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Allergies can reduce immunity!

NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination treatment) & craniosacral treatment

Eczema before treatment

A low-grade inflammation, which might be caused by constant allergies or high allergies can trigger part of the immune system to go down. The part that can be reduce is the one that fights viruses. People can be allergic to anything and this depends on many things, genetic, first exposure and how the body system at the time of the 1st exposure was, e.g. high stress level. I have seen in the past 15 years adults and children go down with their over reaction to natural food and the environment, by using the method NAET and combining it with craniosacral therapy. The change can be immediate or might take few therapy sessions to see the major changes. Either way you still get a huge benefit from being tested in a non-invasive way through the NAET method and being relaxed and settled with the craniosacral therapy. Each session might show a different layer of healing the body, and each session will take the person or child to a different level of body, mind and soul healing. It is amazing to see how each person transform and feel different from when they first come in. The life around them also change, and the way they deal with life changes and challenges change completely. I know of some of my client, that have had a life change experience that were not expected and probably would not be ready to have, if they did not have the treatments. That is as their focus of energy shifts from their body over reaction, to a state of mind that is full of potential and hope for the future!

6 months after treatment with NAET and craniosacral therapy

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Long COVID fight it with nutrition and craniosacral therapy

I read and hear of long COVID symptoms from many people, including one of my friends who had a long tiredness for a while and could not shake it off. The majority of the long COVID symptoms are the ones that had the lung problems. Now having had the stomach COVID last year, I know what that fatigue was about. I dealt with it with nutrition and craniosacral healing. When I had the flu, I felt afterwards that my entire system was out of balance. That can be with a combination of low nutrients status due to the immune system using a lot of the body resources to fight the virus, and the shock to the physical body. Staying also immobile, due to the tiredness, for 10 days, might also put the body into a more state of fatigue and muscle waste.

What I found that helped is a high particular nutrients supplements, plus a craniosacral/healing session to put my system and mind, back to normal.

It took me a month to be fully recovered, for some, might take more than one session of craniosacral healing to settle, depending on how long they have been in a state of tiredness.

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Phobia and fears are two different things!

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Phobias such as phobias of spiders, snakes, lifts, high buildings, etc, are all part of one incidence that happen at one point or another in your life. It can be stemming from something that you do not remember, and it can be quite small, as you might have been a child when you got that fear.

Emotional fears are what we told ourselves to have, or they are from films, or books that you saw and read or from society, religion, worldwide fear, which we have been put on for the past two years, fears of insecurity, fears of success and fears of failure. Most of the fears can be dealt within our minds, as well as phobias, with Neurolinguistic Programming and the combination of craniosacral therapy with healing, will give you a makeover of your life that will get you to a path that you will enjoy and prosper. Look on my website for prices and more therapies to help you to achieve what you need to achieve in life, including nutritional health and immunity.

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Nutritional value of figs

Black figs

The Ficus tree is same family of the mulberry tree. They are unusual in the fact that the fruit is like an inside out flower.

Some do not consider them vegetarian or vegan as a wasp might die in the inside of the fruit and the wasp metamorphosis into the fruit. Nothing will remain of the wasp, and it is a natural event, but many will not eat it for this reason. I suppose it would be the same for the wine, as in making the wine, wasps and insect will be in that boiling fermenting wine.

They have an opening called the “ostiole” or “eye”, that is not connected to the tree but that helps the fruits development, which communicate with the environment.

Figs are very sweet and they have a chewy texture as well to their skin and flesh. The crunchiness is due to the seeds that they are full of. The fresh figs do not last long, so needs to be eaten within few days or max a week. Hence, they are often dried, either by exposure to sunlight or through an artificial process.

My parents have three trees and hence my mum decided to dry them in the sunshine in Italy for the winter. My parents are the reason I became a nutritionist, I saw first-hand the nutritional value of food. Unfortunately, I did not get the same green finger!

Figs vary in color, from green to black and red purple, depending from their origins. Figs are from the Mediterranean and Middle East and they have been around for a long time.

The figs nutrients, apart for being a very good fibre source, they have high simple sugars (hence 1 fig is enough for the day), They are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese.

Eight to 10 figs will supply you with 249 calories, 9.8 grams of fiber and 47.9 grams of natural sugars from glucose and fructose, as well as 162 mg of calcium and 680 mg of potassium.

Figs are very good for the intestine, because they supply food for the friendly bacteria, they are alkaline foods, so good to balance your blood pH. The figs leaves have shown to reduce the insulin injection need. More research is needed for this, but good start. Someone, somewhere said that all the answer for our health is in nature! I think so too!

Reference: Michael Murray, “healing foods.”

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Sage and Basil benefits, including supporting the immune system and the respiratory system

Sage benefit

Sage extract has been researched and studies for various conditions. It is one herb that my mother and her mother in turn used for many things, including hot flushes in menopause. My mum never had any hot flashes and I do not recall my grandmother having any either. My parents are the ones that unconsciously drove me to choose a nutritional degree here in England and being a therapist and caring for others, is from my mum side. Salvia (sage), as it is called in the official term is one of the largest genus of the plant Lamiaceae, which mint, basil, oregano, lavender, rosemary and thyme belong too. There many species of sage worldwide. It is mainly a Mediterranean herb, and it is used for teas and cooking. It is interesting that this herb meaning of the name from the Latin dictionary, means “to heal”. You can make teas from it, as I mention before and drink it few times a day, especially for menopause women and man with hot flashes. It has been studied to help with Alzheimer and memory, diabetes, liver detox, is an anti-inflammatory herb.

It has been used in the Europe in the past for:

Digestive issues;






Memory problems;

Mouth and throat inflammation;



Excessive sweating (hot flashes);

It is a cleansing of the body and also the air and energy around you. If dried, sage is burned and it has been used for clearing the rooms of low and stagnant energy. It clears the air in a nutshell.

You can see how in the past and still in some Countries, are still used for certain ailments from people, instead of taking medications! This is a preventative herb as well as minor problems above, rather than a medication. In supplementation, can be used for more symptomatic problems. Warning: If you are taking any medication always consult an herbalist or your doctor before taking any sage supplement.

Reference: Lopresti A. L. (2016). Salvia (Sage): A review of its potential cognitive-enhancing and protective effects. Drugs in R&D; volume 17, pages53–64 (2017).

Basil benefit

Basil like sage belong to the same family of Lamiaceae. It is used in the meditarrenan culinary for many dishes, cooked and uncooked. Traditional it has been used as a medicinal herb for various ailments, such as:

  • headaches,
  • coughs,
  • diarrhea,
  • constipation,
  • warts,
  • worms
  • kidney disorders.
  • Respiratory problems

It has been used also as an antimicrobial and antifungal as well as immunomodulator. In Italy basil is used with tomato sauces and on top of the toasted bread with fresh tomato as in the traditional “bruschetta”.

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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). What can this therapy help you with?

NLP for conflicts (internal and external)

Internal conflict can keep you stuck in one place and keep you unable to move in one direction or another. What we do with NLP therapy, is to allow you to make a decision or have the right decision, not matter which one it is, to be made so that you can move forward. This is essential for your growth and mental wellbeing. In my clinic I will work with NLP and craniosacral therapy (if face to face sessions) or distance healing (if online sessions) to keep you moving.

NLP for motivation.

Motivation is essential for you to do what you want to do in life, in my practice, the motivation is for your health.

Eating well and losing weight easily. If you would like to be more motivated in eating well, exercise and keep your body, mind and soul healthy, then NLP and Nutritional Advice on starting your journey into health will be given.

If you would like to stop eating unhealthy food for you, NLP and nutritional advice is the therapy for you.

Stop smoking. If you want to stop smoking in a healthy way, NLP is amazing for you. I usually combine this with a nutritional advice and craniosacral therapy. Each session can be 1 hour or an hour and half. For NLP and Nutritional advice this can be done online as well as face to face.

Getting rid of phobias in one or two sessions with NLP (online or face to face). This is amazing for any type of phobias. Fear of flying, spiders, snails, heights, going in a lift, fear of snakes and more…

Changing old beliefs that no longer serve you anymore with NLP is also easy and keeps you moving in a direction that you want.

Dealing with emotions with NLP and craniosacral therapy. This combination has been used in the past year to get rid of the fears of the pandemic as well as old accumulated emotions from childhood. Sometimes some of the emotions have come been passed on from our ancestors due to past trauma and being imprinted in our memory cells, memories that have been passed on from our grandparents or even parents, if an imprint has been left. Amazing journey within that can have amazing results for your own wellbeing and moving forwards to your own path and directions in life!

Anchoring tools from NLP to anchor positive feelings and emotions to use any time that you have a need for them! This can be done online and or face to face.

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Dealing with Phobias with Neuro-linguistic programming and craniosacral therapy

Fear seems to be one of our innate system that can either save us from danger or in our modern lives, keep us frozen in time. When a certain event that caused a strong fear, from childhood to adults, and that fear is reinforced day by day, then anxiety and phobias starts to arise. How we deal with our fears, it depends on our inner resources. Some people or children, might develop a phobia or anxiety attack in certain situation and others will be absolutely fine. This all depends on the unconscious and the memory that we retain. Quite often the negative fear memory or the event can be distorted and exaggerated by the mind. It depends on the internal support that that child or adult has and the external support. The negative fear loop can be changed in an adult by seeing the events in a different way and in a safe space. For children is reinforcing the safety of the event or possible danger with advice, e.g., if a child is scared of the dark, reassuring that child that is ok and he is safe even in the dark will help them waking up in the middle of the night terrorized if the light is off. This is a small example. In adults’ phobias can be stemming from a single event and reinforced every time that something triggered that memory. With NLP and CST, we work together in changing that memory so that the person feels ok.

For example, one of my clients was terrorized of snake, even if he saw them on a newspaper. We worked with Craniosacral therapy and NLP to reduce that fear, so that he could travel, with cautious but not terrorized of moving or travelling, where possibly snakes would be around. Obviously, he would be careful of not stepping into one, but he could see a film and read magazines, where snakes were presents, without triggering his fight and flight stress response or even a panic attack.

Where and how fear is sensed, which then could become a phobia:

  • Ears – a certain sound can trigger the fear from an event, e.g., if you grew up in a war zone and then moved away, fireworks or a car backfiring would trigger that stress/fear response.
  • Eyes – Seeing anything that would remind you of a certain event would trigger the stress/fear response (mainly the amygdala, a gland in our brain that senses fear and then send the signal to another gland (hypothalamus) for the stress response to be activated.
  • Touch – The sensation of touching something that reminds you of the fear, will lead again to that stress response.
  • Memory/unconscious or conscious: Just thinking of a particular event or similar would lead to the stress response.
  • Sensing/taste/smell: All this sensation will trigger the stress response to the event or similar situation that caused exaggerated fear.
  • Knowing/feel of energy around us: For the most sensitive people, that sense of knowing that something is dangerous will lead to that stress response.

The right amygdala seems to be more connected and activated with fear conditioning, while the left is more connected with the non-conditioning fears. The conditioning fears are the ones that were strengthen by society or growing up and the environmental circumstances, while the non-conditioning one could be related to one event or thought. Phobias are persistent fears of situations, activities, or even avoidance of people or gender. People with this type of fear, will work very hard to avoid it at all cost. In my life I have encountered people who were terrorized of feathers. This type of fear, could lead the person to stay indoors more often as feathers are very difficult to avoid from the birds and pigeons. There are children that are terrorized of dogs, even though they have never had a traumatic event. This could easily be reinforced by the responsible adults who might have had a bad experience with dogs themselves, or other religious reasons. Another example of phobias is taken a lift, or going through a tunnel. This again can be life restricting experience if not dealt with.

Fear conditioning has been studied in numerous species, from snails to humans.

  • In humans, conditioned fear is often measured with verbal report and galvanic skin response (the hair raises up in fear).
  • In other animals, conditioned fear is often measured with freezing (a period of watchful immobility) or fear potentiated startle (the augmentation of the startle reflex by a fearful stimulus).
  • Changes in heart rate breathing and muscle responses, and eventually panic attack, which will lead to phobias.

A number of theorists have argued that conditioned fear coincides substantially with the mechanisms, both functional and neural, of clinical anxiety disorders.

There is a direct relationship between the activation of the amygdala and the level of anxiety the subject feels. Fear responses can include freeze, startles and increase in heart rate and sweating.

People with exaggerated fears or phobias, quite often trigger a stress response, even by anticipating the possible event or conditioned that they are scared about. A person can be into a panic by just thinking that they will go through a tunnel the next day. Another possible scenario is meeting a manager at work that has caused constant stress, hence, the person might physically be ill all the time, when they need to meet the manager one to one or in a group session.

The solution, which is easy and long lasting, that I found works for many people with fears/phobia is Neuro-linguistic programming and craniosacral therapy together.

This might take one or more session to reboot the brain to settle in a more relaxed and balanced way. It depends on the history of the person on how long it will take to get to a balance state of mind.

The phobia might go on the first session, but the way a person deals with any emotional threat might take a bit more.

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Inheritance Trauma – What it is and what you can do?

There are many researches now that mention the possible connection with the trauma from grandparents to the grandchildren. We have many memory cells and since the first human on earth we have learned from experience and passed on that experience via our memory cells. If somebody was eaten by a tiger, or worse, the survivor human who saw it or witness it, would have that memory in them and pass on that trauma to the next generation for them to be aware of the tiger. It could be that the human would stay away from the tiger as an inner instinct that was pass on in our memory cells (all theory as this is very difficult to show in the scientific way).

© Inheritance Trauma

The research and studies done so far have connected trauma from past generation to the new generation, and especially the Holocaust survivors and the grandchildren of the survivor where it seems to be a connection between the “Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (HPA-axis). This means the stress response in certain situation is much higher than any other person that did not have parents with traumatic events.

My small sample of that is that my grandparents suffered more scarcity of food, and my parents growing up had the same. I grew up with my parents making sure that we always had enough food or plenty of food, and still to these days my mum stores more food that they can ever eat. During the pandemic, that was even more essential due to fear of not being able to get to the supermarket for food. So, for my parents, food or lack of, is the biggest enemy.

And in some way, that might have been passed on to me in an unconscious way, hence my choice of becoming a nutritionist and making food also my priority in some way or another.

In many studies, the traumatic events are only imprinted in some way in the cellular memory, when the survivor of the trauma reacted to the trauma with long term stress response and lifestyle changes. With the pandemic for example, everyone has been affected in some way or another, but many people have been affected more strongly according to the way they can cope with stress and life challenging. This seems to be in accordance to how their own parents dealt with stressful situation, unless they learn another way of dealing with traumatic events or have healed whatever trauma they had themselves in the past or their grandparents.

I have seen this ancestral healing many times in the craniosacral sessions and now with the neuro-linguistic programming, where the person is linking the possible trauma with a past ancestral trauma, which comes either from the father or mother side. It is amazing to see once that is healed, how the person life unfolds in a different direction and behavior for future stressful event. In some studies, the transgenerational transmission of trauma (TTT) has been connected to not only the holocaust grandchildren, but from survivors of war trauma, childhood sexual abuse, refugees, torture victims and many other samples. Even though there have been a lot of studies, it is very hard to prove such a thing as a genetic transmission of trauma.

Energetically I can say yes, this is what happens, as I have seen that many times in my own clients for the past 10 years through craniosacral therapy. Scientifically harder to prove. In reality as long as my clients gets better, that is where my loyalties go, rather than having a scientific evidence of it. Even with the placebo effect, if it works, well it works. If the clients feel much better after letting go of a trauma that was not theirs to keep or to hold on to, well it is good to let it go!

In some of the research on the topic, some of the children or grandchildren have nightmares of being chased and tortured like they were living their parents lives during the war. Where do the dreams come from? Considering that in the studies the children did not see any of the war films and I am sure their parents will never put them through that, where do the nightmares come from?

“Epigenetics is defined as the study of heritable changes in gene expression that are not due to changes in the underlying DNA sequence” (Kellermann N.P.F.).

The gene expression changes will be the consequence of environmental stress and major emotional trauma that would leave a mark on the memory cells. Our body will carry this type of memory in all our body cells, this includes eggs in women and sperm in men. This memory is then passed on into the new born chromosomes and hence will be processed as their own trauma. This will lead to a constant reminder of past events, our own or our ancestor’s past.

This type of memory can be passed on from generation to generation, if not solved and let go.

From the start of my craniosacral therapy and healing learning, I have been healing and clearing not only my past childhood trauma, but also my ancestor’s trauma.

I cleared that for my next generation too, energetically, so that the trauma will not be carried on to the next generation. I know that the healing works, as I can see the changes in myself and also subsequently through my next generation

This concept cannot be understood by the logical mind, and hence is impossible to explain it in a sound and scientific way, as I mentioned above. Remember if it works, it works!


  1. Kelermann NPF (2013). Epigenetic transmission of Holocaust trauma: can nightmares be inherited? Isr J Psychiatry Relat Sci.
  2. Ali B Rodgers AB & Bale TL (2015). Germ Cell Origins of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Risk: The Transgenerational Impact of Parental Stress Experience. Biol Psychiatry

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Loss of taste and smell, with or without COVID-19

Olfactory sensory and gustatory both to function well depends on the nerve receptors, the G protein that are found in our mouth and nose and they are both connected to the brain function through neurological connections.

A healthy person has got more than 10.000 taste buds and about 100 million of receptors for the sense of smell.

  • Both the sense of smell and taste are connected to the nerve brain function and in particular to certain cranial nerves. And both need certain nutrients such as sodium and energy production to make up either the smell or the taste that we need.
  • So, lots of vitamins and minerals from our diet, including some sodium or salt.
  • The main sensory tastes are five: sour, sweet, salt, bitter and umami taste, which taste of meat. Any other taste is usually made of the combination of these five primary ones.
  • If we eat a lot of salty foods though, our taste of salty food will be more developed than any other taste and if we eat more of the sweet food than our sweet taste is more. The good news is that if you avoid too much of the salty foods or sweet food, the taste changes within two weeks, and hence you might be craving less of too much salt or too much sweet, this goes for meat or any of the primary tastes.
  • In a healthy person, any food that does not taste good will be avoided, this is part of our survival mechanism. I wonder if with allergies, many people avoid certain foods after they reacted once with them as part of the survival mechanism. This mechanism is the connection with the neurological part of our brain.
  • Usually with NAET method, that brain connection to a certain allergen is rebooted and hence a healthy food or food group can be reintroduced without the brain giving the signal to attack it through the immune system.
  • New olfactory receptors (neuron receptors) are replaced every month, and they are the only mature neurons receptors that would do this in our body. The smell receptors and neurological pathway are connected also to the tear glands, hence when there is a strong odor usually will lead to crying.
  • Did you know that women often have a higher sense of smell than men, especially during ovulation?
  • Did you know that smoking reduces the sense of smell strongly, and in long term smoking will damage the olfactory receptors permanently?
  • Age also reduces the sense of smell, from 65 years old onwards.
  • Did you know that zinc deficiency can lead also to loss of sense of smell and taste?
  • Head injury can reduce or destroy your sense of smell and taste and certain drugs, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer and anti-histamine, steroids, will all reduce the sense of smell.
  • Did you know that emotions are also connected to the sense of taste? Hence it is possible that when we crave certain foods, might be due to the state we are in. Recognizing that state of emotion can also stop craving and eating certain unhealthy foods.
  • Eating sweet foods evoke emotions of pleasure and bitter ones can cause expression of disgust even in newborn babies. It is because of this link that humans and animal learn to avoid certain foods to avoid having an upset digestive system.

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Introduction to Nutritional Therapy video course

Introduction to Nutritional Therapy video course

This is a course for everyone who is curious about nutrition and how our human body function with the nutrients and food that is ingested every day. It is for parents also to understand the dietary requirements for their children to grow at an optimum level. For everyone that is curious to know how our body function so that our immunity is strong when fighting any viruses or bacteria. What happens if you do not have enough of a particular nutrient or food group, and how much each nutrient interacts with another in a synergetic way so that everything functions well.

Our body functions depend on our diet, and what we eat will shape our health!

This is what you are going to learn in this video course (for beginners, all therapists but not nutritional therapist)

Introduction to Nutritional Therapy outline

Lesson 1. Introduction to Nutritional therapy

Lesson 2. Carbohydrate, protein and fats

Lesson 3. Water soluble vitamins

Lesson 4. Fat soluble vitamins

Lesson 5. Macro minerals

Lesson 6. Microminerals

Bonus PDF information on the “Stress response”

To order the links for the videos click on the below button to purchase it. (Please, do not share any of the video with anyone else, as that is a copyright and you can be fined, each link is linked to the person that is buying the course).

Course fee is only £ 16.00

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