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Nutritional Therapy for IBS, allergies and intolerances, skin conditions such as eczema. Craniosacral therapy from babies trauma and illness to adults emotional problems and trauma and illness. NLP for emotional strengthening. Angel Guide distance healing for most issues.

High Pitch babies screaming with colic and reflux. What you can do.

Mother’s comment after a session of craniosacral therapy and nutritional suggestions that I make is from one session to another “He is another baby!”

  • After 3 sessions of craniosacral therapy,
  • The babies start to smile and continue to smile and grow in their development;
  • Connect to the mother and carer and surrounded,
  • Grows in weight,
  • poos two to three time a day, without straining or high pitch crying,
  • They are happy babies as they always are and should be;
  • Sleep 3 to 4 hours at night and day it depends on the age, but sleeps few times for longer.
  • Babies also can manage to lie flat on their back without any problem, arms and legs are spread out, hands are open rather than in a fist!

I have been working with babies for the past 11 years with craniosacral therapy. I always loved babies, and being able to help them let go of their pain, is an honour and a blessing.

Most of the babies that I have seen have had a high pitch cry, with colic and reflux. This can start from few days from birth to 6 weeks after birth.

For some babies, this is due to a traumatic birth, for others is due to their intestinal tract and digestive system being still quite small.

Breastfed and bottle fed babies have colic. A high pitch baby crying, is a sign of pain and this can be due to quite often, the babies being constipated (2 to 3 days no pooing at all), to having less of the lactase enzyme to digest their milk, due to the system that opens their digestive valves being shut. This is due to the possibility that they are in the survival mode, due to shock or birth trauma, or even trauma during their gestational time.

The mothers and carers, often having had a traumatic labour, lack of sleep and lack of control over their first baby or even second or third, start to get low, depressed and start withdrawing from socializing or going outside for fear that the baby will have a crying fit and hence the mother will be looked at or she will feel uncomfortable and upset as she might think that other people will judge her! and most people will not, of course, but that will be her feeling at that time (according to many of the mothers I spoke to). So in order for them to avoid the situation, they will stop going out or even inviting people over. This can be a vicious circle, the mother gets upset, the baby crying is unstoppable and the beautiful bond between the mother and the baby can be disrupted and even broken for ever. Doctors will tell you that is normal, which crying normally for being changed, or anger or food is definitely normal. High pitch crying for pain it is not. Especially if you can do something about it, so that the baby and the mother can start their life together.

What can you do, is book an appointment to see a craniosacral therapist click here for more information for my worktime and prices. I also have a drop-in donation based at Crouch-end, school term time only, if you would like to try for 20 minutes click here for more information.

Nutritionally I would suggest if you are breastfeeding to avoid broccoli and the cabbage family for up to 3 months of their age, cut down onions and garlic, chilly peppers, and too much spicy foods, too much sugary foods and drinks, chocolate and coffee, as that would put too much pressure on the liver and their digestive system. Order some probiotics for babies, such as probiotics infantis from Opti-Bac or Biocare, the change is immediate with the probiotics. This is especially essential if the birth was a C-section and water birth or if the mother did not take any probiotics during the last few months of pregnancy.

  • For the reflux, craniosacral therapy is the essential treatment, as that would restore the baby system into the more relaxed mode and hence opening up their digestive system. – Other suggestions are to burb the baby well after a good feed or in between feeds.
  • Raise their beds pram and cot a bit with a pillow underneath as their are not completely flat. This is till they can lie on their back without any problems.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher-

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Emotion or physical trauma from before birth to adult time. What can you do to let it go?

I have been a therapist for 28 years and more. Starting to treat the physical trauma with massage and reflexology to the chemical trauma through nutrition and allergies and for the past 11 years trauma from birth or before birth to adult time with craniosacral therapy/healing.

It always amaze me when an adult can manage to let go from their body, their childhood trauma through their painful muscle or body.

If you are like me, that grew up long time ago, when children were not considered teachers, like they are now, then you still have some trauma, from family beliefs, religion and society.

This is not about blaming any of your parents or other people that raise you, as they did the best they could with the resources that they had, and some had none, or had a really tough time too.

All stems from that unconditional love that was given to your parents and your parents to you.

Emotional trauma and physical trauma are connected to each other, one might cause the other and vice-versa.

If you birth was traumatic for you and your mum, than the physical scar stay there, unless you deal with them from the start.

If you are an adult you can still deal with the trauma, through craniosacral therapy. If you have had a baby, than this is the best time to treat them and have a more positive life paved for them.

Step-by-step back to yourself!

If you have toddlers and older children, there is plenty of time to still treat them. Craniosacral therapy is one of the best treatment from babies to adults, as it is gentle but very powerful.

Depending on the trauma, for babies might needs up to 3 treatments only. For adults it might take some more time, but worth your money and time to heal yourself, as you will see your life, changing positively, treatment by treatment.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher-

How much iodine are you having a day?

The difference between a healthy diet and a diet nutrient dense can be thin, but if even the healthier diet lacks some of the essential nutrients, disorders, illness and genetic disease can occur. The grounding for a healthy life starts from before birth, sometimes just pre-conception, but for some disorders or even conditions, it starts from your grand-parents. We cannot do anything about it if the grand-parents were eating junk food and unhealthy food, or even they did not have a choice and had a lack of food and hence nutrients dense diet. Being vegan and vegetarian for many aspects can be very healthy, if the diet has a nutritional dense food, in others can be quite deficient if the diet is only void of meat and fish or eggs, and filled only with vegetables and fruits. As the body needs protein, fat and carbohydrate to function well, and make neurotransmitters for the function of the brain and a well-functioning mind, as well as the making of hormones and more, the nutrient dense diet needs to be well balanced. It is a fact that as vegetarian and vegan, you might need to eat a bit more of the protein food as vegetables have less in a 100g portion, compared to a 100g of meat or even two eggs. Just watch how long a cow, or a sheep eat a day to understand how much more you need to eat. It can be done, and many vegetarians do have a very good balance and know how much they need to eat and what to include.

Some do take extra supplements as a precaution. Now I am not talking only about vegetarian or vegan as being deficient in certain nutrients or food group. As also many non-vegetarians eat way too much protein or unhealthy fatty food, and not enough green vegetables, fruits, hence they are also very low in certain essential nutrients, such as the omega 3 oil for the brain, vitamin and mineral that you would get from the vegetable and fruits, as well as possibly lack of fiber and a healthy intestinal tract. So, from one hand we have one part of population doing really well with vegetables and fruits, and hence fiber, and the other doing really well in some protein and badly in everything else. We do have some very healthy meat/fish eaters though that will have all the nutrients that they need. What some young women in child bear age is lacking though, is some of the essential nutrients to sustain and grown a very healthy baby or set the ground for the health of that baby when they are adults. Hence even a normal multivitamin and mineral might help prevent deficiency in the baby.

I have talked about other nutrients before, next I will talk about iodine, which in many parts of the world are deficient in, and unless you live near the sea, many people who do not eat iodine regularly in their diet, can be quite deficient. People who do a lot of exercise, live with a lot of stress from work and life, and pregnant women, could be deficient or low in iodine, and they will only know when it is too late. With the knowledge that iodine is excreted in urine, and the only function is to support the thyroid, and hence the metabolism, just see if you are having enough iodine in your diet. Too much iodine, as taken in supplement, also can cause a hyperthyroidism. Which will make you want to run more and be a bit more scattered. Iodine in vegetables and grains as well as fruits, vary according to the soil and the amount of iodide in meat, depends on what type of grass the animal ate and where. Iodide in water also depends on the content of it, in rocks and soils of a particular region. A lack of iodide in water or soil or food can lead to a high incidence of goiter (enlargement of the thyroid). Seawater fish, seaweeds, iodized salt will have the highest iodide level. Once you absorb iodide or iodine, the thyroid is the one gland that will keep it more than other parts of the body.

Sea air also helps with iodine


Iodine is a micronutrient that works in synergy with the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland uses iodine from food to make two thyroid hormones including thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). During pregnancy, iodine requirements are increased by 50% due to increases in maternal thyroid hormone production necessary to supply to the fetus, which does not have a fully functional thyroid gland until 20 weeks gestation. In the growing baby, iodine is important for normal brain and nervous system development. The thyroid needs also zinc, magnesium, and selenium to work at its optimal level. Any deficiency on the above nutrients will lead to the thyroid not working at its optimum at a time of greater demand, which could affect the baby and the mother health. Iodine is found in all fish, seaweeds, iodized salt, liver and meat, eggs.  Goitrogens foods are the cabbage family, cauliflower, broccoli, rutabaga, turnips, Brussels sprouts, and mustard greens cassava, soy beans and products can affect the functioning of the thyroid, unless they are cooked or fermented. Arsenic, find in many waters and or in farmland drinking water if a farm uses arsenic, is also goitrogenic (leading to goiter). About 150 to 200 mcg has been recommended dietary intake per day.

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Babies health from 0 to adulthood depends on the mother nutritional status. Planning to get pregnant? get ready and healthy!

The neonatal immunity starts from pre-conception to gestational time.

If the mother is undernourished, or depleted in the essential nutrients, such as the microminerals and macro-minerals, as well as the vitamins and essential fatty acids, it will negatively impact the health of the baby they are carrying or will carry if planned or unplanned pregnancy occur.

Studies have shown that if the mother taking just a normal multivitamin throughout the pregnancy and folic acid, before and during, as well as lactation, the health of the baby is greater and their birth rate also is at a good weight.

According to the same studies, a low birth rate, from less than 5.5 LB (2.5kg) has shown to be increasing the risk of developing a metabolic syndrome (Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. (Dr Nigel Plummer webinar 20.4.22)

Even one kg above the low birth rate, can reduce the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (or Syndrome X).

Unhealthy lifestyle in the mother during pregnancy, has shown to increase metabolic syndrome in the developing baby in their adulthood.

Some of the main nutrients if low in the mother can lead to pre-eclampsia and possibly gestational diabetes, according to the type of diet the mother has during pregnancy, including drinking fizzy drinks or sugary food and drinks.

Long term studies on pregnancy and the developing of the baby, have shown that there is a window of flexibility where the baby genetic (Epigenetic), can change and stop any possible unhealthy gene to be triggered, hence the baby will have a much healthy life than they would otherwise. If the mother does not change the unhealthy habit or increase her nutritional status, the baby will be stuck with a thrifty phenotype and could develop the disorders and diseases as in the metabolic syndrome and more. (Dr Nigel Plummer 20.4.22).

According to some studies there is a window of flexibility during the gestational time where the health of the baby can be changed, once they are born, the baby might be stuck with a thrifty phenotype and hence have their disease already marked (I believe that due to nutrigenomics anything can change if done from birth to adulthood).

Usually, the main organs that will be affected by the mother’s malnutrition will be the pancreas, kidney and brain.

If you are planning to get pregnant or you are pregnant, get healthy, if not for yourself, for your own unborn child! The lifetime health of your child start from 0 to 1000 days after they are born, (from 0 to 2 years old)!

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Nutrigenomics, you can change your life and lifestyle by changing what you eat, do and more! “You are what you eat”

The study of the effect of food and nutrients on gene expression is called nutrigenomics.

The above studies were started because of the impact of nutrients as well as lifestyle on health and diseases.

Adaptation to the environmental change’s nutrients intake, infections, exposure to metals, light and ionizing radiations has been essential for human survival and evolution.

Nutrition and exercise can determine which genetically susceptible individual will be affected by specific diseases and which would not.  Genes, age, sex, developmental socio-economic status, occupation, education, time, geography and climate, will all establish a person unique characteristic. Genetic variation is due to variants at a single locus, which forms the basis of human diversity and the ability to handle environmental challenges. 

As nutrients and physical activity influence gene expression, an appropriate diet and exercise can influence also the outcome of certain diseases.

For example, hypertension, coronary heart diseases and type II diabetes (Syndrome X), have been all recognized as diseases of insulin, and all three of them have been shown to respond positively to an appropriate and specific exercise and dietary changes. Again, the right balance of fat and the quality of fat can have a major impact on cardiovascular health.  Carbohydrates containing foods and soluble and insoluble fiber are needed for energy and healthy bowel function.

A low or high intake of carbohydrates, trigger a natural change in gene expression. For example, in the presence of high carbohydrate intake, the glucose is stored by the glycogen synthesis in order to eliminate the extra glucose from the cell. When the intake of carbohydrate is constantly high, the excess glucose is synthesized into fatty acids and triglycerides, which can raise blood cholesterol.

On the other hand, when there is a low carbohydrate intake, glycogenolysis occurs to release glucose according to the body’s needs. This process is regulated by the hormone’s glucagon and adrenaline.

Also, high fiber intake has been shown in some studies to be inversely associated with advanced adenoma recurrence.

Micronutrients are quite often underestimated for the cause and trigger of certain diseases. Two thousand million people in the world are anaemic and one thousand million are at risk of iodine deficiency, 40 million children in the third country and around the rest of world suffer of vitamin A deficiency.

Deficiency of nutrients can trigger and or lead to many current diseases. Exercise also has been recognized as one factor that can help with some of modern diseases, for example an appropriate and specific regime of physical exercise can reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes in susceptible people.

This can be as simple as a 30 minutes walk in the park a day.

Therefore, many diseases can be prevented or reversed if appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle is implemented and the knowledge of how to achieve that is one of the major goals for professional healthcare as well as the government.

Nutrigenomics also involves the studies on nutritional factors that act protecting the genome (your DNA).

My nutritional therapy consultation include your own individual need and deals with possible beliefs and trauma that have been set since childhood, dealt with craniosacral therapy on the follow ups, NLP or Mindfulness eating and meditation to support your own continuous healing at your own pace and home. It takes time to implement changes up to 6 months or more, this depends on your own commitment to your own healing!

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List of new foods on the market from the food show 2022 and Deep Blue Peaceful mindfulness meditation link

It was great to be back to the food show this year, taste new foods and welcome food from all over the world. Here are few of the things that I loved in some way, many more on the market so watch out for great food around.

  • One of my favorites was the dry crispy salmon skin. This is full of essential oil, great as a snack and full of protein too, a bit salty but it was the good salt and it is from the natural sea. (not suitable for vegetarian or vegans). The product comes from Chile and the people there were very friendly. I am not sure yet where they will be in UK but hopefully they will find a place to sell soon as fantastic idea, especially if you want your kids to get some oil and it is in a crisp form! Oven baked or dried, so all good. Produced in Chile if you are interested in buying and trying it out. Contains salmon and trout and salt from the sea. Contains also vitamin D, calcium and 20 grams of protein.
  • If you like me have a weakness for dark chocolate, well the darkest chocolate 100% it is quite bitter, but seems to be used for chocolate ceremonial, where you can get high with that. I definitely do not need chocolate for that, but I do love dark chocolate and I know that I can feel like I am drank if I have too much of it. Not allergic to it, it just gets into my brain. One of the companies was the  The chocolate is from the Ashaninka, Nomatsigenga and farmers located in Satipo in the central rainforest of Peru. Organic, hand made, Raw Cacao and Ecofriendly.
  • Healthy teas from the Hortus Medicus . They sell a variety of teas.
  • Nutra Teas also sell interesting and healthy teas such as liver support with artichokes and more, some of the teas that I would like to have. NutraTea
  • Fromm Clearspring, a new tea with a blend of green tea with roasted brown rice and matcha, again new on the market and unusual teas.
  • Unrefined bars, a selection of snack with nuts, oats and all natural ingredients form
  • One of the most curious and great drink that hopefully is available in bars and pub for healthy non-alcoholic drinks is Sentia GABA Spirit. Now for anyone that does not know GABA is an essential nutrient for the health of the brain. Finally someone that is combining socializing with health. Should hopefully be in bars and pubs soon. Here is the website for possible tasting some if you need to. apparently you can make great non-alcoholic drink with it.
  • For baby’s botanical babies, all creams and skin products, organic for babies from Drbotanicals
  • For Eczema, dermatitis and Psoriasis creams from Mahi naturals or

Also, for inner peace and peaceful Light just think of a deep Blue peaceful Light and think of the Tibetan Mountains or any other Mountain that you have nearby. Here is a mindfulness meditation for your own inner peace with the frequency of the Deep Blue Peaceful Mountain click here to listen and enjoy. This is a gift from me and whoever knows how I work, from the beautiful healing Lights.  

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Two herbs for your intestinal tract

Basil benefit and history

You think that Basil came from Italy, has it been used a lot there, or at least I thought it did, but no. Basil originated from India, believe it or not. It finds his way to Italy at some point, after Greek. Basil in Greek mean Royal and it is a very special and healing herb. In China this herb is used for muscle stomach spasms, kidney problems, and poor circulation. Basil has also a protective component as an anti-oxidant. It has an antibacterial ad antiworm property as well. Hence is really good for the health of the intestinal tract in general. As an anti-bacterial, basil can be used by itself fresh in salads, or with bruschetta (toasted bread with tomatoes, olive oil and garlic). In pesto with olive oil and garlic, freshly made. Some people will also use it in water and drinks to give a nice taste!

Holy Basil copyright

Fresh Basil is the best to use, you can plant it, even though I never manage to keep it for long for some reason, or you can buy it in a pot, and that does not last long. My parents Basil seem to grow by itself, in the glorious sunshine. Basil also has got a lot of chlorophyll, like any other green leafy plant, which gives that energy from the sunshine!

Dill is another nice herb to use and have in your kitchen (that includes rosemary, thyme and more)

Dill is of the same family herbs of carrots, fennels, celery and parsley. Again, this herbs traditionally was used to calm the stomach and intestinal tract as well as have a good night sleep. This herb has got a very nice sweet taste. Dill comes originally from Western Africa and the Mediterranean region. Both Basil and Dill have been used in the ancient Egyptians. Dill like Basil and many culinary herbs, has many healings property. Soldiers, in the ancient times, would put burned dill seeds on their wounds to heal. Energetically, this herb was used for a lot of other things too, to protect the heart and more!

dill and seeds

The health benefit of dill as I mentioned above are carminative of the intestinal tract spasm and to reduce flatulence. Dill also has shown antioxidative properties, as well as anti-microbial properties. It promotes detoxification of the liver from chemical toxins, it does this by activating the anti-oxidant enzyme glutathione-S-transferase, a powerful antioxidant enzyme that transform powerful chemical toxins into less toxic molecules.

Using the combination of Dill and Basil fresh herbs into your salads, or making a pesto and adding garlic and dill into that, would make a great combination for the anti-microbial, intestinal tract reducing spams, in case of a gastro-enteritis and soothing of the intestinal tract. If used often, it will be a protective combination for your intestinal tract and your own health in general.

From “Healing foods” (Micheal Murray)

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapy – NAET – R-Craniosacral therapy – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide – Mindfulness meditation teacher

Mindfulness living exercises– Mindfulness eating, mindfulness meditation for stress reduction, nutrition, craniosacral therapy/healing, NLP:

healing rainbow colours

Mindfulness living to reduce deal with what is going on in your life and start being present at all times in your life, no matter what is going on.

How I work with my practice is starting from where ever you need to start with, in your individual life.

From Nutritional Therapy lessons, 25 years ago to now, I have learned that we are dealing with different things in life, and the way we deal with that, either from eating food that we might react or be allergic to, to pain, and attracting drama and more, all depends not only from the physical part, but also from our emotions and feelings.

The “Step-by-Step back to yourself”, is getting to understanding where you are at this moment as an individual and acknowledging and understanding the process and yourself, so that you can move on in life, in where ever you are.

My journey into my own healing started when I left Italy, where I thought I could not grow much more that I could otherwise, into who I wanted to be, as there was no space for the healing of the individual. I knew by take that big step, that I would find what I really wanted to do in life, while healing myself as well.

I am grateful about my upbringing, which was in the countryside. That taught me how to nourish yourself really well, and looking after your body, with the fruits and vegetables from my parent’s garden. When I first came to London, though, my eating well, went out of the window for a while, and I felt that my body, had more pain and stress, than now. After few years, I ended up, in some way, at university to do Nutritional Therapy, I knew it was the right thing for me. By then I already was working as a sport massage therapist in leisure centers, and I managed to work and study at the same time.

My passion to guide people into their own healing has taking me always further that I knew it would. By learning NAET 15 years ago, to deal with allergic reaction or overreaction to food and the environment, I know I was part of changing the life of many people and children as well. With learning craniosacral therapy 11 years ago and ending up doing healing as well, that was an amazing way of healing babies’ trauma, from the start of their life!

What a gift that can be given to a baby and a mother is now-days, something that is available to everyone!

Our new generation of today, have so many more resources that our parents and grand-parents never had.

Let’s use it and get back to ourselves whatever you need to heal, get started, get going!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET for allergies – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP – Angel Guide Certified – Mindfulness Meditation teacher-

Mindfulness meditations

Mindfulness Meditations benefits for corporates/small business – 121 and groups classes

Some of the benefits of mindfulness documented in research

There is published scientific evidence that mindfulness can assist with: For corporates the People at the management level and the people who work with them will have their work and life positively impacted by just 8 weeks of Mindfulness meditation in groups, and also individual sessions, to deal with possible mental and emotional wellbeing with craniosacral therapy, Neuro linguistic programming and healthy lifestyle. The person wellbeing will make a huge difference to themselves and the people they work for!

Let’s get back to a normality of life within the big changes that happened since the pandemic started!

Reduces anxiety and panic attack are two of the many benefits:

● Stress reduction

● Clarity and focus

● Greater resilience

● Enhanced creativity

● Improved relationships

● Improved concentration

● Rapport and communication

● Improved health and wellbeing

● Greater confidence and self-esteem

● Ability to have better quality sleep

● Reduced anxiety and depression

● Improved work-life balance

● Greater work satisfaction

● Memory enhancement

● Intuitive ability

● Pain reduction

Resilience – productivity and creativity – emotional intelligence – stress reduction and wellbeing.

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8 weeks Mindfulness meditation next one starts 2.5.22 click here to read more

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9 – Attitudes of Mindfulness Meditation – Jon Kabat-Zinn

1) Non-Judgment: impartial witnessing, observing your evaluations and categorizations. Noticing the automatic habit of labelling our experience as good, bad or neutral. Habit of judging locks us into an automatic reaction without being aware of them, where they do not have any objective basis. Once we are aware of out judging, then we can choose actions and behaviours more consciously, rather than automatically reacting to the situations in our environment. This principle is useful as we start to engage in a new mindfulness practice that our mind may judge as boring or a waste of time.

2) Patience: allowing things to unfold in their time, bringing patience to ourselves and others.  This is an understanding that sometimes things must unfold in their own time. This principle reminds us to be patient with ourselves as our mind is stretched in new ways. Patience is a helpful quality to invoke when the mind is agitated. To be patient, is to be open to each moment as it unfolds knowing that like the butterfly, that some things can only unfold in their own time. So, when starting out your mindfulness practice or anything else please stick through whatever takes place trusting that some things will make more sense after you have practiced them for a while.

3) Beginner’s Mind: Willing to see things as if for the first time.  We let our beliefs about a situation prevent us from seeing things as they really are. No moment is the same as any other. Beginner’s mind allows us to be receptive to new possibilities and prevents us from getting stuck in our mind, which often thinks it knows more than it actually does. Try to cultivate your own beginner’s mind as an experiment. The next time you see someone familiar, notice if you are seeing the person with fresh eyes or through the lens of your beliefs about that person. When you are out walking, see if you are noticing things, you might have overlooked before. Developing beginner’s mind opens you to possibilities in life you may be missing out on, because you are viewing everything through the lens shaped by past experiences, that is not aware of what else there is to learn and explore.

4) Trust: Developing trust in your feelings and yourself is an integral part of the mindfulness practice. The act of trusting yourself and your basic wisdom, is an important aspect of the mindfulness training.  If you are feeling strongly about something, it is important to attend to that, rather than ignore it because an outside authority is telling you to do so. Mindfulness is an objective process of inquiry and accepting what people of ‘authority’ tell you without questioning the validity of it for yourself is against the basic premise of mindfulness. It is important to stay open and learn from other sources but ultimately you have to live your life and make your choices that feel right to you. It is almost easier to trust external authorities to tell us how to live our lives. Mindfulness involves practicing trusting your own feelings and that doesn’t mean you react based upon all your feelings but that you explore any feelings that show up fully to see what they are telling you about a situation and then you trust yourself to come up with the right action.

5) Non-striving: non-goal oriented, remaining unattached to outcome or achievement. Even though everyone undertaking mindfulness practice has some goals intentions while they are taking their training, at the time of mindfulness practice itself, simply do the practice without any expectations. When you set expectations, such as feeling more relaxed, you are introducing conditions that don’t allow you to be fully present with what is, because you are trying to change the present to be something else. If you are trying to change the present then you are not being with what is, which is what the mindfulness training is. Remember to allow anything and everything that you experience from moment to moment to be there, because it already is. If you are tensed, just pay attention to the tension. If you are criticizing yourself, just observe the activity of the judging mind. Non-striving may be the most difficult of all the principles because in our culture we are taught to be goal-oriented and to be constantly doing something in order to reach our goals. In mindfulness you will reach your goals by not trying to change the present but by being present to whatever arises, and in that way, you will find that the goals are ultimately reached. This is perhaps something you will need to experience for yourself to really understand.

6) Acceptance: open to seeing and acknowledging things as they are. It does not mean approval or resignation. Acceptance is the willingness to see things as they really are. Acceptance does not mean that you have to be satisfied with the way things are or that you don’t do anything to change what you don’t like. When you have the ability to see things as they are you free up energy to take the appropriate actions, instead of working with a mind that is clouded by denial, prejudices, fears, and self-judgments.

7. Letting go: non-attachment and the ability to put aside the tendency to elevate some aspects of our experience and to reject others. Letting go is a way of letting things be, of accepting things as they are. When you observe your mind grasping or pushing away, you can remind yourself to let go of the impulse to grasp or push away and see what happens.

8. Gratitude: being thankful for the little things in life, can be very rewarding. Not taking our body for granted is also very rewarding for ourselves. Being thankful for what works in our body and mind is rewarding. Give thanks to our own body, inside and outside, e.g., gives thanks to our legs, our heart, our liver, our spleen, etc. Being thankful for the people who we have in our lives, that supports us, being thankful for our food, the earth that supply our food, and more.

9. Generosity: give to others, your time, or things that they need. Give attention to others, not for a reward but for the only reason that you would like to help others, that you would like to give to others, to make them feel better.

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“Step-by-Step back to yourself” – 10 weeks programme

Change your life in a positive way for ever. Reduce your stress level and connect to your inner strength in 10 weeks!

Benefit of 10 weeks programme – “Step-by-Step back to yourself”

The programme of 10 weeks is two hours sessions. 1 hour working with mindfulness exercises and meditation to come back to yourself, with mindfulness meditations that you can do at home to strengthen the connection to yourself, no matter what is going on in your life. Learning to be aware and dealing with emotions and feelings at any time. One hour of craniosacral therapy/healing, dealing with the unconscious trauma, emotions and feelings that gets you stuck. An amazing experience that is supported by your own mindfulness meditation and mindfulness living at home. 10 sessions, of 2 hours weekly will take you to another level of living and wellbeing, reducing fears and worries about the present and future in a world that has changed forever. Getting you to goals that you would like to achieve, with NLP exercises when needed. A complete 2 hours SPA of healing and clearing your body, mind and soul.

You do need to commit to two hours weekly of the treatments, plus between 10 daily of mindfulness meditation, and informal mindfulness exercises in a normal life at work or at home; e.g mindfulness walking, or mindfulness eating, or shopping. Being present in life and at work, will get you to where you want to get.

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What benefits in 10 weeks will give you!

Then once a month when you need it most with craniosacral therapy or mindfulness or NLP exercises, it is suggested without pressure or commitments.

  • Deals with old past trauma that holds you back
  • Stress reduction
  • Getting back to yourself and understanding who you are at this moment in time
  • Accepting and understanding yourself
  • Elimination of old beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Clarity and focus increase
  • Presence of mind and body at all times
  • Greater Resilience
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improves relationship with yourself and others
  • Healing family issues with the healing and family line issue from the past
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves rapport and communication
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Improves self-esteem and inner strength
  • Greater confidence
  • Improves work-life balance
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Memory enhancement as more present when doing things and talking with others
  • Increase listening skills
  • Increase intuitive ability
  • Pain reduction
  • Increases peace of mind and inner peace while facing the chaotic world around you
  • Increases energy level and gets to to a time of joy and happiness
  • Dealing with old emotions in a positive way, finding your own way of dealing with past trauma and seeing things from a different perspective
  • Weight loss
  • Positively changing your lifestyle
  • Increasing your connection to Earth and the people around you
  • Letting go of blaming others and understanding your choices in any situation
  • Increasing your own way of thinking in a positive way

You do need to fill in a form prior to your starting any sessions with me. Click here to download the form and fill it in. Email the form to me once you have booked for the sessions, prior to the 1st session. Thank you COVID19 rules at the time are followed.

10 sessions of 2 hours is £ 1050.00 instead of £ 1100.00. This is a package only and either in person or online. For separate sessions see price list of normal sessions. The 10 sessions is for you to be more committed to your own wellbeing.

For home visits within 30 minutes to 45 minutes of travel is £ 1550.00. Click below for booking home visits.

Bank transfer can also be done to Maria Esposito TSB code 308472 account 24603860 


It is your responsibility to make sure that you look after your health and needs at any given time during the classes online and offline.
Contraindication and caution with mindfulness meditation that needs to be forwarded to everyone that wants to participates in the group classes:
Mindfulness is contraindicated for epilepsy sufferer, especially if not under control. Only if they give their written formal consent and take their responsibility with it or a letter from their doctor that they can participate at the classes.
People with Asthma, if as relaxation could trigger an attack, hence only with a letter of consent from their doctor or from themselves and if under control.
Serious psychosis or mental illness, unless referred by their GP. It is your responsibility to be safe and have support at home if you have any serious illness or the above conditions. This class is done online and there is no way of checking that you are ok in person. Thank
Confidentiality agreements. Everything that is shared in the groups needs to remain in the group and it is confidential. Only in cases of legal requirement and if confiding a serious criminal activity that the confidentiality is breached.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP Practitioner – Certified Angel Guide – Mindfulness meditation teacher