Irritable Bowel Syndrome Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Threapy news

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a gastro-intestinal disorder suffered by an increasing number of people. However, due to its multifactoral aetiology, IBS doesn’t have a single cause or treatment. (3,7). Many people diagnosed with IBS by their GPs are prescribed drugs that treat the symptoms, but unfortunately not the causes. There is, however, a range of non-pharmaceutical solutions that can successfully treat the disorder itself.

The following are typical, defining symptoms of IBS (3):

  • Abdominal pain or rumbling
  • Meteorism  (a bloating sensation often combined with visible distension of the abdomen)
  • Nausea, indigestion and loss of appetite (4)
  • Flatulence, constipation and diarrhoea
  • Abnormal stool characteristics (6)
  • Mucus or slime in the stool (4)
  • The sensation of not empting the bowel properly (4)


Often, the intensity of the symptoms is most pronounced in the afternoon or evening. Incomplete or faulty digestion may aggravate the symptoms while defecation or passing flatus may provide some relief. The symptoms may come and go over a period of months (3) to buy the paper to read more about irritable bowel syndrome click here or to make an appointment with me.

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Autism, ADD and ADHD – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news

meAutism, ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

I have been reading and interested in kids with Autism, ADD and ADHD since I started my nutritional course, I got a lot of information about the possible cause and mostly the cause is scientific or similar. I always thought that there was a missing link with that and for some reason or another I never wanted to really work too much with them. I never knew why. Many teachers and therapist kept saying that what I do would help them immensely. And I think it would. I had experience with children with allergies and intolerances which I helped getting better. Not since I have done Cranio-Sacral Therapy and after 2 years from the course that I am now understanding what was a possible missing link. Yes the autistic children are very very sensitive, physically with a possible problem with detoxification as well as the intestinal tract being very sensitive to impure food and drink, as well as their environment. Possibly because of that the vaccines are worse for them than any other child. But also they are very sensitive to the energy around them, from the people around them.  In Thai Chi, somebody said please when you describe what is happening in your body; do not describe it just as energy as energy can be different things for different people. So what do I mean for energy around them? Well we all know or mostly of us know that we are made of energy. Our body function because of millions of negative and positive energy (minus and plus) interact with each other in building and destroying cells and cells from what we eat, drink and breath. All the living things around us function because the same energy works with each other. Plants, Animals, trees, flowers, insect etc. With all that, there are emotions energy from people and animals, such as anger feels like hot and nasty and when somebody is angry, somebody else quite often responds either in anger or fear. When somebody is down, upset and depressed, usually the space feels low, down, with very low frequency and quite often everybody else feels that way, unless there is a person with a lot of joy, happiness and bright light energy around them that the entire room feels great again. I am learning about energy around us through my own healing as well. Going back to children with Autism, ADD and ADHD, most of them are very sensitive to the environment and the energy around them. Some are very special and very clever more than we will ever know. Recognizing their sensitivity early in Life before the big vaccination which I think is the last straw before the break it is very important. But even afterwards it is still possible to detoxifying the vaccines and the food/environmental reactions that they have with various methods. Such as using NAET, Cranio-Sacral Therapy (especially if they had a traumatic birth), and nutritional support, which I am qualified to do, but also if all this is not possible, use homeopathic remedy to detoxifying the vaccines, eliminate the most food that are known to affect them such as wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, soy and have them eat as much as they can pure food, freshly cooked. Listen to their needs and what they say it is another important thing. I am reading a brilliant book by Meg Blackburn Losey about the Children of Now, as well as Doreen Virtue, the Indigo Children. They are very good read and a good understanding of our world around us and how it work, which it is not just the physical and material world but more of the interaction with all things and planets around us. I really would love to meet with Brian Cox and measure the energy around us when I am working with a particular client. She has an amazing gift, which is making me understand my own gift. I was trying to go on the Autistic Society in Uk to see if I can help, but I cannot find any centre that does help with Autistic Children in particular that is a charity. And most of help it is just resigning of what the children have, medicate them and close them down. According to Meg Blackburn most Autistic children and ADD, ADHD children are very gifted children, who are very sensitive to the environment but also are not listened to or find it hard to communicate with any other person around them that does not understand them. My very gifted client said that an autistic child at the school where she works talked to her. I believe that the child talked to her because she listens and because the child knows that she is very special and can understand him/her. Not all the autistic children are the gifted ones, some have gone also beyond repair and the physical and emotional damage that was done it is too great to repair, but if taken on time that could have changed or could still change. I am not sure yet if for some will change. But as a mother I would try anything scientifically and not scientifically to understand and help the condition of my child… I know that I am very grateful that I found Cranio-Sacral Therapy when my child was 1 year and half as he had a very traumatic birth and I persisted with the therapy till he got better and he stopped having colds and coughs every few months. I used a lot of homeopathic remedy to help him and not get antibiotics in him all the time. I did not give any more vaccination after the first few as that triggered a lot of problems in his heath. I did not understand much about vaccines and the trigger of that but I was very adamant about the MMR (that was only my choice, as till now I still have disagreement with my ex-husband about giving the MMR to my son). Any choice needs to be done by the parents, and whatever choice is made there can be repair and healing afterwards.




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Cranio-sacral/NAET and over-reactions to food and environmental chemicals

meI have read many articles and books on the autistic children. What causes it and what it has helped many families. So far the most that I gather from families and studies is that some babies and children have traumatic births, with a combination of atopic allergic parents as well as digestive problems, and a combination of vaccines. For many babies and children the vaccines are fine and they cope with them quite well. What I noticed with my own experience in clinic and with reading other experiences that the ones with most sensitivity to the emotional, physical and chemical environment, as well as underdeveloped detoxyfing organs and an intestinal tract that is not yet tight enough to filtrer only nutrients needed in the body have developed a form of autism or an overeaction in some way or another. What I found in my clinic is that by supporting the intestinal tract, as well as using NAET and cranio-sacral method now, will support all the systems which in turn improves the condition in some way or another or at least the quality of life. The main foods that adults and children are overreacting are mainly wheat and dairy, but also eggs, and other fruits can be quite severe for some individuals and children. I had a child that was over-reacting to pear juice, which caused the child to have very read lips and mouth, as well as being over irritated with every body else around her. With a Cranio-sacral treatment and the withdraw of the pear juice, the child irritation went down 90% in a week. Juice pear is one example but any food or chemical trigger symptoms in adults or a child.

How to improve your immune system to fight colds – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news


January till March most people get a cold for one reason or another. Food that can help the immune system include garlic, onions, leeks, pumpkins and any of the vegetables will gives help with fighting infections and get your immune system strong. Supplement wise, vitamin C (up to 2000 mg a day or bowel tolerance), zinc, echinecea if taking as soon as you get the cold, aconites same as echinecea, wild oregano is very good for fighting viruses, fungi and bacterial infections, colloidal silver, as well. One extra vitamin that is needed during the winter months, especially in England is vitamin D, as the ray from the sun are stron enought to promote the making of vitamin D through the skin. Vitamin D as well as being involved in the calcium and magensium uptake is also involved in the immune system. Have a good supply of the supplements, support your liver always and intestinal tract with probiotics to avoid getting any bug through the intestine and you should get either much healthier or fight the bugs quicker and faster.


Hypoglycaemia – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news

meHypoglycaemia is a condition where the blood sugar level goes very low. The condition can cause dizziness, moodiness, irritation, tiredness, foggy heads and among others heart palpitation day and or night. I always knew that I could not go without eating for more than 3 hours, if by chance I do, or I have to wait for dinner, lunch or even breakfast, I become a hungry and angry lion!!. Travelling is the worse time when I am not prepared and the only things that you find is fast releasing sugary foods, which makes things better at first and than I get another dip in my sugar level and I start the lion behaviour again!! Now usually to avoid all that, during the day I keep that under control by eating snacks such as seeds and nuts, as well as apples and pears or mandarins. I had a blood test lately as I was having a raised heart beat at night and not sleeping well. I thought I was under stress and that was the cause of it, but to be in the safe side I thought to have it checked with my doctor anyway. Heart is good, which is a relief. The day I did my blood test, I had breakfast which is oat muesli, with nuts and fruits and yogurt, and two hours later I had my blood test. I had a call in the afternoon from the doctor asking if I was ok. I said yes, of course I was. The reason he called was that he was worried as the blood test showed that I was hypoglycaemic and he thought that I was walking around feeling faint or dizzy. I said I was quite well, as I kept my blood sugar level in control by eating my snacks etc. So I had to repeat the blood test, but as I wanted to think why would I be hypoglycaemic after having a slow releasing breakfast, I said to him that I would repeat the test the week after as I wanted to do something before hand. Well thinking of my habit of eating, during the day I was fine, but I eat quite early at 6pm with my son and than I do not eat anything till the next day at 8am. Now for me, but also for many people suffering from hypoglycaemia, that is a long gap. What I did to see if it worked, I ate nuts with yogurt or some slow sugar releasing fruits such as apple, pear and or mandarins around 9pm and see if that will make a change. As vitamin D in England is not made through the skin as the sun rays are not strong enough, from November till March, I decided to take extra dosage. Vitamin D as well as chromium has a very important role in the insulin metabolism. Well on Monday I repeated the blood test, without the breakfast in the morning as suggested and well, no hypoglycaemia, I was fine. This in a way warned me about the long gap without eating, even from the evening to the mornings. Now, my theory on this episode is that it takes two meals for the blood sugar level to stabilize and therefore is an interesting fact. For me and my colleagues at least is a very important point. Many people do not eat breakfast and sometimes skip even the lunch, which it means that the body stays in red alert for many hours after the first meal. This means that if somebody does not eat breakfast it takes two meals for the blood sugar level to stabilize, that might be a reason why many people feel much more energetic after their evening meals, while they feel tired after lunch. Obviously what you eat for breakfast and lunch is as important as skipping the meals to stabilize the blood sugar level. This is especially important in people with a family history of late diabetes (type II) or even type I diabetes. So having breakfast and not leaving a long gap between one meal and the other is as important as eating the right food!!!

Being tired can put you down – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral therapy news


Many people are tired nowadays, either they run around too much or try to fit too much in a short period. Also many people wake up already tired. If you are one of the ones that wake up tired, it means that something is not quite right. There are various reasons for that. What I am concentrating on is food that we eat and water that we drink, as well as a possible cause is the liver being sluggish to detoxifying. What I have found that certain foods, and especially sugary foods, wheat, cheese and dairy products can cause water retentions, and also the body to work at a slower rate. Quite often eliminating wheat or reducing it, makes people have more energy during the day and in the morning when they wake. Drinking enough water, which can be between a litre and half to two litres or more, depends if you are working somewhere with air conditioning or heating system, or if you exercise or cycle to work. Dairy and especially cheese, is another food that makes the body sluggish. Try to eliminate some of the food above to see which one gives you more energy and either stay off it for a long time or reduce the amount that you have a day.

Cholesterol not the bad guy – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news

mecholesterol not the bad guy! finally

Cholesterol not the bad guy! finally the doctors admitted that after years that nutritional therapist and other therapist have been saying that for ages. Click on the link to have a look:>

Onions properties – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news


·         Onions have also the short-chain fructooligosaccharides, which is a fibre which is digested by the friendly bacteria in the colon (probiotics). Probiotics in turns ferment the short-chain frutooligosaccharides into short chain fatty acid  (acetate, propionate and butyrate, lactate and gas),  which in turn are food for the colon cells which repair the intestinal tract. The probiotics serves as a defender for the other harmful bacteria and eating onions, asparagus, chicory, Jerusalem artichokes and normal artichokes would promote their health. It has been shown that short-chain fructooligosaccharides also increases the absorption of magnesium.
·         Because onions are high in flavonoids, especially quercetin, they are good anti-inflammatory foods. Fermented onions have been shown to increase their quercetin amount. Quercetin is a very good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory as it has been shown to stop the inflammatory cascade prostaglandins (Pg1). Also quercetin is a fat soluble and water soluble antioxidant which protect the nerve cells as well. Quercetin is found in high quantity in apples. Antioxidants might still not be destroyed a lot  if cooked at a temperature of 50 degree C but the storage will reduce the antioxidants content. The longer you store it cooked and cut the less antioxidant the onions will have.
·         Onions contains is high in thiosulfinates, a volatile sulfur compounds which gives the pungent flavor of onions and garlic. This compound has been shown to prevent a number of diseases such as high cholesterol, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes type 2 and gastrointestinal problems. Although for some people can actually lead to gastrointestinal problems if intolerant to the compound and as I mentioned above is hazardous for dogs and cats.
·         Onions are also high in the mineral nickel, a mineral that is found everywhere. If you are sensitive or allergic to it then avoids onions and garlic and mushrooms in high quantity.
·         Other compounds such as glycosylate (phenolic and steroidal origins) have shown medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic activity but only if consumed raw.
Funny enough while I was researching the onions properties I got ill with a big inflamed throat and an upper respiratory infection. I knew it was a bad one as my throat suddenly went into fire for two days. I treated myself with cranio-sacral literally all night felt a bit better to work for a little bit and then that was it for 3 days I was out. Treating myself continuously, taking wild oregano, salt throat wash, vitamin C lysine and colloidal silver spray. Ate very warm foods when I could feel hungry. Drank water etc.
Then I thought what a better time to try the onion theory. So I did for two days I put an onion under my bed or near my head.  I was hoping that it would help, maybe the bacteria and virus could quantum leap into the onion and that would be it. I thought about quantum leap after seeing Brian Cox (and I am sure many did) talking about quantum leap and things moving all the time from one place to another by our atoms moving all the time and shifting all the time. So I thought maybe that is how the bacteria/virus would travel. But with a bit of disappointment, my onions was normal a bit less antioxidant in it but still more or less the same. Nothing unusual on it and I was still pretty ill. So kept taking my supplements and treating myself, had some colleagues treating me with cranio-sacral and did an Epson floating session.  All helped so that I did not have to take any antibiotics but definitely not the onions under my bed I am afraid to say. I think maybe for who every tried it there was something in the air that was making their lung weak and therefore by the onion attracted whatever was in the air might have helped their lungs to clear. I cannot say for sure, but I did try…. I still ate the onion in the soup I could not eat it raw as I did not feel eating them, but used a lot of garlic also in my food. In all onions is still very therapeutic  for now by eating it or for the painting to it gets rid of the odors… but the house does stink on onions though (I tried that too when I was painting).

photocredit: Fray Bentos

Cranio-Sacral Therapy a magic therapy – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news

son_picI have always been fascinated by cranio-sacral therapy since I took my son to have his treatments at 1 year  old as he kept having a lot of colds, coughs and not cope well with them. They worked on his traumatic birth and after few months that was it, even if he gets a cold and a cough he mainly does not need antibiotics. One because I was so impressed by the therapy that I decided to learn it and therefore I treat him when he needs it. And as his system is so used to the therapy he respond so quickly to it. It is like the NAET treatments for reactions to food and environmental compounds, we cannot prove how it works scientifically but it works and it is amazing. My son used to suck his thumb till 6 years old and unfortunately that got his upper teeth a bit out of place with his lower teeth and the dentist recommended to see the orthodontist. Now my son, now 10, does not want to wear braces. So we agreed for me to work on his teeth and mouth with the cranio-sacral therapy and see how much we can help the situation. I treated him last night and this morning he said, mum it is magical, the front teeth were not even next to each other last night and this morning they are, I can feel them!!! and I can see that he is telling the truth. I have treated adults with the same problem and their orthodontics said the same. So I know the therapy works and especially for Temporal Mandibular Joint pain it is a magical therapy…. So yes the therapy together with nutrition and NAET works amazingly well to reset the physical and emotional balance…

Hayfever – Nutrition and Cranio-Sacral Therapy news



Hayfever season is over but think now of how to feel better for next season.

The season for the hay fever is over but would that be great if next year you can enjoy the time in the park without the ill effect of sneezing all the time?

hayfever season -naet treatments

Spring is a beautiful season where the flowers come out and the new birds come in and there is a lot of pollen around and for most people it does not matter that is part of the spring and nature but for others is a different story. For some people it is a nightmare and just waking up in the morning will cause them to have an attack with watery and itchy eyes and sneezing and feeling foggy all day and with low energy. Hay fever is, like any other allergies, an exaggerating response to the pollen or grass from the outside environment. In my clinic I have dealt with hay fever and the exaggerating reaction with NAET method with very good results. People that I have had NAET two years ago are still enjoying the park unless there is a type of pollen or allergen that we did not treat. Still the reaction is much less than before. Please read more about NAET on my website, so that you can think if you would like to try the therapies. I also use Cranio-Sacral therapy with nutritional advice to complete the entire body and mind rebalance.

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – R-Cranio-Sacral Therapist – NAET Practitioner