WORK SHADOWING for qualified Craniosacral Therapists for CPD

Suspended for the time being, you can still contact me for more information (closed till further notice, updates near the time of reopening).

WORK SHADOWING for qualified Craniosacral Therapists:

The clinic is held weekly (only on school terms) and is held at the Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 90 Mayfield Road N8 9LP    website

This clinic was established and led by Richard Kramer more than 20 years ago.

The clinic caters for babies, children and adults. Some clinics only adults show up and working with them is as rewarding as with babies for your experience.

It’s held on Wednesday mornings starting at 9.35am and finishes at 12pm, for the public but for the therapists to be there by 9.00-9.15 max to help set up.

In the course of the morning we can see up to 6 people, which equates to about 25 mins per session – some good work can be achieved in this time.

The Clinic can be full within a short space of time, and usually it is.  But occasionally only 2 or 3 people turn up and no babies!  It’s quite unpredictable.

We’ll usually ‘treat’ together. When the clinic finishes, we like to retire to a local café for an hour or so to discuss the morning’s work. Please allow time for this if possible.

There is an attendance fee of £25 per clinic (to be paid on the day in cash), and you must have completed your diploma from a CSTA accredited college. In addition, you must be insured for practicing craniosacral therapy.

A receipt and attendance certificate for CSTA and up to 4 hours Primary CPD will be provided.

I encourage those assisting to book at least two Clinics for continuity, but this isn’t a precondition for attending.

It should be noted that the clinics will be led by Maria Esposito RCST & Zoe Rigby RCST

Please provide the following information by filling the form. Email the form to the following email and we will email you back the availability for assisting us in the clinic. Maria Esposito email: 

Review from Rosa Ana and her experience of the clinic:

“When I finished the Craniosacral formation, I was not even considering the possibility of working with kids, it was totally out of my comfort zone. I do not have children of my own, which made it even more challenging. Having work shadowing  at the Hornsey Valley Community Centre in London with three highly experienced Craniosacral therapists;  Richard Kramer, Maria Esposito, and Zoe Rigby and seeing how the babies and adults were improving from appointment to appointment,  I was highly enthusiastic to give it a go at these two courses of “Healing Babies Trauma” by Maria Esposito”. See the rest of the review by clicking here

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I wrote the article below a while back, just a reminder for you why water is so essential to life. Also adding why mineral water is better than tap water to drink every day.

Bottled water have different percentage of all microminerals essential for our body. Different type of water from various sources have different percentage. So, my suggestion is to drink bottle of water of various sources to be interchanged every week or so. Tap water have more chloride and other disinfectant and filtered water is less mineral as well. It can be used for cooking though or teas. This is essential especially for children and adults who do not eat a lot of green leafy vegetables.

Water is the most important treasure on earth, without drinking water you could die in about three days. If you are one of the many people that do not drink enough water, here are some reasons for you to start drinking more of this precious liquid.

Why should we drink 8 glasses of water per day?

Normally, approximately 2.5 liter of water is required each day for a fairly sedentary adult in a normal environment to replace the total loss of water that occurs though urine, faces, skin and lungs.

To replace the water loss about 1 to 1.2 liter needs to be in drinks, (manly water or cold herbal teas), 0.9 ml is taken through food and 0.3ml will be made by the body (oxidative metabolism).

Effect of water restriction-

What happens if you don’t drink enough?

The following are a series of changes in a case of water restriction:

1-            Increase in pulse rate and in rectal temperature.

2-            Increase in respiration.

3-            Tingling and numbness of fingers and feet.

4-            Increase in concentration of blood

5-            Diminution of blood volume and more difficult circulation.

The difficulty and inadequacy of the circulation of blood under these conditions leads to difficult breathing, to gastro-intestinal upsets accompanied by nausea and appetite failure and eventually to difficulty in muscular movements and emotional instability. (Lloyd).

In an animal study, where water was restricted the animal were highly irritable and, in some cases, bad tempered


It has been shown that under intense activity a man will voluntarily drink only about half as much water as what is needed to replace his losses from sweating and urine. Only after food and rest does a person crave the water needed to replace the deficit.


Herbal teas

Ingestion of hot drinks may cause internal body temperature to rise, which will result in sweating in order to cool the body down. Hot drinks are sometimes used in medical practice when it is desired either to temporarily increase body temperature or induce sweating. Therefore, cold or cool drinks are preferred to hot drinks to replace fluid during the day, especially if the hot drinks are the only fluid daily intake.

Sugary drinks

During physical activities lasting less than 90 minutes, water is generally the beverage of choice, however, the inclusion of small concentrations of carbohydrate (6%-8% carbohydrate) have been shown to better sustain power output over water alone during physical activities that produce fatigue in 60 minutes or longer.


Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

Do you know how you feel? Looking at what emotions is connected to the food you eat.

Do you know how you feel? Emotions connected to the food you eat. How grounded and integrated are you? 

Date to be announced for 2019

Finding yourself, finding your own mid line and centering yourself. This is what this workshop is teaching you!

This workshop is for people who have made the choice to change their present way of dealing with life into a more positive one and that are not scared of working on themselves!

If you book for the workshops you agree to allow yourself to start healing your yourself and your life.

Workshop includes the following:

  • Grounding technique
  • How do you feel? is one of the issues that we are going to cover.
  • We deal with emotions connected to Anger and Fears and then let them go and more.
  • Connecting to the positive emotions more such as love and joy.
  • Do you know if you are fully integrated or not? Are you too much into the logical mind?
  • What emotions can you recognize in yourself?
  • Do you know how you feel at all times?
  • What kind of food do you tend to eat with each emotions. Talking about my observation with eating certain foods for certain emotions.
  • If things around you go all over the place, do you know how you feel and what is causing the havoc around you?
  • Knowing how you feel, acknowledging that feeling and dealing with it, is a way of knowing yourself and going for what you really meant to do.
  • Most of all if you are very sensitive you might constantly pick up other people problems and fears, if you are one of them, then this workshop is one of the step that you can take to be conscious of who you are and what you can do about it.
  • By doing so, you will see your life around you changing like magic!
  • Grounding technique, closing down and clearing ourselves emotionally and energetically.
  • Dealing with emotional issues, connection to the current lifestyle and food and drink choices according to our emotions, or exercise choices.

The workshop is a combination of my clinical experience, research and various workshops in varied fields, as well as the thousands of workshops that I have done in all the possible fields to heal and know who we are physically, mentally, chemically and spiritually, after my University degree in Health Science Nutritional Therapy 20 years ago. Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Craniosacral Therapist

Venue: London

Payment see website 

Please notice: There is no refund for this workshop once you booked unless you find a substitute for the workshop.

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Histamine what is it? and Why does it go high in some people and not in others?

Histamine is a funny little compound. It is a very helpful one but it can also be fatal. I always thought that stress can increase the release of histamine, and in fact it does. There is a big connection between stress and how much you are allergic to either food or the environment. This can also be true regarding babies and children, that might have picked up the stress hormones from the mother during pregnancy and therefore react to food that the mother eat if breastfed or even to bottle cows milk alone.

Allergies as mentioned in the past articles are over reactions to food. Histamine is part of the immune system and also is a neurotransmitter in the brain, working closely with the hypothalamus the main brain commander, which in turns is involved in turning on and off the stress response. Because histamine increases the permeability of the capillaries it means that more things can get through the capillaries much quicker to get proteins and white blood cells to the infected tissues or areas.

Histamine has got few functions and each histamine receptors (the ones that accept the histamine in the cell) have various functions. Some of the function in the brain can either promote sleep and help with that or disrupt sleep.

So far that we know of there are about 4 types of receptors, H1 and H4 seems to be related to allergies reaction itchiness, urticaria, running nose and eyes and H3 seems to be involved in gastric acid secretion (stomach acid) and food intake and neurotransmitter release in the intestinal tract such as serotonin, H2 has the same function as H3 but also more prevalent in the brain, can cross the blood brain barrier and maybe cause some damage there if the immune system start attacking the brain.

As I mentioned above stress and the amount of allergies reaction and the severity of the reactions are pretty much connected with the histamine release and which receptors is activated.  Stress will increase the capillaries permeability to get the hormones that needs to deal with stress into the appropriate organs and glands, so the stress response and the histamine release both of them can cause some inflammation and the inflammation damage as well as reducing sleep and reducing the work of one of the immunes system that deals with cancer cells and viruses. So how you can see reducing your stress level and the perception of your life itself can reduce your allergies reactions and gives you a longevity in some way or another.

With my NAET practice what I do I reboot the body and brain to consider what ever the immune system thought was an enemy, especially if it starts nutrients and environmental compound that are usually safe to have around, as non- enemy, so that the immune system can start dealing with the proper enemies such as viruses and bacteria.

See the Body and mind is amazing in healing itself if you give the right tools and work with it in eliminating possible perceived dangers coming from within or from outside! That is also the work of craniosacral therapy which will reduce the stress, have the body deal with an inflammation and then stop the cycle of alert and deal with things in a normal way, hence promote sleep eventually when the mind let’s go of the fears and worries and let it be.


© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

Craniosacral Therapy and unconscious fears. What stops you from enjoying your life!

What I love about craniosacral therapy is that according to the therapist, you can tap into an amazing healing tools that go beyond our own expectation of being a therapist. What I have found in the past 8 years as CST and after 25 years as a therapist, that anything in our lives that we encounter, that we experience from when we are born to when we die, is an experience. It can be a good experience or a negative experience. What I found out is that the majority of fears that we have, are there because either our parents scared us with some beliefs or another or with their own fears and therefore they get ingrained in us, or our society has put them on us, or even watching a horror film or reading ad traumatic book or worse. It is amazing how many unconscious fears most of us have and the majority of them now days can be taken away very simply by acknowledging them and let them go. We have put them on ourselves and we can take them away. If they are unconscious though it is a bit harder or if they are there since our birth or have been passed on from our parents or our society or even from religion sometimes, especially if they add the fear factor when they want somebody to behave well.

These unconscious fears, can easily stop you from becoming who you want to be. If you think that you are not doing what you want to do or have been stuck in a job that you hate, well maybe there is an unconscious fear that is stopping you for living the life that you want to live.

Sometimes you can come across that fear if you have time to look into yourself and meditate more and just be, but most of us don’t have the time, so a craniosacral therapy might deal with it much quicker than you ever expected. Some of the fears might be so silly but very powerful in stopping you to move forward or just for you to be happy in the work or life that you have.

Give it a try and see what change might happen in your life! Can you say that you love your job at this time or that you love your personal life or even are you enjoying the job that you love? Or the personal life that you are in right now? What is it that is stopping you from living and feeling the joy inside you?

You are never too old to heal your life!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – R-NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist


Grounding and Healing Tools for Craniosacral Therapists workshop

Grounding and Healing Tools for Craniosacral Therapists (6 Hours Primary CPD)  run by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-CST 

Sunday 31st of March 2019  10am to 5.30pm- London –

The workshop aim is to make the Therapists more grounded as well as teaching simple tools for our own clients, understand why we and others  might be ungrounded and work towards healing ourselves and others. This in our experience leads to a successful practice as well as safeguarding your own health and well-being.
The aim of the workshop is to give more knowledge to the therapists about grounding, healing and protecting themselves and their client.

  • Introduction to different grounding techniques, including how to deepen your own grounding, and tools to pass on to our clients.
  • Overview of chakras including their relevance in CST; how to use healing techniques to clear, cleanse, protect and balance themselves.  Again can be helpful tool to give clients to work with between sessions.
  • Using the chakras to close down, desensitize and protect the human energy field, and their environment, therapy room, couch, etc.
  • Group discussion of unusual experiences, such as sensing or picking up information about the client empathically and energetically.
  • Clients who are having unusual experiences and how to work with them.
  • About 4 hours practical on tables and off table.

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Integration of the Self. Strengthening your own intuition as Craniosacral Therapist

Integration of the Self. Strengthening your own intuition as CST. Integrating the whole system and connecting to your higher self, while connecting to Higher Sources of the Universe.

Minimum of 2 therapists and a max of 4. Workshop run on week day 9.30am till 4.30pm.

Venue N15 6HA. Day can be agreed between the first two therapists booked and paid. (6 hours of primary CPD). 

CST clinical practice for integration of the body mind and soul. Working with your higher self and connection to the Angels and their colours or just the Universe if you feel more confident with that.

You can book separately or together.

This is for post graduate only and for therapists who wants to explore the deeper connection with their higher self and soul and working with Higher Being.

The choice of work depends on the therapists and their own Higher selves and ready gift. This can be used with clients who also are very gifted, to support their journey and helping them to reach their full potential, or the therapists to grow in their intuition and healing skills that is appropriate for CST work.

Each therapist will have a full session of dealing with their own issues and healing them of any restriction that they have.

We work on integrating the soul, which can reveal your full potential as a craniosacral therapist and therapist in general.

The workshop will be lead by me and during the sessions I will put my input and my experience in working at the highest level, with the physical, mind and soul all involved.

This is run only with a minimum of two or 3 therapist and the workshops needs to be booked at least 3 weeks in advanced and paid in full when booked.

Booking day is Thursdays only.

This is an invaluable opportunity for any CST therapist who would like to discover more of what they are able to do if asking for the right help.

It will run from my home N15 6HA London full address will be given at the booking.

Booking in advance only via bank transfer, check paid 3 weeks in advance. The cost for the day is 85.00 each.

Payment via bank transfer: Maria Esposito TSB  code 308472 account 24603860 or cheque (email Maria Esposito if want to make the payment in this way).

A good book to read to know what an open mind can do during CST treatments:

Beyond Science book: This is a true story about craniosacral treatments sessions which went beyond the scientific method of the physical, mental and emotional work, while having a powerful healing outcome. Worth reading to see what potential you have as a craniosacral therapist or any other type of therapist.

Click here to get it from Zeus Publications (including e-book)

Click here for paper copy of the book on (you can order it even if out of stock, it will be printed and shipped as soon as you order it).

Fearless Craniosacral Therapists!

Fearless Craniosacral Therapists!

©) poster copywright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

©) poster copywright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

Fearless craniosacral therapist (scientific and non scientific approach) Sunday 30th of September 2019 

Lead by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) – RCST Small group only

Fear is our enemy if we let it scare us or freeze us. It is our friend if we acknowledge it, deal with it, however we do not let it stop us from moving forward towards our positive goals, individually and globally. Remember that in one of my past posts, I said that we create our own fear. Some will be imposed and pressed on us as well. Do not give in to fear, as that would freeze us and stop us from living our lives!

Get to know yourself, so that you can heal yourself as well as heal others!

We all have fears, conscious or unconscious ones. Fears that might be ours or passed on from our parents or people around us.

The conscious fears are very easy to spot, however, if the fear is unconscious, you cannot know what is stopping you, and how to get rid of it, as if you are not aware of it and recognize it, you cannot let it go. This workshop is a combination of scientific and non scientific approaches to recognize that unconscious fear, so that you can let it go and move on to what you are capable of; professionally and personally. For this workshop you need to be ready to go deep enough and feel uncomfortable enough to let it shake your way of thinking and change old patterns that do not serve you anymore.

The workshop is a 4D practical and theoretical workshop with unique approaches on dealing with your own fears.  This can be passed on to your client as well. 

  • Practical  and theoretical workshop .
  • In this workshop we will look at the physical, emotional and mental impact of fears, stress and how they reflect your personal and professional life.
  • How your fears can lead you to getting stuck and stopping you from moving forward.
  • Connection between physical, chemical body, mind, emotional and auric fields.
  • How can we empower ourselves and others to let go of our fears and reduce stress.
  • In the practical, you work on one of your unconscious fear that has stopped you for reaching one of your goals. This is an approach that can be used with any goals.
  • Plus practical on feeling your fears and dealing with them in a unique 4D approach to make you a “FEARLESS” therapist to reach your goals and to help your client reach their goals!
  • Practical on knowing what goal is best for you, understanding a way of achieving it.

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Why having and healthy gut microbe from birth is important for the rest of the child life.

Why having and healthy gut microbe from birth is important for the rest of the child life and in adults too.

You have a narrow window where the good microbe needs to colonize the intestinal tract, if that goes then the fate of the health of the child might be set. This is according to studies; however, I think you can change the entire colony, with the dietary healthy choices, a set of positive healthy mind affirmation and attitude to life and healing the old patterns!

According to the latest research, the intestinal bacteria and the ecosystem of each of them can drive the behaviour of the babies and children in their adulthood.  Our intestinal tract ecosystem is essential for health. I know that any disruption to the intestinal barrier and protection can lead to major diseases and disorders. This can be combined with slow detox from the liver that is genetically compromised. Many also do not know how well or badly their liver detoxifies which it means when they consume a lot of toxins they might get rid of it quickly or very slowly. This includes their own internal hormones.

In many latest studies the intestinal microbes shape the human behaviour. According to the Cochrane collective research of Dinan (1) there is a bidirectional communication between the gut microbes and the brain which happens via one of the cranial nerves that is essential for the digestive system to work well and also for relaxing the entire body and mind. This is called the vagus nerve. According to his research, he found that this nerve acts also as anti-inflammatory. So, if you are under a lot of stress and your stress mode from the sympathetic division is on, you will have a lot of inflammation caused by higher histamine level and also by the stress process. This stress mode can be activated in children and babies too, depends on what shock and trauma they had from birth, which might be minimal for an adult but big for a baby.

In order for the inflammation to go down, for the immune system to do his job and get rid of any viral infection that are on your way, the parasympathetic division the vagus nerve needs to be on. In a nutshell you need to have more relaxed mind and healthy gut microbe if you want to be healthy for a long time.

The reason why there is this big connection with the brain and the gut microbe is that many of the good gut microbes rely on the activity of the vagal nerve to be functioning well and stay alive, or to communicate with each other for their activity. It seems also that the immune system is also influenced directly by the good friendly bacteria. This connection of the brain, immune system and gut is very much influenced by the so called “Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal axis (HPA)”, which communicate with each other during the stress response by releasing hormones that can shut down part of the immune system.  The reason that the probiotics, including the Bifidobacterium infantis from birth, helps with the brain activity, is because bacteria release certain metabolites that in turn are used by either the intestinal tract for its cellular repair or for the production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which includes dopamine, serotonin precursors such as 5HTP and many more.

How that is circulated back to the brain it is not quite clear yet, but it seems that certain nutrients go through the blood brain barrier and therefore into the needed neurons and brain cells.

In babies, as far as we know the infant intestinal [read more…]

Women power today and Mother’s Day on Sunday

Today is women day and on Sunday in London is mother’s day. My thought on today theme is to thank every single woman from the past and present who have made a difference for themselves and other women. All the women that have empowered themselves with kindness, compassion, care for themselves and others, becomes strong and not tough towards themselves and others and made and still make our present world kinder to live in. For the women that are still struggling to get to this point because they have given the power to their fears and the fears of others, I would say stay positive because there is Light at the end of the tunnel and it is beautiful and Bright.

For the mothers on Sunday, I would say thank you to our mothers and their mothers and the mothers before that, because they paved the way for our generation to be free of the fears and for the mothers that are still struggling with that, again just remember that there is power inside you, you are worth your own healing, you are doing well and your child and children are doing well if you are reading this, as that puts you a step ahead of anybody else. Be kind to yourself, be strong with kindness, compassion, gentleness and love for yourself and your children and pave the way for them to be the same!

Blessing to everyone mothers, fathers and children, women, men and everybody else.

Give the gift of a lifetime to yourself as a mother or somebody else through craniosacral Therapy!

(c) copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist