Magnesium: what is the function of it in the body?

Magnesium, why do I suggest it when somebody does not sleep well, what is the function of magnesium and why magnesium instead of another more calming natural remedy?

What is the function of magnesium?

I am going to mention just few of them as there are many:

  • It is involved in making energy for the body to function
  • Bone formation
  • Hormones productions
  • Synthesis of DNA and maintaining the integrity of DNA
  • DNA and RNA transcription (reading and triggering gene activation)
  • Amino Acid activation
  • Cardiac and smooth muscles contractability (direct action and influence on calcium transport and use) and many more functions about 200 functions…

The latter point is the reason I recommend magnesium as relaxing the muscles, in my view and experience relaxes the mind as well. Reducing the stress response and switches the parasympathetic nervous system on which it means more sleep, and healthy digestive system.

The magnesium that I usually suggest is magnesium citrate, mainly because it can be taken at any time and absorbed easily. However other types of magnesium can be more specific for certain condition.



Groff J. L. and Gropper S.S. (2000) Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism. USA, Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

Shock and stress: how does it feel and what symptoms would they lead to?

I often suggest to mothers to have their own craniosacral treatment, especially with the labour has been traumatic such in a C-Section or things have not gone the way they planned with the baby and afterwards.

The fact is that the mother is the first one that the baby will cling on and rely on for support, comfort and food.

Everything that the baby needs will be mostly done by the mother and if the mother is still in shock or not had enough time to rest and recover from the birth, it is difficult for the baby to feel  relaxed.The baby thinks that there is danger all the time as he/she senses the tension and therefore son_pic2_copyrighttheir system is on constant alert.  babies do feel first with their sensory skills and smell, as at birth they have the primitive response of survival.

If for the Baby the birth has been traumatic, then it is possible that their stress response and the survival response is switched on constantly instead of off when feeding or sleeping, which it means more colics like sympotms, as the parasympathetic nervous system is switched off, which it means less lactase enzyme is produced.

I have wrote the fight and flight response of the nervous system before click here to read more about stress.

What happens in the body when there is a traumatic events which is related to fears? Well the body response are the following

  • The body response is either freeze in fear, or wants to run or fight!
  • In craniosacral treatment in babies and adults, as therapist, I often feel the body of adults and baby in a freeze state, followed by shakiness and then if it is a baby, he/she cries or if it is an adult they might feel scared or upset. What I do with CST is allowing the body to go through the emotions and then let it go instead of holding on.

What happens if that trauma stays stored in the mind and body? Well in my experience and from the studies that I read, sometimes the stress goes away naturally and sometimes it stays. If it stays, the nervous system, such as the sympathetic nervous system keeps going on. This naturally switches off the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turns causes symptoms such as colics, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, painful stomach, constipation, or diarrhoea, eczema and other allergies such as rhinitis, dermatitis and more as the body is on constant alert.

What else happens if the sympathetic stress response is constantly on. Well small fears becomes exhaggerated fears, which in the long run, they convert into anxiety. In this state the individual keeps turning a simple task into a major stressful situation.

What else happens physically in a state of constant stress?:

  • The eye pupil dilates,
  • There is an increase in heart beat.
  • The blood supply goes to the muscles instead of the digestive system.
  • Sometimes you need to empty the bowel, in order to feel better, which in some people causes the discomfort of IBS (diarrohea or constipation, wind or pain symptoms in adults and painful wind in babies).
  • And many others please click here for more on the fight and flight response

There is also the possibility that the baby, either breastfed or bottle fed, does not produce yet enough of the lactase enzyme to break down the milk sugar and causes more problems. Some mothers makes a lot of milk which contain more lactose that the baby can deal with, so again here more lactase enzyme is needed and it is not possible to break it down completely.

What happens if the baby and mothers do not have a CST treatment? Well the baby and mother still live and do well, however I have seen babies and mothers thrive instead of just doing well after the treatments. In my opinion thriving is much better than just doing well or survive. It depends of what standard of wellness you would like to achieve. This is not just for mothers and babies, this is for any adults also that would like to thrive instead of doing well or survive!

What else in the long run that stored trauma, physically or emotionally lead too:

  • For the baby any trauma would also physically stop them for achieving the best of what they can get as if their physical trauma might block the normal  rhythm of their body system, and their full potential in life.
  • For the mother, getting rid of the shock and trauma of the labour and the disappointment  if things did not go as planned., would also means the the 2nd child is going to be easier to deliver. If they had an epidural for the entire time, the trauma physical and emotional from the body tissue is still stored in the muscle and mind, even though there is no conscious memory of it  (called somato emotional release). Sometimes the stored trauma can develop in a constant lower back pain or knew problems.

What is Somato Emotional Release?

Somato Emotional Release is a small or big trauma that gets trapped or stored in the memory tissue and stay for life if no dealt with. These emotions can set certain pattern in the child and adult that would not be there if dealt with at the beginning.

  • Every baby and adult can survive well, no matter if you treat it or not,  however if you would like to thrive and get the little ones a good start in life, is great to set the foundation for a positive and path.
  • No matter what age you are though, any patterns can be changed if the person is ready to work with them. That is what CST is in my experience, it bring more Light into the baby and adult life.


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Blood oranges what are the extra benefits of having them

Blood oranges what is the benefit of it

This week I went to wholefood and I saw the blood oranges from Italy which reminded me of my own home and having the fresh orange juice everyday at this time of the year. Blood oranges ar  e rarely found as they grown only in certain region with specific weather condition and terrain. The extra benefit of blood oranges like the Moro type grown near Mount Etna in Sicily is the anti-oxidant properties that gives the red pigmentation and in particular the anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are very much high standard antioxidants which are found in fruits and vegetables from red to purple colours. This type of anti oxidants have been connected with the reduction of stress oxidation and age related problems. Also they have been connected with keeping the vein and artery healthy and therefore.  So the benefit of the combination of vitamin C and anthocyanins is doubled. If you add the pomegranate juice to it, then you have a triple benefit of the antioxidant and vitamin C.

Anthocyanins are connected to the following health benefits:

  • Decrease age damage to the skin and body in general (keeps your youth for longer)
  • Decrease damage from UV
  • Connection to reduction of inflammation
  • Eyes protection against UV oxidation
  • Reduce oxidation due to high immune system reaction
  • Reduce Oxidation by damaging oils and therefore fat soluble cell oxidation
  • Support immune system

Photo by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) (c)

Heated milk can be tolerated by some people and children!

Did you know that some people and children can be ok with milk if heated up? Well many cannot stand even the smell of it and some can tolerate or break down a little of it and not that much, but many also can tolerate the heated milk or boiled milk. The reason for that is that the heat will denature the protein (break down the milk protein) so that it is digested. In a study which summarized the studies done on this topic seemed to show that many children can tolerate the heated milk but many still do not. It is not quite clear though if the children were reacting to other ingredients in the cake or biscuits where the milk was used or heated milk alone.  Of course the ones that were ok were not hypersensitive or intolerant to the eggs and wheat flour as well.

It would be worth to try if you are an adults or children that are not highly allergic to the milk to see if boiled milk would be tolerated better. For some that are intolerant to the milk protein, cappuccino should be ok as it is heated up and boiled, however if you are lactose intolerant (completely lactose intolerant) then you might still react to it, so try the lactofree milk boiled and see if you do react.

Let me know how it goes or come to the workshop on the 7th of February from 3 to 4 at the Wellgarden to let me know how it went. Please do sign up prior to the day on my website by clicking here.

I know that dairy allergy or intolerance seems to be complicated  that most people give up only at the thought of going to a workshop for it!

However you get some much information that your life might improve so much more! For your life quality it is worth the trip!

Even though the workshop is about dairy some of the tips given to see if you are intolerant to or allergic to a milk can be applied to other food too.

Lactose intolerance: why some are ok and others no? here some answers

Lactose intolerance:   Genetic predisposition is the key!i

  • Lactose intolerance why some people are ok and why others cannot stand even a little bit.

All mammals including humans have a low or no tolerance to lactose as an adult as the lactase enzyme is not made any more.

However why some people are perfectly fine even as an adult and some cannot have a sip of milk without having consequences?

  • A Study has shown and researched the reason why some people can still have lactose as an adult and others cannot even have a small amount. The results was in the genes!
  • There are people who are lactose persistence with the allele gene still switch on ( C/G-13907 and T/G-13915 and C/T 1310) and some that are lactose non persistence. The study showed that the Dutch, Finns and Austrian, have retained still the lactase enzyme gene, while the Italians, French, Jewish, Asia, North Africans, Chinese (95%), Native Americans (100%), have little or no lactase gene switch on anymore.
  • So it is all in the gene! Genetically some population and therefore some people evolved in keeping the gene that makes the enzyme to digest the lactose on even as an adult and other population who did not need to keep that gene on, such as the Chinese, Asia and some population in Africa at a certain age switched it off.

Why some evolved with that gene switch on for longer and others did not?

  • A DNA sample on two Basque buriels (2) showed that in Neolithic population the lactose persistence gene was only 27%. While from sample of more modern population the percentage is much higher, which shows that the population envolved at the time where cattle became much more present in the food group. That was about 10.000 years ago.
  • As humans we have moved around quite a lot in the past 10 thousands years and therefore genetically the ones that have the persistence lactose gene can still have the milk sugar broken down, while the lactose non persistence hereditary gene from the rest of the non- nomadic population cannot break down that lactose and therefore cannot drink any milk or have cheese with a lot of lactose in there.
  • If you would like to know more about lactose intolerance and milk allergy, what is the difference and what to do I am running a workshop to discuss it and answer question on the 7th of February 2016 from 3pm to 4pm. The workshop is only 10 pounds and you get a lot more from attending!
  • Sign up and register for your place by clicking here.
  • No long to go so if you are suffering from milk allergy or lactose intolerance or you have the symptoms below and you would like to find out come to the workshop or recommend it to someone that might be:

Milk allergy and intolerances as well as hidden allergy could lead to the following symptoms:









Thyroid problems


Dry skin

Yeast overgrowth and candida

Click here to register for the Milk allergy or intolerances what is the difference?

Written by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist


(1) Hassan HY et al (2016) Genetic diversity of lactase persistence in East African populations. BMC Res Notes; Jan 4;9(1):8.

(2) Plantinga TS et al (2012) Low prevalence of lactase persistence in Neolithic South-West Europe. Eur J Jum Genet. Jul;20(7):778-82.

Grounding and healing workshop for craniosacral therapists

Grounding and Healing Tools plus, for Craniosacral Therapists (6 Hours Primary CPD)  run by Octavia Kenny MA R-CST & Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-CST

(Saturday 26th of November 2016 10am to 5.30pm) (payments, see at the end of the page)

Practical and theoretical workshop.

After a successful workshop, we are pleased to announced the new date for our next one (see above).

The workshop aim is to make the Therapists more grounded as well as teaching simple tools for our own clients, understand why we and others  might be ungrounded and work towards healing ourselves and others. This in our experience leads to a successful practice as well as safeguarding your own health and well-being.
The aim of the workshop is to give more knowledge to the therapists about grounding, healing and protecting themselves and their client.

  • Introduction to different grounding techniques, including how to deepen your own grounding, and tools to pass on to our clients.
  • Overview of chakras including their relevance in CST; how to use healing techniques to clear, cleanse, protect and balance themselves.  Again can be helpful tool to give clients to work with between sessions.
  • Using the chakras to close down, desensitize and protect the human energy field, and their environment, therapy room and couch etc.
  • Group discussion of unusual experiences, such as sensing or picking up information about the client empathically.
  • Clients who are having unusual experiences and how to work with them.
  • About 4 hours practical on tables and off table.

Here some of the comments from therapists who attended our workshops: [read more…]

Grounding and healing workshop for all therapist

Grounding and Healing Tools for Therapists (reflexologist, Reiki, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, drama therapists, massage therapists, body work therapists and any other therapist who works on and off the body)

 The workshop aim is to make some of Therapists more grounded, understand why they might be ungrounded and work with that. This in our experience leads to a successful practice as well as safeguarding your own health and well-being.
Just think of why do you think you become a therapist in the first place. Is there something that you need to heal or deal with? Are you getting strong headaches after certain clients which it does not go away with any natural or medication? Are your client constantly get a headache that does not go away apart for when they get to you?  Are you constantly having vivid dreams! Or feel absolutely exhausted after certain clients? Are you constantly late and we cannot manage time well at all if you try. Are you in a stage of surreal motions as soon as you get up, even though you had a good sleep. Is one of your client like that? If you are one that has experienced the above quite often, this workshop is the first step to get some answers. The workshop includes the following:

  • Introduction to different grounding techniques, including how to deepen your own grounding if you have any tools already.
  • Overview of chakras including their relevance in CST; how to use healing techniques to clear, cleanse, protect and balance themselves.
  • Using the chakras to close down, desensitize and protect the human energy field, and their environment, therapy room and couch etc.
  • Group discussion of unusual experiences, such as sensing or picking up information about the client empathically.
  • Clients who are having unusual experiences and how to work with them.

Here some of the comments from the recent workshop:

“Thank you so much for opening up and exploring this discourse. I feel like I have some good tools (more like an arsenal) to protect myself and continue my work as a CST.”

“I had been doing those things but no where near enough times. I learnt that I would quickly become ungrounded where I presumed it would last all day! Thank you, great course, I would recommend it to others.”

“A wide ranging of practical day and I found the whole experience spiritual uplifting. I really enjoyed both of you calling on your experiences. Thank you!

The workshop has been designed with our own knowledge and our own experiences on the subjects with Octavia Kenny being an accredited Healer and Maria Esposito attending many healing workshops with trusted and experienced healers who have themselves between 10 and 40 years experiences on the subjects. Our experiences have been an essential part of why this workshop was developed. This workshop is only the first step towards your journey as an individual therapist and as in a group.

Each workshop will be different according to the therapists attending the workshops.

Students are welcome if at the last stage of their course and they cannot manage to ground enough for themselves.

Lead by Octavia Kenny MA/ RCST and Accredited Healer and Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritionist and RCST

Price £ 80.00 paid in advanced.

To book your place using paypal. Please click the button below.

If you would like to pay using another payment method please email

  • Refund policy apply.
    In case of an emergency the money can be used for attending future workshops within the year. 
  • Date June Saturday the 25th 2016 booking deadline by May 2016..
  • All day workshop starts promptly at 9.30am-5.15pm (registration 9am).
  • Venue: to be announced (London)
  • Refund policy: There is no refund unless there is a waiting list or you supply a substitute for the workshop you booked. In case of an emergency you can attend another of our workshops.

Workshop copyrights © Maria Esposito BSc and Octavia Kenny MA

Dairy allergy: milk allergy or lactose intolerance?


Alternative sources of nutrients. Allergies to milk and dairy, what can you do?

  • If you suffer of the following condition, you or your babies,children might be hypersensitive or allergic to diary or other foods:
  • Chronic constipation, constant diarrhoea, IBS symptoms and bloating,;
  • Migraines and headaches in children and adults;
  • ADHD, frequent ear infections, sinusitis, baby colic or constipation/diarrohea
  • Arthritis, hives, chronic constant cough, thyroid problems and autoimmune disease.

The aim of the workshop is to give a brief introduction to the type of allergies there are.

  • What are the different allergies? Is it lactose intolerance or milk allergies? How would I know?
  • Questions and answers related to dairy hypersensitivities
  • Easy to make and milk alternative, taste of some on the day.

This workshop is aimed at people who might have allergy to dairy or are intolerant to it. From pregnancy to breastfeeding, from babies to adult who suffer the above symptoms and for vegans.

Easy to make alternative milk with controlled ingredients, with Chufamix (demonstration without the foods only).  Taste of already made dairy free milk, such as almond, quinoa, brown rice and oats milk.

Price of workshop


If you would like the paper inforamtion for this subject please email me the cost is 5 pounds:  email  or phone 07956 662954.

Run by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Health Science Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral therapist


Happy New Year! What now! Could you start the new year with something for yourself?

The New Year 2016 is year, many that I heard here on in Italy wanted the 2015 to be over, others had a great time. Is there going to be ever a year where everybody is happy about? It would be a difficult one, as things happens to someone or another in different way. One might have a great positive year and another need to deal with one thing or another. I have found that sometimes a mixed of the two is often the case. So let’s hope that this year will be a good mix with more on the positive side! Happy New Year everyone and Best Wishes.

Let’s start with something positive this year.

Starting from looking at what you eat and drink. Could you change one thing to make it healthy? Balanced in some way so that your body feels better?

No matter if your choice is having a vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian diet. A balanced diet that is suitable for you is the best diet.

Sometimes that is not enough. You might be allergic, hypersensitive or intolerant to some foods or drink, so you need to make adjustments for that. This might start from birth or when you are older. It depends from various factors. Are you parents hypersensitive or one of them is allergic to some foods or the environmental chemical and non-chemical allergens? If so you or your children could be allergic or hypersensitive to something.

We also seem to be more and more hypersensitive to our environment and food. I am curious of why we are like that and what makes us more vulnerable. Some studies show that babies and kids from a more remote living with less pollution and more playing with dirt are less allergic and develop less of breathing problem.

Some Studies have advocated that probiotics and bacteria from the start can help with the reduction of the allergens. High stress level hormones from baby to adult can increase the chance of allergies or hypersensitivities; however some genetic predisposition is also the culprit here and therefore for some babies and kids there is no much that can be done scientifically.

I have been using the method NAET for reducing the hypersensitivities to food and environmental allergen for the past 8 years with great results. The ones that do not work is when there is an intolerance which it means that there is no enzyme to break down the protein no matter what you do for that one you need to avoid the food. For some allergen the liver does not break down the toxin well and therefore again needs to be avoided, such as for some people chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and pork meat.

Yeast sensitivities seem to be also a big issue for many people. People with a family history of diabetes, might have a problem with sugar and being sensitive to sugar which can increase the chance of getting candida.

I have seen people with other hypersensitive which would decrease the immune system and therefore increase the yeast in the gut, leading to the so called leaky gut and an increase in food immune reaction. The leaky gut syndrome let’s food that are not completely broken down into the blood stream. The immune system will not recognise this food complex as the natural nutrients and therefore attacks them, causing the immune system toxins to cause damage to cells, and tissue in the body.

If the immune system is constantly on alert because of the food complex or specific food that is eating all the time, there will be a low grade inflammation, which is constant. This leads to possible arthritis, pain, fatigue and reduce quick immune response to viruses and fungus like yeast. So all starts from the gut, yeast could be one of the problems but any food that is irritating the intestinal gut can be the cause of the leaky gut.

I am running workshop on the 7th of February on explaining the different types of allergy and specific to dairy allergy. With questions and answer regarding dairy and substitute non-dairy milk, home-made and bought. Things to look for in the non dairy milk if you as an adult or your baby and children are very sensitive or allergic to dairy and other food and drink. Click here to book and reserve your place or for more information.

Craniosacral therapy treatments for your New Year Resolution, dealing with emotional trauma is a great way to start the New Year 2016. Let them all go!

Starting from pregnancy/babies to adulthood. It is quiet hard to explain to people what it actually does, however once they try is difficult not to love it. Even though the body tissues stores many trauma or emotions from the baby (during gestations) and adults, those emotions can stop the person and baby to function in their optimum way. Many adults manage to clear their blockages and go on living their lives the way they want to live it.

It could be the work that they want to do or with a happier vision of the work that they already do.

Quite often there is a painful experience, for babies and adults after the first treatment, as the body throw out the negative emotions and brings them to the surface, so pain, or sadness or any other problem will show up, which makes the baby and the adult deal with it and let it go. It depends on the adult and baby history how much is thrown out and as an adult how ready they are to deal with them.

So if you feel that you want to change your life this year in a more positive and grounded way, try Craniosacral therapy or recommend one to your friends and family! Pass the news on to them and let them decide what they would like to do. It is one of the best gift that you could give to them and yourself!

Click here to see more of what craniosacral could do for you

Stomach flu, what to do and not to do!

Well if you are one of the people who got the #stomach #flu this year, well I understand you. I have not had a stomach problem for years. In fact the only other time that I had it was in Germany when I was eating too much of processed food, that was 15 years ago.

Well for this one I blame it again on the Chinese foods and nothing against it if it is a good Chinese one but at Christmas cannot be that great! Maybe is my stomach that is getting too sensitive and prefers simple foods.

Anyway after feeling like my entire intestine was on fire and having trouble sleeping I think my body decided to get rid of it, and boy that was much better afterwards, till started to feel hungry the next day and wanted to eat normal food.

Well take my advice, leave it for at least few days. Have something light and small. Spend the entire day in bed or resting. Drink water and electrolytes as the most important thing is not to get dehydrated and electrolytes are very important to keep you hydrated and well.

A brief note on the electrolytes is that there two types the positive ones (+)and the negative (-) ones They keep each other balanced in a very control manner, any changed in that and there is trouble

The positive ones are:

Sodium (yes not table salt but sodium is an important mineral in your body),Potassium, Magnesium,


The negative ones are:

Chloride, Bicarbonate, Proteins, Some Organic Acids, Phosphate and sulfate.

The electrolytes balance and maintains of the pH is mostly done by the kidney. So it is important that water with the proper amount of electrolytes is drunk during the day if you vomit or have diarrhoea. If de-hydration occurs than you can incur worse problems that the stomachs ache.

The reasons why babies, children and adults ends up in hospital with the stomach flu is because they have not managed to hydrate enough and therefore there is danger of sleeping into a coma.

So for babies and children keep them well hydrated with the electrolytes that you get from the pharmacy appropriate for them.

As adults the second day my advice is:

  • Eat soup with a yeast free organic stock.
  • Very little at the time if you feel like that.
  • The 3rd day, start eating a banana for breakfast and a bit of honey. This gives you potassium, magnesium and a coating for the stomach. Keep having the soups with adding potatoes or sweet potatoes. In the evening add a bit of chicken (chew it really well), add a bit of olive oil.
  • If vegetarian add just a bit of brown rice and mashed peas and a bit of olive oil.
  • On the 4th day, for breakfast porridge with rice milk or water (no dairy yet, if you are not allergic to it)
  • Have some potatoes and or rice with a bit of olive oil and a bit of chicken or seaweed or the red lentils cooked.

Eat very small amount of meals, for the entire day, a bit more solid foods.

5th day, eat normally but still with smaller meals.

My suggestion is to invest in a very good probiotics such as any from Solgar, Biocare with a multibillion strain so that you avoid having problems with a build up of bad bacteria and start taking them on the second or 3rd day.

The liver also needs extra care to support. I would suggest Terra Nova dandelion, cysteine and artichokes which supports the liver, gall bladder and kidney for the detox.

Yes guys,  you will feel like you have detoxified, however you do need the liver support as the toxins that you might have accumulated and stored over the years could be released from the storage and therefore cause a bit more work for your liver.

And then if you got it before Christmas you now ready to enjoy the Christmas dinner in full and Lighter!

Have a great time and all the Best for the New Year 2016!


© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral therapist