Macular degeneration and eye health in young and old age. Antioxidant and nutrients to sustain their health and improvement


Lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin are types of carotenoids, and anti-oxidants, which help to support the health of the eyes from damage.

Since October for some reason or another my eyesight went down quite a lot, and the reason is my liver, which genetically is a bit slower in detoxifying toxins, including stress toxins. Now I have decided to start taking liver support for the two phases of the liver, 1 and 2, which includes glutathione and essential oils such as omega 3 to support the detox. I have also taken the above supplements for a short time, however, I am going to take the antioxidant above in higher dosage for the next 6 months to see if my eyesight is going to improve or at least stay the same. That is because I have been eating quite a lot of the vegetables and fruits containing them, however it was not enough, and my theory is that the liver was not dealing with the toxins well enough. I have been feeling much better since supporting both liver phases and having a month of no wheat and dairy. I can eat a bit now, however still on the liver detox and therefore more of the typical paleolithic diet.

There are plenty of research showing that the carotenoids above are essential in high amount for the health of the eyes, especially when you start getting older. The studies cannot yet show how these antioxidant work exactly on the eyes, however most studies have shown that the higher percentage is transported via HDL (high density lipoproteins, which are the good cholesterol, and the liver is pretty much involved in this) and some part from the LDL (low density lipoproteins, which if high is the bad cholesterol, however in the right amount it is good to have it as well). Glutathione is also involved in supporting [read more…]

Craniosacral Therapy, changes people’s lives, how?

Why does craniosacral therapy changes people’s life? Well, it frees people for their own restrictions, fears, negative emotions. Balance the physical, mental and energetic field, by supporting people with their own healing. People do need to WANT to change, they do want to move forward and let go of the past. CST frees people from their negative old patterns, only if they want to let the old pattern go. As a therapist, with the therapies that I use, it only works best if the person really wants to change. For people who stuck to the worse and best time and let go of the conflict of letting go of the past, have changed their own lives for the best! It is hard to go through, however it is worth it. Once people find their inner peace, they also find the strength to follow their own path! If you or any of your friends are stuck and they cannot move forward, do suggest CST as it can change their lives. This will only happen if THEY decide to heal themselves!

(c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

Craniosacral Therapy for babies/pregnancy and post/natal

I am just reminding mothers and mothers to be how important craniosacral treatments is for babies and for themselves. Even if the birth has been normal, it is still almost essential to have 1 or 2 sessions, in order to see how the baby has dealt with the birth and that everything is well balanced up. During pregnancy babies can get stuck in one position or another and that could cause a block that cannot be seen by normal naked eyes really or felt by anymore who is not trained in listening to their little system. The parents might not be aware of any change or the change is so much that they think is another baby all together. Some of the changes can only be seen later in life, which is still quite worth the money and time for that little baby. If you can, suggest it to a friend or just spread the word, craniosacral is the only physical treatment that a baby can have and as it is gentle but very powerful it is the best gift that you can give to your child, or friends if you do suggest them to try it. For my son and myself has changed our lives in a more positive and better and I can see now, how beneficial it was to stay with it with my son and myself. The benefit of the treatments depends a lot from the knowledge of the therapist and each therapist will attract the babies or adults that they can help with their knowledge.
Best Wishes, what ever you decide! Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist and R-Craniosacral therapist

Vitamin D. How much is enough?

Vitamin D, how much is enough?

I love when GPs finally get what prevention is and we agree on things. I have been trying to get them to see that my vitamin D had not been enough and because in my family who live in Italy with plenty of sun, there seem to be a problem converted the vitamin D in the kidney, I had to insist to have my density scan. Now the same doctor kept saying that my vitamin D was in the normal range, which it is, however for me was still low 50 to 76 it went down instead of up. I have been taking vitamin D during the winter, the good one and been in Italy. So I would have thought that should go up and be better. However maybe there is something to do with my liver, which I have a weakness with, if the fat is not broken down properly, or the bile does not work well enough, then it is possible that vitamin D is not absorbed well enough. Hence I have a bit of osteopenia, which of course the doctor will not treat till it becomes bad. As a nutritionist and a therapist I rather do the prevention. So finally I got a doctor that saw that vitamin D can be put up to 170 with a 20.000 iu for 12 weeks (yes I could have taken that by myself, however even as a nutritionist I would have wanted a bit more information regarding my bone state. [read more…]

Mulberry and blackberry nutritional value

Is the time of the year for blackberry and mulberry. I love going in Springfield park and picking blackberry, even though I come out with either I have been stung by hives or the blackberry thorns. I have also seen for the first time a tree of black mulberry, which I do not usually see in in London. Seeing them, it reminds me of Italy, and my upbringing and it makes me feel at home. The nutritional value of these two berries are also quite good quite amazing:

Blackberrimages blackberryy: Blackberries and many of the red and black or blue berry are full of antioxidant. It seems that the riper they are the more their antioxidant capacity increases. Blackberry and any other berry can retain their antioxidant capacity even when frozen or dry, so they can be eaten in the winter as well. I eat those either with yogurt (any type) or in smoothies (they can be made with either orange juice or other substitute dairy free yogurt or milk). This can be a snack or with breakfast, same with the mulberries.

Mulbeimages mulberryrry: I have seen dry mulberry as well, the green and the black ones have been shown to decrease hyperglycaemia and insulin resistance as wellin animal, which is a good news for snacks if you have high cholesterol and diabetes 2. The black ones have higher antioxidant capacity as well, like the red strawberry and blueberry as well.

Mulberry (Morus spp., family Moraceae), is a multipurpose tree that produces fruits for human consumption, foliage for rearing silkworm, medicine for patients, and fodder for animal feed. Mulberry leaves are succulent, characterized by high crude protein (CP; 19.4%) and low neutral detergent fibre (NDF; 36.1%). Mulberry fruit pomace is rich in carbohydrates (20.85%) (Niu Y). This might be the reason why it lowers they hyperglycaemia and improves insulin resistance. Also there is a possibility of feeding the good bacteria with the fibre from the berry, which improves the elimination process and the healing of the intestinal tract.


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Communication in craniosacral therapy. What does it do?


Why Craniosacral therapy helps with getting the person better, emotionally?

Well in my experience it let the body communicate with their inner soul or deep unconscious, which will let them know what is really going on, consciously. I found that people who free themselves of the mundane worry or let go of things that are not as important or essential anymore, they have the chance to find out what is stopping them from moving forward, but also what is bothering them. It is only when we agree to heal ourselves and know what is really bothering us, that real conscious healing happen. In CST there has to be also a trust between the person and the therapist, in order for that to be achieved.

During the treatment, a space is created where the person feels safe to acknowledge to themselves and eventually others, what is really going on. What and where is the blockage and finally once it is conscious, deal with it and let it go. It is that simple, really, however because of our busy lives, our family beliefs, our own community belief and our own belief, that quite often we do allow that to happen. I have seen with many people, not only my clients, but everywhere, friends, family, that because they do not allow that space of connecting to their inner soul or mind, they cannot see things clearly, even for themselves. The majority of it is fear, fear of knowing, fear of dealing with something that we do not know. However, once it comes out, whatever it is, it frees the person from being stuck in a position that they do not want to be. So in reality the worse thing is not allowing that to happen and even though it is scary, once it is out, it allows things to clear and move forward, so it is hard to start with, but much easier afterwards.

If something is bothering us, we might keep busy ourselves with lots of things, such as work, at home and outside, so that we can distracts ourselves and when we feel angry, upset or annoyed by things that happens around us, for no apparent reason, we cannot connect the emotion within ourselves and the surrounding circumstances.

Sometimes, we blame the circumstances or everybody around us for our own problem or situation, where in reality what we need to do is allow our own emotions to come out and be acknowledged, in order to see what is really going on with us.

I found in babies and children, they would communicate that in either way, such as crying or getting frustrate and angry with little things.

With teenagers, if they have no space to talk or have their say, and they are controlled to much of what they do and do not do by their parents or schools then, they will eventually rebel in some way or another. So in teenager time, the most important thing for them is allow that communication to happen in some way or another, even if we do not like it.

When should the communication with parents and children start? As soon as they are born. Allow babies to cry or children to say when they are frustrated or angry about, is the key for their future communication, so that even as teenager when all those hormones kick in, the teenagers themselves can deal with it and we as parents are more prepared to accept their opinion, and still manage to give support to our children.

Where does all this communication best to start from? Well ourselves of course. If we can be true to ourselves than we can allow our children and other people to be true to themselves and respect each other opinion and wishes.

 © Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-CST

Craniosacral Therapy a list of what it has helped so far and more

Craniosacral Therapy 

Today I would like to add some of the wonderful results that Craniosacral therapy would have from babies to adults:

  • Relieve trauma from birth, physically, mentally and emotionally for the babies and mother, and father if there was any particular shock during pregnancy or birth.
  • Unblock stored fears from childhood which still blocks the person in their lives, and stops them from moving forward in every aspect of their lives
  • Settles the Central nervous system and helps the digestive system to be switched on again.
  • Reduces the allergies symptoms
  • Reduces physical pain and emotional pain
  • Deals with the most painful memory and heals some of the emotional wounds
  • Ground the person and child so that they are fully integrated into their body
  • There are many more that I can think of read here for more
  • Teething for toddlers
  • Resets the babies and children system after an illness, so that their little body can deal with working nicely and smoothly again, getting rid of any of the irritation and inflammation that an illness can trigger. Coughs and flu are the main ones, however even after gastroenteritis and other illness can help restore them back to normal.
  • After Toddlers and children falls, to reset their physical and emotional system back to balance.
  • Adults falls or accidents, or illness to restore their system into normality.

Hayfever allergies – Supplements to reduce the histamine reactions

The hayfever seasons has started well been under way for sometimes now. Apart for NAET method that I used to reduce and eliminate the pollen and hayfever reactions, which I do in the winter, I usually suggest the following supplement to reduce the histamine reaction. It works really well and within about 20 minutes of taking them.

  • Vitamin C from 500 mg to 2000 mg a day in the worse time a day
  • Vitamin E 200 iu to 4oo iu a day
  • Quercetin follow the dosage suggested on the bottle
  • Oily fish up to 1000 mg a day (mixed EPA and DHA) a day
  • I would also suggest to have plenty of fruits and vegetables and healthy diet with non fried food or no take away food.
  • Alcohol would increase the stress level in the body or the toxins and therefore worsen the symptoms of hayfever.
  • Saline Nasal spray are very helpful to reduce the pollen accumulation.
  • Eye drops for the irritation of the eyes are also useful to reduce eyes symptoms.
  • Reducing dairy products and wheat and gluten also reduces the allergy symptoms as the food is harder to break down for some people.
  • Artichokes, chicory and any bitter green vegetables can help the liver to detox.
  • Drink up to 2 liters of water a day, throughout the day to help the body to run smoothly and detox from the kidney, via urine.

WARNING: all the above supplements can thin the blood, if you are on any medication, consult your Doctor before taking them. 


Fear in babies and adults – how craniosacral therapy work

It is impossible almost to list the benefit of CST treatment from pregnancy to babies, I have listed few in the past, from trauma, emotional and physical to injury, physically and emotionally. However the effect is also for the individuals. It depends pretty much what each of us needs to clear or bring up to surface in order to clear it. Quite often it is impossible to know consciously, till they surface up and only if you notice what changed, that you will be aware of what changes have happened. Others you will know only later on, and might not even connect it to the treatments, however that is what happens in some way or another.

Now it is quite ironic that I am doing a workshop for fears, as in the past year more or less England and the business world has been in an uncertainty time since the announcement of the EU referendum. Apart from the fact that many people did not understand the full impact of the results, either way, the outcome shocked everybody. Even the ones that are happy about the results.

 If you are very sensitive, like I am, you would have noticed a cloud of fear in some way, prior to the referendum and the day after the results!

Fear it is a common ground for many things, and turning that fear into a positive outcome is important for each and every one of us. Knowledge and knowing what to do next is also an important step to get rid of the fear. So as an individual, and as a global population, knowing what will happen next, is essential for our own fear to be reduced and feel safe again!

However we can only start from ourselves!

Benefit of Liquorice

Liquorice come from Turkey and Greece, and it is a member of the pea family. The medicinal property come from the root, and contains glycyrrhizin. Liquorice also contains phytoestrogens (the good oestrogens), and flavonoids (anti-oxidants). Liquorice is quite bitter and quite often in a chewing form, sugar or other forms of sweets is added to it. Liquorice in a capsule forms supports the adrenal glands (the gland that makes the adrenaline to support stress). Liquorice increases the immune system and in particular the interferon, which is the virus fighting part of the immune system. The DGL form (deglycyrrhizinated liquorice has glycyrrhizin removed) helps is also beneficial to the digestive system and respiratory system, as well as thinning mucus if you have a thick cough. Liquorice does increase the blood pressure so if you are on blood pressure lowering medication or you tend to have high blood pressure you need to be cautious of taking this. Because of the effect on the adrenal glands it is quite often used in chronic fatigue syndrome (exhaustion stage of the stress response). Liquorice herb can be taken for fighting inflammation; in case of hepatitis it seems to reduce inflammation caused by the virus. It is fought that the DGL form helps with preventing ulcers in case of stress, especially the chewable wafer type.

It is possible that people who do love and eat pure liquorice quite a lot, might in a unconscious way support their adrenal glands, as they might be struggling to keep up with the stress that is going on in their body. If you are eating the DGL one, in sweets, than it is possible that you are supporting your digestive system, which can be damaged by long term stress.

Liquorice sweets are sweetened with aniseed oil and if you have a lot of it, you might risk raising your blood pressure. However if you do have a low blood pressure and you are under a lot of stress, this might help your adrenals not to give up too soon. The DGL type does not seem to raise blood pressure.


Lamberts – The practitioner guide to supplements – Lamberts Healthcare Ltd