction to any normal food.

The method that I used as many know now is NAET. I have used NAET for about 10 years now and I am still amazed how well it works. In order to work well you need to go through all the possible nutrients first, then food and then the environmental allergens. The combination with craniosacral therapy is essential, as any trauma or stress needs to be reduces at a very deep and unconscious level, in order for the body and mind to know that you are ok and that you are not in danger by being attacked by pollen or any other normal nutritional food.

Now in some cases, there is a possibility that genetically, they cannot detoxify the toxins well, which it means that they need to pay more attention to what they eat and drink, and changing the way they react or deal with life itself, as stress or emotional stress can cause inflammation and therefore high toxins or oxidation, which is damaging to the body.

Below is a reminder of some blogs that I have written before:

The first one is about nutrients that helps with hay fever season, the other is a testimonial on how hay fever can be reduce and in some cases eliminating completely.

The following supplements reduce the histamine reaction. It works really well and within about 20 minutes of taking them.

  • Vitamin C from 500 mg to 2000 mg a day in the worse time a day
  • Vitamin E 200 iu to 4oo iu a day
  • Quercetin follow the dosage suggested on the bottle
  • Oily fish up to 1000 mg a day (mixed EPA and DHA) a day
  • I would also suggest to have plenty of fruits and vegetables and healthy diet with non fried food or no take away food.
  • Alcohol would increase the stress level in the body or the toxins and therefore worsen the symptoms of hay fever.
  • Saline Nasal spray are very helpful to reduce the pollen accumulation.
  • Eye drops for the irritation of the eyes are also useful to reduce eyes symptoms.
  • Reducing dairy products and wheat and gluten also reduces the allergy symptoms as the food is harder to break down for some people.
  • Artichokes, chicory and any bitter green vegetables can help the liver to detox.
  • Drink up to 2 liters of water a day, throughout the day to help the body to run smoothly and detox from the kidney, via urine.


“I started getting hay fever the summer after my daughter was born, 8 ½ yeas ago. Prior to that I had just been allergic to cats since I was a teenager but had managed just to avoid them.

My hay fever started quite early in the season and would go on through the summer and on certain bad days I would get so itchy and sneezy and irritated that I would have to go and lie down. It was frustrating that at the nicest time of year, being outside in the garden/park etc. made me feel ill. I tried using conventional hay fever drugs – clarityn and flixonase which helped a bit but I was still getting symptoms and didn’t like taking these drugs all the time.

So when Maria told me that she could treat hay fever in the long term, I was very interested. I didn’t know anything about the NEAT system. Maria explained that she would test and treat, not only my allergies to pollen but also intolerances to all different kinds of food and environmental factors. She explained that intolerances to other things, even if we are not aware of them can increase the body’s allergic reaction to pollen. 

The first time I visited Maria, she carried out tests to see which things I had intolerance to. The test involved lying down, holding a vial with the essence the particular substance in my right hand and holding my left arm up in the air. Maria then pushed against my left arm and I would have to resist. Sometimes it was easy to resist and others I seemed to have very little resistance. I didn’t know each time which substance was being tested. It turned out that I had intolerances to quite a number of things including wheat, dairy, sugars, shellfish, pulses as well as a lot of different kinds of pollen, dust and animal hair. Maria suggested that until we treated them I should avoid wheat dairy and sugars and although this was difficult my hay fever did seem to improve a bit

She then set about treating these intolerance. As far as I understand the process is about telling the brain that the particular substance is not threat and therefore the body does not need to react as if it is a foreign body. The treatments click here to read more

Recent testimonial for hay fever


I just thought I should let you know that so far this year I have not needed to take any tablets/ nasal sprays for  what normally is very bad hay fever!

I have had some slight symptoms when I have gone to other countries and other parts of the U.K…but not enough to do anything about it… and I am still waiting for it to hit me… ! Thank you David”

It takes time to reduce the hay fever, and I usually start from nutrients and food and treat the hay fever only from the end of September so that you have more chance to pass the treatment with no tree, flowers or grass pollen around. At the end though it is all worth it, as if you had it for a long time and you keep taking anti-histamine for the summer, it is well worth it.

I have sneezed a few times in the past few days, for some reason or another and I would not want to do that all the time! I would do anything possible in my power to look for a more permanent solution! Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

Tips for balancing your blood sugar and hypoglycemia

How do you know what to eat and not eat, so that you can balance your blood sugar level. Sometimes it is hard to know and choose what to do. Here are some tips of what would increase blood sugar level and what balance it. Each individual is different and it depends on your level of exercise that you might need a bit more carbohydrate and sugary foods and avoid it. If you work about 8 hours sitting down, you do not need to eat so much sugar and sugary foods, including a lot of carbohydrates.

What increases blood sugar level and or the stress cascade in the body, which increases also blood sugar level:

Coffees and teas are stimulants; they can cause your heartbeat to increase, and a quick rise in your blood sugar levels. A sudden drop of blood sugar level can then follow few hours later. This can cause symptoms like dizziness, faintness, palpitations and cravings for sweet foods or bread, which will start the whole cycle again. It can also leave you feeling tired in the middle of the day and contribute to you being exhausted by evening.

What we would like you to drink

Have more ….
• Water: aim to eventually drink 8 to 10 glasses as soon as possible. The body eliminates about 2 liters of water per day through sweat, urine, and breathing. Drinking water will also help your constipation and elimination of toxins.
• Sip your water for the first week. You might go to the toilet more often when you first increase your fluid uptake, but the body will adjust.
• Remember that coffee and tea are diuretics; they stimulate the bladder more than just drinking water – leaching vital nutrients like calcium from your system.
• Green tea: one a day it is a good antioxidant but contains some caffeine.
• Herbal teas: for example, echinacea, peppermint, detox teas, chamomile tea and other herbal teas from the following brand names: Yoghi – Dr Steward – or normal herbal tea. You can find them in healthy food shops or any supermarket nowadays.
• Coffee Substitutes: Bamboo, chicory and barley drink. Try mixing half and half with coffee to help wean yourself off caffeine.
• Drink some decaffeinated coffee at the beginning if you like the taste but aim at eliminate this as well.

• Coffee: Have your first morning coffee at 11.00 am – this will stop your blood sugar levels going up artificially first thing in the morning.
• Tea – again is a stimulant. Try to stop having normal tea or coffee after 5 pm. This will stop you from waking up in the middle of the night. Drink herbal teas instead.
• Low calorie diet drinks, they still manipulate sugar. They contain additives and often act as toxins. Some contain the sweetener aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener, which can increase the body toxicity in some people.
• Avoid coke and diet coke, they contain a lot of caffeine.
• Fruit juice – is too sugary.
• Fruit tea – strawberry teas, rosehip, often they have chemicals added.
You could feel a slight headache when stopping the coffee or any other stimulant, that include chocolate if you eat or drink a lot of it; this is due to caffeine and toxins withdrawal. Cutting down slowly will reduce the symptoms. This will last one to two days.

• Five meals a day, three mains meals and two snacks. This should include breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner.

• Protein with each meal. This will help stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels during the day.

• Complex carbohydrates, such as, whole meal grains, such as brown rice, quinoa (to use instead of rice, it contains 40% protein, and you can find it at the health shop) also try buckwheat (see recipes). Soya products such as tofu contain proteins as well as lentils, kidney beans, butter beans and chickpeas. There are some recipes attached.

Make soups or casserole with them for evening meals. Sainsbury sells organic tinned kidney beans, chickpeas and butter beans.
These foods will help your constipation and blood sugar levels as well as your craving.

How strong are your roots? How solid and integrated are you?

Do you know when you are fully rooted to Earth and grounded, and solid in your body? Do you feel when things are all over the place around you, they are possibly all over the place inside you?
Well craniosacral therapy helps you to know when you are fully grounded and integrated, and deal with unconscious things that you are too scared to look at. It might be a easy thing to deal with, however, if you are not fully grounded and rooted into your body, it is impossible to deal with it, no matter how simple and easy it is.  Picture copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

If you look at the tree above its roots are part of the tree, they look very strong, the trunk and the roots are connected to each other and this tree looks like it is very solid and not going anywhere without each other. The roots supply plenty of nutrition for the tree, and the toxins are expelled via the roots into the earth to be dissolved and recycled. As the tree above, our body and mind needs the nutrition and care of the Earth, while our spirit or soul needs the healing care of the Universe out there, whatever you would like to call it. So as the tree is connected with its leaves to the heavens, and the roots to Earth, us too, in a state of balance connect to the heavens for help and support for our soul and the Earth for our body and mind!
Have you ever felt like the tree above? and if not what do you need to heal?

(c) copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Theapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral therpist

Unwinding in Craniosacral therapy for aching and painful muscles and joints

Tight muscles and painful joints and tendons. Unwinding in craniosacral therapy, what does it do?

Craniosacral therapy treatments, quite often uses unwinding to relieve some tight joints or muscles. The unwinding is a natural way of detangling the strain that has been put on your body. In a person that is very stressed out, it can also be an internal unwinding, by letting go of a lot of the worry and tension caused by work or life in general.

I would describe the unwinding like a twisted elastic that you let go at the end and will just flip back by itself by just untwisting and unwinding till is back to normal.

The unwinding sometimes releases the pain and inflammation out of the body, so for a day or so it feels worse, and then it goes and you feel better little by little. Unless you cause the same problem again by getting yourself tensed up physically and mentally.

Unwinding is one of the most gentle and safe way of releasing the tight muscles and during craniosacral therapy this will usually end in a balance up of the entire body as well as the integration of the body and mind.


© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – Craniosacral Therapist

Tropical super food nutritional value: Cherimoya of the Annona species

Cherimoya fruitCherimoya fruit from the species Annona. It is called also custard apple. This fruit was eaten by the Inca People and come from Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Andes and Colombia. Now it is spread all over tropical countries, this includes also our European island Madeira.  It grows at high altitude and it needs cold and hot and dry weather to grow well.

This fruit is unusually shaped. It resembles a pineapple but green and out of regular shape. It needs to be ripe in order to be eaten and you need to eat it fairly quickly after that. You can just feel the softness of the fruit to know that it is time to eat it. If the outside turns brown at room temperature than you cannot eat it anymore, if it turns brown in the fridge than it is ok to eat. Usually you should eat it within 2-3 days of being ripe and you have cut it open. I put that in the fridge to keep it from losing his vitamin C too quickly as once in the air the vitamin C will get oxidized and therefore not much of it anymore. The inside of the fruit has got big black seeds, which are poisonous to eat, so do not crush and eat them. I am not sure that if you plant them, anything will come out, you can try it. Some say that they taste of bananas, or strawberry.

Cut Cherimoya fruit

The texture of the fruit is soft and the fruit melts into your mouth. The taste is a bit funny, a bit sour and pungent, but mainly for me it tastes of nothing really, unless you put a bit of flavour in it, such as yogurt or honey.

It is a good fruit for people who have problems with sugar as it is not as sweet as many other fruits, however it can only be eaten in small pieces and in moderation each day as if you eat the entire fruit in one go, it will be still high in fructose.

Other people seems to think that it tastes like a banana, or strawberry or a soft apple.

I would use it for breakfast few pieces or in a smoothie, or with plain yogurt and a bit of honey with some blueberry. It is high in protein and vitamin C, which needs to be eaten fairly quickly after it is cut.

Nutrients content of the fruit in 100g (a medium size fruit is about 287mg without the skin and seed).

The highest minerals and [read more…]

Cranio sacral therapy for babies/children and adults – Healing yourself

Cranio-sacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form.

In a typical cranio-sacral session, you will usually lie fully-clothed on a treatment couch. The therapist will make contact by placing their hands usually lightly on your body and tuning in. The first thing you will probably notice is a sense of deep relaxation, which will generally last throughout the session. This release of tension often extends into everyday life.

Sometimes the benefits are not immediately noticeable but become obvious on returning to a familiar environment. The work is often deeply moving and exhilarating.

The benefit can also be noticed after few days in some people. The experience is different from each baby, child or adult according to their own need of balance and adjustments.

What craniosacral therapy does is that it gets rid of the unconscious negative trapped emotions and helps the person and babies/children to deal with it consciously so that they can get rid of it, instead of being stuck physically and emotionally.

I use CST by itself or with Nutritional advice and NAET treatments to integrate the entire body mind system at a deeper level. I notice that the body respond much more to the NAET treatments and the person feels more complete and healthier in body and mind, each time by releasing old patterns and old issue stored in the body.

CST has been used for babies as soon as they come into life to help the baby system to settle into a normal rhythm and vitality. Very helpful for mothers as well as it help with re-balance the normal rhythmic motions of their system after their labor that is traumatic or not.

 Mothers that have seen me for CS also see a benefit from the therapy when their children are teething. I would put an big advice to all mother to have their own treatments after birth and in time of stress as that helps the children as well. As mothers we are connected very much to our children and vice-versa. Quite often we forget that our emotional and physical health is as important as our children…

Testimonial: “We found that Luis was much calmer and present after the Cranio Sacral sessions. It had a very positive effect on him as well as on us”. click here to read more

My experience of Cranio-sacral therapy and my clients experience of what it does:

It is called cranio-sacral because the of the spinal fluid going from the cranium to the sacral is what makes everything function well and properly. All the nerves and nerve transmission from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain go through there and it is all connected like a tree with branches and roots. What the cranio-sacral therapist does is listening to the rhythm of that fluid and feel if there is any blockage in the body, memory cells of the tissue and the mind as well as the energetic field around that body to see if it is breathing well and properly. If there is a blockage just our training and knowledge will help the mother, baby and adult unblock the blockage and re-balance the system or body function.

I found that CST has also a strong spiritual healing power as well. It depends on the therapist and if they have themselves experience their own spiritual healing (this is nothing to do with religion, it is something to do with your inner soul and own spirituality however you see it).

Memory cells – my experience with Cranio-sacral therapy was amazing. My labor and my son birth were very traumatic. My son kept having colds and coughs from the time I stopped breastfeeding at 14 months. As I did not want to give antibiotics all the time I sought for  other ways of dealing with that. Homeopathy vitamin C and nutrition helped to get rid of the colds or reduce them when he had them but he still kept having more colds and coughs that he should have had. So I took him to cranio-sacral and it took a while as I took him to the Student clinic but they got rid of his traumatic birth and finally his colds and coughs were reduced to once a year and now not even once a year.

He can now fight the colds very easily and usually gets over anything much easier than any other child that I know.

My own experience with CS was that even after 7 years since the labor my memory cells body still retained that trauma.I had epidural so I did not feel mentally any pain, but my body did. And all that pain and trauma was still pretty stored in my tissues. Finally I got rid of it with CS and it is amazing the difference it made even to my personal life physically and emotionally.

Some of the children and babies that I treated with CS had some traumatic birth or even not and what some of the issues

that I dealt with were:son_pic2_copyright

  • Colic’s which are very frequent in babies
  • Frequency of throwing up the milk
  • Sleeping better and more peacefully
  • Stronger connection with mother and babies (the mother needs to be treated as well as the baby for both reflux and connection with the baby)
  • Clinging babies or toddlers
  • Other problems that have been helped with my treatment of CS are:
  • Teething
  • Coughing
  • Frequent colds for the babies,
  • Toddlers and children
  • Reduction of allergies
  • Reduced irritation, which have led to a happier and more communicative toddler.
  • Reduction and or elimination of night terror in toddlers and children in general.

Starting life with a great balance system is one of the huge benefit that the baby will have in coping any of the issue that life brings. Babies treated with CS have a more positive and happier attitude in life and feel more confident of their journey.

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional therapist – NAET for allergies and Craniosacral Therapy

Allergies and hives connection with stress/fear and anxiety that has not switch off. Law of attraction, and why what we think consciously and unconsciously reflects back to us in our daily life!

Allergies and hives connection with stress/fear and anxiety that has not switch off.

Law of attraction, and why what we think consciously and unconsciously reflects back to us in our daily life!

I have been talking about stress and liver detox many times. Every time I go to another nutritional seminar I get more and more evidence of what I have been saying for the past 20 years, since my University nutritional degree years really!

Stress, genetic makeup and allergies go hand and hand.

It depends on how you cope with stress that counts, how you perceive and deal with everyday life, that would either raise your stress/cortisol level and therefore the cascade of more toxins from the stress response, or just being busy, and not trigger the stress/fear response, and therefore the toxins are lower, the liver needs to work less and the body feels at peace with itself and therefore reduce allergies symptoms or no allergies.

I have worked with allergies now for the past 18 years and for the past 10 I used the NAET method. In all the people, children and babies that I have helped, stress was one of the main connection with everyone. This might be true for babies born in a stressed environment and depending also on the genetic makeup of the family on how the liver is detoxifying: is it very quickly, normally or one of the two main phases of the liver too fast.

In a recap, what matters in reducing the alert that the body is when you get hives for no possible reason or bloating:

  • How you cope with stress or coped with stressful situation all your life (big or small life stresses and changes);
  • How your unconscious brain has learned to cope with each life changes and how it perceives each events.
  • The perception of our brain, depends from unconscious value and beliefs (family or social or our own), combined with the present lifestyle.
  • For babies and children, it depends on the family makeup, stress around them and how they cope with them too. If they are very sensitive, they will get very upset and their coping mechanism becomes low. No matter how many times you tells them that you love them, they will not believe it and therefore end up getting more and more distressed for one reason to another. If they are very sensitive also they will be over sensitive to toxins from the outside world and from non- biological food, which I mean what the body easily absorbs best such as all natural food that you get from the ground, trees etc (they become more allergic to process food, including wheat and wheat product, dairy food, quite often eggs, vaccines, metals, etc.).
  • Genetic makeup is one of the major ones for allergies, and that is more depend on how well people genetically detoxify and if they have enzymes to break down the lactose, milk or dairy protein, wheat or gluten protein.

Knowing physically, emotionally and mentally, how our body respond to the world around us, is the key to reducing our stress level and dealing with our emotions in different ways.

Sometimes we can change things ourselves, however most of the time we need help to reset the body, mind and energetic field around us, to get balanced up again.

For example: our brain, accordingly to neuroscientist and physiologist, needs to process more than 20 million’s information during the day, through our eyes, ears, touch, taste and smell and for some people from the 6th sense too, which is energetic fields around us (remember that we are mostly energy connected very tightly together, negative and positive ions that come together inside and outside, we attract negative things if our inside is of low frequency, and we attract positive things if our inside is of a high vibrational frequency, quite simple but difficult to understand if you put too much logic in it).

Now, our brain cannot take in all that information that are presented to it all day and night, therefore, it needs to process the most important information and then either store it, delete it, or generalize it.

This process is done by the brain all the time when we receive the information, it depends on us, how the brain will deal with the information that it gets.

It depends from the way we perceive the world outside, from our unconscious value and beliefs, and from our present state of mind and lifestyle.

Now regarding the allergies, I am giving you an example and recap of what happens when your sympathetic nervous system that deals with the stress and adrenal response is on, all the time.

Stress/anxiety/fear response on:

  • Heart rate goes up,
  • Adrenaline is up all the time
  • Sugar released into the blood stream for the cell to deal with the high demand form liver or craving for sugary foods and drinks or coffee/teas or red bull
  • Or body hunger shuts down and therefore not eating for many hours till body gets exhausted.
  • No sleep or too much sleep, depends on what stage you are in the adrenal process or exhaustion. If you are near adrenal exhaustion than you start getting tired or exhausted most of the time. If your adrenal is ok and going up and down than you might not be able to sleep.
  • Usually the thyroid starts getting involved as well with the adrenal overworking, and therefore, the metabolism gets slower and you put on more weight around the abdomen and no matter if you eat little or nothing at all, you do not lose any weight.
  • Eyes are dry or itchy or tired, as the eyes are dilated all the time and therefore more vulnerable to the outside environment.
  • Sneezing, hayfever and any allergy gets worse.
  • Any food that you eat might be seen by the body as an enemy and therefore even if you eat an apple or a healthy food, you react to that food, as the brain is on alert, and therefore the immune system is on alert.
  • There is a constant inflammation in the body as the toxins from the stress cascade are high, because of the oxidation that comes from making hormones for the stress and the neurotransmitters such as the adrenalines.
  • The body needs more water to process all the above and some people do not drink enough of it during the stress response, or at any time.
  • The other unconscious thing that happens, is that you feel anxious all the time.
  • You feel that you are on a constant danger all the time.
  • You jump at any little things.
  • You accumulate many more fear that you hear on the news and that you see around yourself, rather than see the positive things in your life and around you. You are drawn to bad stories or dramatic and violent films.
  • You feel that everyone else is against you or they do not like you and you do not trust anybody. Or you find hard to trust somebody else that is not your family or close friend.

For example, you might need to do some work for your boss:

  • Your boss is not as nice as you wanted them to be, and therefore every time you go to work or see them, you unconsciously go into a stress/anxiety time and eventually into a panic time for no reasons at all.

The other physical part that is switch off when the stress hormones are up is the parasympathetic division of the nervous system (yes a mouthful but very important part of our body).

The parasympathetic system is that part of our automatic nervous system that deals with our digestion, our sleep and our sense of peace.

The stress nervous system (sympathetic) and the parasympathetic nervous system cannot be on at the same time. So you can now see the picture of what happens if the stress hormones are on constantly:

Physically, when the parasympathetic nervous system is off:

  • You will not digest your food well, few enzymes will be made as not enough time to make them or if not chewing well than no digestion process is triggered.
  • Our digestion starts from our eyes, if we eat in front of the computer at work or home, while we eat a sandwich, what do you think it would happen! Well your brain is processing one think for work, while you are eating which means that sandwich will not be digested properly.
  • The undigested food will go down the other end, either quickly, because the foods irritates the whole intestine, or very slowly because of not being broken down and it takes time to get through.
  • Sometimes the undigested food does not live the colon for days, which makes things all stuck and not moving at all, like in a que in a tunnel. I know a bit disgusting but true!

Now why NAET, craniosacral therapy and nutritional advice work well together and why it works amazingly if the person takes 100% responsibility for getting better?

The nutritional change will also include a lifestyle change, even the smallest change can get you there. This part needs the person to take the responsibility for changing the diet 100%. Not 80 or 50 or 99% but 100%.

For children and babies is usually the mother that takes that responsibility and if they do, then the results is 100% better.

Healthy food, makes things repair quickly. That means healthy food for that particular person or child, and usually NAET will give me the way that would be.

Knowing what food at the present time you are reacting, and eliminating that would help the body repair better.

The intestinal track need to be repaired and not leaky any more (it means that the irritation from the food or drinks or medical drugs, which causes the entire intestine to have larger gaps, which complex food gets into the blood stream undigested. This means that the immune system does not recognise them as part of the nutrients in the body, or as self and attacks it).

What the NAET method would do with the combination of craniosacral therapy, would reset the immune system in recognising the food and nutrients as such, and not attacking it anymore.

Once the gut is repaired and the brain reset, then, the mind follows and therefore the entire system is reset and ready to learn new positive way of dealing with things.

There is a constant talk between one cell and another, there are receptors and memory cells that many neuroscientist and cognitive behaviour psychologist have agreed they communicate with each other.

The brain and the gut are pretty much connected. We call it brain-gut axis. So we are pretty much what we think, and our physical body is pretty much connected to our mental and energetic field.

Which it means that if each cell in our body is a reflection on how we are, so our physical body can be healthy, well and happy, and that each of our cells reflects how we feel out there in our surrounding world, then we would know how we feel, by just looking what we attract. So, by the law of attraction, we attract what we feel inside.

I give you a couple of examples:

  • if you have a lot of angry people around you at work, or you see a lot of angry people around you, it means that you are attracting them to you, and therefore you are feeling unconsciously either angry, frustrated or annoyed about something or another.
  • if you see very happy and joyful people around you and everything is so positive, and everything that you do comes back positive, than your brain and body and gut is reflecting that state, that includes love.

[read more…]

Losing weight, why I do not want to touch it, unless people are willing to work on themselves first?

Many people want to lose weight, especially if they feel that their weight is out of control. Now for many people who want to lose weight, they usually achieve it, if there is no underlying issue. Since I was at University, about 20 years ago, I did not want to work with weight loss. There reason for that is that many of the people who had a weight problem, nutrition or eating was not the only problem. The majority of them had other issues. For some of them, was due to stress, which it meant that they would accumulate weight on the abdomen, as the cortisol was up all the time and cortisol promotes the accumulation of fat around the abdomen. This is the most serious weight problem as this will eventually lead to heart disease and diabetes type II. The reason is that cortisol and sugar and bad eating habits go hand to hand. The person is stressed out, drinks a lot of coffee, or sugary foods or fried and salty foods. Quite often they eat out or they eat little, however, as I mentioned above they drink coffee, teas, and or red bull, coca cola or similar drinks to get some of the fuel that the brain and body needs to function. Some extreme ones on top of the stress at work, they run or do some very powerful adrenaline driven exercise, so on top of that there is more physical and mental stress. So, the cycle goes on. For other people, they eat absolutely very healthy, however, if you look at the amount of carbohydrates they eat, is quite high, some are vegetarian, but just non-eating meat and fish rather than having the protein from the beans, lentils, tofu, eggs etc., or eat a lot of cheese.

Now I do not deal with weight loss itself, however I deal with possible allergy and possible emotional problems which leads the person to make different choice of food and lifestyle. So, the vegetables are in more, the varied diet is in, the less carbohydrate, sugar and sugary foods are in. By working with craniosacral therapy, the emotional toxic also goes away, which it means, reducing the stress level and the cortisol level. With the cortisol level, down, the person sleeps more, the body and mind gets more rests, and the sugar cycle goes down as well, as they crave less sugar and sugary foods, wants to eat more healthy foods that are suitable for them, they want to do more gentle exercises such as Pilate, yoga, swimming, gentle walks in the park, their lifestyle gets better as they slow down. Every part of their lives rush goes down. They can feel more what they are doing to their body, they can feel more how they are on the physical level and their emotional and mental state. Which it means, they can also see where they are at in their life, what else they want to do, what stops them doing it, what negative toxic energy they can eliminate or disperse, and they lose weight!

In the scientific term, there is the Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which connects the brain to the adrenal stress response and then connects or disconnects the brain to the digestive system, which it means, that if the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is on, the digestive system is off. This leads to people non-digestive their food properly, stress results in inflammation, which can also lead to liver overload, constipation, leaky gut, complex foods entering the blood stream, the immune system reacting to complex foods and then strong allergies reactions occurs. And the cycle goes on and on, till the stress cycle is reduced and all is balanced again.

So, emotions, mental and diet all go together. I have seen two studies mentioned in my reference that have tried to have people who have either diabetes II or obesity, change their lifestyle with either diet and exercise and mindfulness classes or no mindfulness classes. What I was drawn to is not only the fact of people needed to recognise their own emotions and deal with them but the fact that one of the requisite to be part in the study is willing to change their diet and lifestyle and many did not want to give up or change things around!

My opinion of a successful treatment and consultation and outcome of that consultation is when the person is ready to choose to get better, when they are ready to change everything to get better, including regarding themselves as the most important person in their life! And that they are worth their own healing and health as much as anybody else!


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What does it mean to be free for you?

What does it mean to be free for you?

For me is being myself, knowing fully who I am, how I am feeling physically and emotionally and spiritually at all time.

How long it took me to get here, about 45 years!

When did I start knowing my self-deep down and dealing with all my issue? About 12 years ago.

Where did I start? From going back, a bit into my life and reflecting on my choices in all parts of my life, then starting to heal the parts that needed to be healed.

Started to recognizing where I was and if I knew how I was.

About 7 Years ago, I discovered the philosophy of life, the more spiritual part of life in a non-religious way. I read books that made me think about how I was and how I was dealing with my life in general. I went to a non -violent communication course when my communication with my young son was becoming a struggle.

I got to the conclusion that I had to learn how I was feeling at all time, if I wanted to teach my son to learn how he was feeling at all times, so that we would not get into each other nerves or journey.

I had to learn that my son feelings were not bad, even when he was angry, as that would warn me that something else was bothering him. So, I had to help getting that out of him, even though he could not see it and I could see it clearly, I still had to show him how to get there.

It is still on going after many years, as the more they grow, the more help they need emotionally, so that they can get stronger on their path. Well hopefully that is what I am doing.

My parents, as many other parents, did a very good job raising us, however, teaching how to deal with different emotions was not one of them, as at their time, priority and survival was the main things and kids had to just do what they were told, with no saying in anything that mattered to them at all!

Now do not get me wrong, as kids needs discipline and guidance throughout their life, however they do have a saying into their future, and what we need to teach them is learning how they feel at all time, and to support them in many of their choices. If some of the choices they make are not right, then they will learn them on their own accord. This includes also their choice of friends that they want into their lives. Some will be for life and some will be just there for a short time, till they will never see or hear them ever again.

The above is the reason I am running the workshops for all and not only for therapists, as in my many of us needs to know how they feel at all time, so that they get to know who they are, what they are capable of and what they would like to really do with their life!

The workshops are on Monday the 31st of July 2017 from 6.30-8.30 – London

Monday the 7th of August from 6.30-8.30 – London

Monday the 14th of August 6.30-8.30 London

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Do you know what emotions are you feeling when you eat sweet or savory?

I went for a healing workshop two weeks ago and I had to feel the other person emotions and how he was from a distance. This was our practice. I was quite ungrounded the time I got there, as I got lost simply for a small mistake, I did not listen to my intuition to go the right way. Anyway the time I got there, was 30 minutes late, I did not ground enough, or I could not manage to really be there present. I managed maybe 70%, which you can still function and be ok. So what I picked up from the other person was anger, frustrations at the shoulder and liver. He was not aware of it, he was not aware also that I felt that his elimination path was bloacked. The person was more concerned of the fact that he wanted to get to his destination quicker than he was. He was not doing much healing for himself and he just wanted to leap to his destination. That what I felt. I think most people in the course kept telling him that he needs to do the work and go through a journey before getting there, however in each session he has been asking when he is going to reach his destination!

The person does not look like he eats healthy food all the time or does exercise, however, he feels that he is ready to inspire people to do better. As soon as I finished the course, I went towards my car and I got lost on foot, that is how ungrounded I felt. And on top of that, I really wanted something salty and unhealthy, I could not stop that craving in anyway. So I got vegetable crisps, and I really went for it. At night I was very itchy on the shoulder where I felt the anger from the other person. So I managed to let go of his energy and stay in mine with what I usually do and get to know why I was ungrounded. I managed to get it two days later. I finally got to the point of my own anger and frustration and why I picked up somebody else anger and kept it!

When I feel a bit down, I usually crave for sugar and sugary foods. I try to choose things that are as healthy as possible or make my own, however I keep working on my emotions and see what is bothering me. And most of the time I can get there by myself and other times I go to have my own treatment so that the other therapist can pick up for me what is going on. And quite often, I know what it is prior to the session, I just need that support for myself.

When I felt in the past very tense and unable to be flexible, I would not eat much and then I would get so hungry and eat everything in my site, quite often something solid, that would really fill me up, sometimes would be a big salad with chicken and some bread and sometimes it would be a sandwich.

So what are you craving? and what is your emotions?

If you would like to know more about your own emotions, the 3 workshops that I am running are going to teach you to know how you feel, to be present and grounded and learn that each emotions, negative or positive are as worth as each other!

The workshops are on Monday the 31st of July 2017 from 6.30-8.30 – London

Monday the 7th of August from 6.30-8.30 – London

Monday the 14th of August 6.30-8.30 London

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You need to be committed to all 3 of them to sign up.

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