Zeolite for detoxyfing metals and bacteria. What is it and does it work?

Zeolite for heavy metals without upsetting the other nutrients

When I went to Italy last Christmas, my brother in law who works with metals all the long and he has done that for many years, wanted me to help to order a product called zeolite. I have not heard of it before, so I researched it a bit to see what was about the product that is so special. In the past, he had reduced his high metals in his body by taking glutathione. Chlorella is also the most advertised and researched for the elimination of the metals in the human body. However even with chlorella you need to know which one is the best one for it and any metal detox needs to be done under supervision, as if you remove toxins from your skin or tissues, you need to have products that mobilize them and takes them out of your blood stream and from the gut into the elimination side.

What is zeolite? It is part of the allumino silicate family and it has a shape to capture any other metals that you might have in the blood or skin. It has been used by medical health practitioner for detoxification. Zeolite is part of the clinoptilolites metals minerals, from volcanic minerals, and there are about 140 types of natural zeolites and about 150 of synthetic ones (Laurino C. et Palmieri B.) It is also a wide spread form of detoxification for animals. It seems that it removes metal toxins from animal as well as being an antioxidants and an anti-diarroetic as well as antibacterial and anti-acid in some studies of human origins. However most of the research have been done on animals, rather than humans and taking zeolite for a long time, are not suggested as there is no research on possible side effects or taking it for a long time. However, zeolite in the natural form or modified for human consumption, could be tried, if a person works with heavy metals or in dusty condition, at least for a month, to see if the metals and dusty particles can be reduces. I would not recommend given it to children as anything that has not been study enough.

For any of the products for the elimination of the metals, you need to have a full colon support so that your stools eliminate quite a lot of the metals. Your kidneys also needs to function well, and maybe combine it all with a very good sauna, to eliminate toxins from your skin as well.


Laurino C. et Palmieri B. (2015). Zeolite. “The magic Stone; main nutritional environmental, experimental and clinical fields of application”. Nutr. Hosp. Aug 1;32(2):573-81.

New Year resolution! Have a craniosacral therapy, change your life!

New Year resolution! Have a craniosacral therapy for yourself or suggest it to a friend or family, that would change their life in a more positive and constructive way! From babies to elderly!

  • I spend Christmas in Italy this year as usual, and usually my mum would think of everything and spoil everyone with her food and attention.
  • This year she was the one that needed lots of attention, after a heart operation. Everything went well, however, the post-traumatic stress and mainly fear of dying, made her more vulnerable and fearful of dying!
  • I was working with her grounding and integrating her body and soul again, as well as dealing with her shock and trauma, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • No medication could calm her down, or get rid of the fear of something would go wrong, or for every single symptom that she had, she wanted to check with every single doctor that it was ok.
  • When I first got there, our first trip was to the doctor, as she was in pain from her arthritis, even though they gave her the right medication beforehand, she would not take it or do anything about it. So, we had to go to a doctor that she really trusted, which first gave her something else, which did not work very well, then went back to what she had before after few days.
  • The difference between the first day that I saw her and few days later, was that she was more grounded and more integrated in herself, with less shock or memory of the operation and therefore she took the first line of medication that she had to take.
  • Now if it was me I would have done all naturally, however my mother has many fears and she is not quite used to take everything naturally, and as I am not there all the time, she took what she had to take. Before the operation, she was on homeopathic remedies and supplements for her arthritis and was working very well. However, after the operation and due to her fears, that did not work anymore. She will be back on them later, I am sure.
  • What I did with her, was every day and bit at the time, working on her with CST for a gentle release of the shock and trauma, and balance her up again, so that she would think a bit more logically on her health again, and not be so scared of everything.
  • Everybody saw the difference after two days and they recognised my mum as the person she was before the operation.
  • At the end of the week, she was almost back to normal, even though she has a bit to go, she can now deal with things with less fears!

© copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

Why do I suggest to have smoothies instead of juice?

Would a freshly made juice be better than nothing? Or healthier than the fizzy drinks that you buy?

In theory, yes, it is healthy if you drink a small cup of it, however, if it is all that you drink, then it can be more damaging as a juice will get rid of the fibre in the fruits and vegetables, which is the one that would slow down the release of fruit sugar in the body. Also, most of vitamins and minerals would be found just under the skin of the fruits and for the vegetables you might not get the full nutrients that they have.

If you need to make a change or decide to do a two day off juicing for detox for the new year, have smoothies instead, as that would deliver more of the nutrients that you need and it will be released slower;

Especially if in your genetic make-up there is diabetes, or insulin problems. In this way there is no sudden raise of sugar in your blood steam as you would get with the juice. Your blood sugar level will be more balanced and you will not have that craving of another sweet thing or juice after 1 hour!

A good smoothie machine, such as the Nutribullet or similar, is ideal, however any smoothie machine will do. You can add carrots or any other green vegetables in there, with nuts or seeds with orange squeezed juice and or water if you are allergic to citrus foods.

You can also use yogurt of any kind such as soya yogurt, coconut yogurt or normal yogurt if you are ok with dairy. This is ideal also for children as they would get greens and fruits together and get used to the taste.

Sample of a healthy smoothie:

  • Two squeezed oranges (for two people) or add 3 mandarins, or yogurts of any kind
  • A quarter pomegrade, cut the inside (it is a bit messy so do that in a sink)
  • Few nuts or seeds of any kind (such as walnuts, brazil, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds, almond nuts, cashew nuts, etc.).
  • Organic apple 1 or 1 pear (you can wash it very well if not organic)
  • Spinach or kale (if you have a good blender) (optional)
  • 1 carrot whole (washed and peeled)
  • 1 squeezed lemon (optional) with grated zests of lemon and oranges (very very healthy to have) (wash them well first even with soap if they have wax on).
  • Blueberry if in season or frozen mixed berries a couple of tablespoons.
  • Add two teaspoons of honey (optional) (no other type of sugar)
  • You can add ices for adults if you want too. Enjoy it, you can change any of the fruits and vegetables according to the taste.

© copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

Craniosacral therapy and emotions as well as connection between stress and allergies, in adults and children

The 4 Keys of physical, mental and emotional health.

I am ending the year with my own thoughts and again some of the links to my past blogs for people who have not read them and would like to catch up with them. They are links to the most problematic issues.

The one that I would leave you to think about is the connections between a constant stress mode and allergies, that includes also allergies of babies, as the state of stress in the mother of father during pregnancy might increase the allergies in the babies and children.

My own clinical observation and experience with allergies is that I found that combining the NAET treatment with craniosacral therapy made a big huge leap into reducing and eliminating some of the major over reactions. Before I used the CST, I could see that there was something missing in the puzzle of healing the person, or allowing the more in depth healing of the person over reactions.

The first key of health is acknowledging the problem or issue, and quite often stress is one of them. I found that also the way a person deals with life in general, which keeps the adrenaline on constant demand, is the difference between healing and repairing the body (with a good healthy and varied diet, and exercise) and disorders or diseases, which also includes the Irritable bowel syndrome and headaches, Premenstrual syndrome, allergies and many more.

For the past 18 years of my nutritional knowledge, I have learned a big deal about the human body, mind and energetic field. I have learned that in order to be healthy, integrated and grounded, the health and well being of all the three systems needs to be cleared and addressed with whatever conscious or unconscious problem the person or baby/child has.

For a baby or a child, the emotional and physical problem can be unconscious, however, can also be more on the energetic level that manifest on the physical body, unless there has been already a physical trauma from birth, this include C-section (elective or emergency), the use of forceps and or ventouse, the use of antibiotics for infections, physical and emotional state of the mother and their history.

When I first started using NAET for the reduction of over sensitivities, about 10 years ago, I worked with a family, whose 3 children had major allergy reactions. What helped the first child, was addressing the egg allergen. However, from the history of the family, the mother had a very stressful time, as she had to run away from a war zone, while she was pregnant with her first child, and therefore all the stress of being unsafe and a state of constant survival mode, had an impact on the allergy of the first and 3rd child. The second one, was less allergic as she had them, when she was in England and in a safe state of mind. The second problem was that she had massive amounts of vaccination for all of them as she often travelled in a country that she had to have extra vaccination, which by itself, the body would have perceived as environmental stress and therefore be in a state of constant alert.

The NAET worked till a certain point, as the major stress and trauma were not dealt with properly, hence I found that by using NAET with craniosacral treatments, helps the traumatic experience, no matter how big or small they are, to be addressed from the unconscious to the conscious, and therefore acknowledged properly and then let them go.

The great thing about craniosacral therapy that things would be coming to surface consciously only if the person is ready to deal with it. If I found that a person need the extra help with other therapies, such as psychotherapy and other similar therapies, I would suggest to combine the two.

For children and babies, they often cry or have a worse time for a couple of days or even 5 days after the treatment and then they let it go. Babies and children are much more perceptive and more ready to let go than adults, as the negative pattern of the trauma will not set in and implant themselves in their system. So, that they can start in a more positive and healthy way after they are dealt with the NAET and craniosacral therapy.

For adults, it would take the trauma, or old patterns longer to let go, or even come out, as the old pattern might have been implanted for such a long time, that changing it would be too scary. It might take 6 months or even years for that to change, however, it is worth it, once the majority of the negative patterns and or trauma is out.

My observation also is that balancing the mid line, in order to ground to the Earth and being connected to it, is the second key of getting healthier. That is because the more we are grounded the more we can feel our body or mind, and the sooner we can seek for help to address the problem. That is either a physical, emotional or mental problem.

The 3rd key of being healthy is knowing who you are and wanted to do in life, and go for that with no emotional fears.

The 4th key and maybe the most important of all is breathe. Breathe from your diaphragm, breathe when you feel overwhelmed by life, breathe in the good positive thoughts and breathe out the negative ones, transform them all into positive things in your life and into the Universe! Just breathe!

You have nothing to lose in trying to reach your own life purpose or what you would like to learn and do! Remember to let the children follow their own path from the beginning as well!

 The 4 keys of health as mentioned above, are of equal importance in some way or another, one does not work without the other. They need to be used in life at some point or another in order to get better and make changes. There are many key points in life, some might just be more suitable for some people than others, so you can find your other keys by yourself, once you keep the 4 principle ones.

CoQ10: What is it for? where do you find it? and Why you need to take extra?

Coenzyme Q10 is part of the Quinone’s family (ubiquinone’s). CoQ10 is found in all living cells and hence the name ubiquitous and it is concentrated in many foods, including nuts and vegetables oils. However, it can be lost in cooking or air.

Like vitamin C and E, CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant also for water and lipid soluble molecules. It is in high concentration in the heart, as it is involved in the making of the energy and therefore the heart is the one that is needed most. Vitamin C and E help to recycle the coQ10 as well. If you are low in the two vitamins, then also coQ10 can be affected.

CoQ10 is a co-enzyme, it works as an essential nutrient for the enzymes that manage the making of the energy for your body to function well. Some studies showed that Coq10 may reduce blood pressure, as well as protect the heart, enhances performances in athletes and in people with chronic fatigue syndrome maybe of most beneficial in combination with a change of life style and healing of possible emotional and physical traumas.

CoQ10 is found in high sources in organ meats such as kidney, liver and heart, and meat and fish in general, however, it is also found in spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, beans and legumes, soybeans, nuts of any kind and many other vegetables. The amount that we get from food is good if you do not have a heart problem or chronic fatigue or taking any statins. The extra supplement can also be taken if you have a gum disorder, which includes inflammation or the gum or receding gums.

Statins reduces coQ10 availability quiet a lot, hence it is important to take it, if you have problems with the heart or have a family history of heart problems. If your muscles start to ache after a year or 2 on statins, do take up to 600 mg of CoQ10, change your diet and make it healthier so that your cholesterol goes down (which it means cutting down on all sugar and sugary foods, as well as fried food with vegetable oil, as the combination of the two can increase the harmful cholesterol).

There are no serious side effects on any of the studies even at high dosage.

CoQ10 has also been reported to have high benefits in gum disease and disorders as well as some of the neurotransmitters disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Dosage recommended is about 50 mg and up to 300 mg or more per day. CoQ10 is a fat-soluble vitamin and needs to be taken with food, possible in capsules or drops under the tongue.

Please Note: The above should not be a substitution for any medication that has been suggested by your doctor.

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The spleen and its function. What nutritionally can you do to help it? How Craniosacral would help the spleen?

Structure of the spleen: the spleen is slightly oval in shape. The cellular material consists of lymphocytes and macrophages, which is called the splenic pulp.

Red pulp includes some blood, that is why is read and the white pulp consists of the lymphatic tissue where the lymphocytes and macrophages. Macrophages filter the lymph nodes from debris of dead viruses or bacteria and or dead cell. The macrophages are the defender and cleaner of the blood and lymphatic tissues.

Position of the spleen:

The spleen is surrounded or in contact with the following organs: diaphragm, fundus of the stomach, pancreas and the left kidney. It gets debris from all over the body, including the liver.


Erythrocytes (blood cells) are destroyed in the spleen and the breakdown products, bilirubin and iron, are passed to the liver via the splenic and portal veins.

The spleen makes white blood cells, which are the defender of the body. Leukocytes, platelets and microbes, are phagocytosed (eaten and cleared) in the spleen. Unlike lymph nodes, the spleen has no afferent lymphatics entering it, so it is not exposed to diseases spread by lymph. [read more…]

Fearless Craniosacral Therapists!

Fearless Craniosacral Therapists!

Next one is on Sunday 19th of February 2017 10am till 5.30pm London (6 hours primary CPD) (please notice is not on the 25th of February as stated on the September issue of fulcrum)

 (Lead by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) – RCST)

A 4D practical and theoretical workshop with unique approaches on dealing with your own fears. This will push you a bit outside your comfort zone, in a positive way, so that you can achieve things that you have never achieved before. This can be passed on to your client as well. 

  • Practical  and theoretical workshop .
  • In this workshop we will look at the physical, emotional and mental impact of fears, stress and how they reflect your personal and professional life.
  • How your fears can lead you to getting stuck and stopping you from moving forward.
  • Connection between physical and chemical body, mind, emotional and auric fields.
  • How can we empower ourselves and others to let go of our fears and reduce stress.
  • We will work on one of your fears that has stopped you for reaching one of your major goals. This is an approach that can be used with any goals.
  • Practical on feeling our fears and dealing with them in a unique 4D approach to make you a “FEARLESS” therapist to reach your goals and to help your client reach their goals!

This workshop is lead by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – RCST. This has been designed with the combination of workshops that I have done with CST, books, my own healing, Healing workshops and, Life Coaching workshops, as well as my own clinical experiences on how to deal with emotional fears! A combination of 26 years in the complementary and scientific field.

Post-graduate workshop, however students are welcome if at the last stage of their c

What people said about the last workshop:

“Dealing with Fears was useful” Thank you for the fantastic course!”

“The course was useful in integrating and  Acknowledging fears”. Thank you

“Made me feel more secure in myself. That, I have to believe more in my instincts. It was a very productive and resourceful course that I hope to develop and include in every day life.”

“I really enjoyed the day and lots of positives are emerging already!

Post-graduate workshop, however students are welcome if at the last stage of their course.

Price £ 80.00 paid in advanced. Deadline for this workshop is 19 of January 2017.

Payment via bank transfer: Maria Esposito TSB  code 308472 account 24603860 or cheque (email Maria Esposito if want to make the payment in this way).

If you would like to pay via paypal, click on the button below:

*Refund policy: There is no refund unless there is a waiting list or you supply a substitute for the workshop you booked. In case of an emergency the money can be used for attending future workshops. 

Venue: Diorama Arts Studios, 201 Drummond Street, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3FE

Workshops Copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) -Nutritinal Therapist  – R-CST

Testimonials for NAET- Nutritional therapy – Craniosacral successes

Craniosacral therapy, NAET and Nutritional successes

On today news I want to share again some of the successes of the treatments that I do. There are hundreds more, however I can only list the ones that remembered to email me their testimonial and allow it to share it with others on my website. I met a couple of people who reminded me of how they managed to change their lives and got on to live their lives how they wanted to that I am want to share the successes today. Just also a reminder that NAET does not work for the intolerances which are lack of enzymes or low enzymes (hereditary) that do not break down certain protein, such as lactose and dairy in general and wheat and gluten. NAET worked for the immune response to the dairy and gluten and wheat, which is different. The immune response is the response of our defence system to an allergen or a foreign body, which is not recognised as self. This happens when there is a leaky gut (complex food enters the blood stream without being broken down). Leaky gut can happen in case of mucosal irritation due to medications, allergies or intolerances, antibiotics, taken frequently anti-inflammatory tablets or other non-steroidal medication; in case of gastroenteritis, illness, and quite often than one can think of continuous stress.

Craniosacral, nutrition and NAET

I would like to say a big thank you to Maria for the treatment and all advise she has gave me. I have suffered a long term iron deficiency, fatigue, bloating, sleep problems, along site to symptoms of gluten, wheat and lactose intolerance. Maria’s examination confirmed gluten, wheat, barley, sugar intolerance as well as unbalanced thyroid, vitamin D, B and iron. I have received a completed treatment as well as dietary advice and cranio sacral therapy. All these have change my life. All my tests from hospital came clear and I feel so much better. Following Maria’s advice I do not experience any symptoms I’ve had before. I am full of energy and I feel good. Maria has also helped me to regain my emotional balance, connect with my family and my inner self. Maria has treated my 3.5year old son for eggs, fish, chocolate, milk and dust allergy. Since the treatment his eczema cleared up and his skin looks a lot better. Ela.


Craniosacral and nutrition:

Our little girl was 3 weeks old when we contacted Maria. Born by c section, she was quite a grassy baby from birth but had started to become increasingly distressed when trying to pass gas and poop. It was very hard to watch her in so much distress. It didn’t seem normal as she was otherwise a very content and happy baby. We saw an improvement in her temperament within hours of receiving the craniosacral treatment and after 3 sessions she was so much better. She seemed calmer and more in control of her bodily functions. She no longer screamed and twisted her body in agony and her sleep improved too. Maria also helped me to identify foods in my diet that were potentially causing problems and to make adjustments. [read more…]

Beetroot the nutritional value. Craniosacral therapy for the liver and other organs

Beet root the nutritional value:

I saw some beetroot juice in the shop and me being a curious George I wanted to know more about it. What I remember from my childhood, is that my mum used to give me beetroot juice for my then constant cough and it worked for some reason that the old way was passed on from generation to generation without knowing the scientific reason for it. Now in our advanced world we know the benefit of it, and here is what I found out:

Beet belongs to the same family as the chard and spinach. Beet have high amount of sugar and they are delicious eating raw or cooked or pickled. Wild beet came from the North Africa and grew near the seashores. In Europe it was cultivate by the ancient Romans. Beets can be converted into sugar. Beet greens are higher in the nutritional value of the beetroots. They contain more calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. [read more…]

List of reccomended books for helping yourself and your children to heal

Recommended therapeutic and healing books, for emotions and mental wellbeing of adults and children.

  1.  Ariami Marpisa (2015) Beyond Science. Zeus Publications. Australia. (CST clinical experience)
  2. Louise L. Hay (2005). You can heal your life. Hay House, Inc. Australia or any other book from Louise Hay.
  3. Steven D. Farmer (2006) Animal spirit guides. Hay House, Inc. Carsbad.
  4. Lee Carroll and Jan Tober (1999) The Indigo children. Hay House Inc. Carsbad.
  5. Eckhart Tolle (2011). The Power of NOW. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  6. Naomi Aldort (2005). Raising our children, raising ourselves. Book Publisher Network. USA
  7. Sally Goddard Blythe (2004). The Well Balanced Child. Hawthorn Press. UK.
  8. Mike Fisher (2012). Mindfulness & the art of managing anger. Leaping Hare Press. UK
  9. Marshall B. Rosenberg (2015, 3rd ed). Noviolent communication. California. Other books from this author.
  10. Barefoot Doctor. Any books by this author