Adult constipation, why is important to eliminate every day and more than once if you eat enough fiber?

In the past 14 years I have heard and seen lots of people that for one reason or another they are constipated and do not know or they think it is ok not to go for few days even weeks at the time.
Sometimes they are told from their GP that it is ok and sometimes they are not they just assume that it is normal as it might be that they had problems since childhood. Well here are some of the reasons why that is a possibility. Nutritional wise and physical as an adult and [read more…]

Cranio-Sacral And Nutrition Health


Cranio-sacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form.

In a typical cranio-sacral session, you will usually lie fully-clothed on a treatment couch. The therapist will make contact by placing their hands usually lightly on your body and tuning in. The first thing you will probably notice is a sense of deep relaxation, which will generally last throughout the session. This release of tension often extends into everyday life.

Sometimes the benefits are not immediately noticeable but become obvious on returning to a familiar environment. The work is often deeply moving and exhilarating.

The benefit can also be noticed after few days in some people. The experience is different from each baby, child or adult according to their own need of balance and adjustments.

I use CST by itself or with Nutritional advice and NAET treatments to integrate the entire body mind system at a deeper level. I notice that the body respond much more to the NAET treatments and the person feels more complete and healthier in body and mind, each time by releasing old patterns and old issue stored in the body.

CST has been used for babies as soon as they come into life to help the baby system to settle into a normal rhythm and vitality. Very helpful for mothers as well as it help with rebalance the normal rhythmic motions of their system after their labor that is traumatic or not.

Mothers that have seen me for CS also see a benefit from the therapy when their children are teething. I would put an big advice to all mother to have their own treatments after birth and in time of stress as that helps the children as well. As mothers we are connected very much to our children and vice-versa. Quite often we forget that our emotional and physical health is as important as our children…


My experience of Cranio-sacral therapy and my clients experience of what it does:


  1. It is called cranio-sacral because the of the spinal fluid going from the cranio to the sacral is what makes everything function well and properly. All the nerves and nerve transmition from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain go through there and it is all connected like a tree with branches and roots. What the cranio-sacral therapist does is listening to the rhythm of that fluid and feel if there is any blockage in the body, memory cells of the tissue and the mind as well as the energetic field around that body to see if it is breathing well and properly. If there is a blockage just our training and knowledge will help the mother, baby and adult unblock the blockage and rebalance the system or body function.
  2. Memory cells – my experience with Cranio-sacral therapy was amazing. My labor and my son birth were very traumatic. My son kept having colds and coughs from the time I stopped breastfeeding at 14 months. As I did not want to give antibiotics all the time I sought for  other ways of dealing with that. Homeopathy vitamin C and nutrition helped to get rid of the colds or reduce them when he had them but he still kept having more colds and coughs that he should have had. So I took him to cranio-sacral and it took a while as I took him to the Student clinic but they got rid of his traumatic birth and finally his colds and coughs were reduced to once a year and now not even once a year.He can now fight the colds very easily and usually gets over anything much easier than any other child that I know. My own experience with CS was that even after 7 years since the labor my memory cells body still retained that trauma.I had epidural so I did not feel mentally any pain, but my body did. And all that pain and trauma was still pretty stored in my tissues. Finally I got rid of it with CS and it is amazing the difference it made even to my personal life physically and emotionally.
  3. Some of the children and babies that I treated with CS had some traumatic birth or even not and what some of the issues that reduced were:
  • Colic’s which are very frequent in babies,
  • Frequency of throwing up the milk
  • Sleeping better and more peacefully
  • Stronger connection with mother and babies (the mother needs to be treated as well as the baby for both Reflux and connection with the baby)
  • clinging babies or toddlers

Other problems that have been helped with my treatment of CS are:

  • teething,
  • coughing,
  • frequent colds for the babies,
  • toddlers and children,
  • reduction of allergies,
  • reduced irritation, which have led to a happier and more communicative toddler,
  • Reduction and or elimination of night terror in toddlers and children in general.

Starting life with a great balance system is one of the huge benefit that the baby will have in coping any of the issue that life brings. Babies treated with CS have a more positive and happier attitude in life and feel more confident of their journey.

Tart Cherries: health benefit

Tart Cherry (sour cherry) nutritional value and benefit

Cherry tart has been suggested and used for gout for many years. The reason behind it is the anti-oxidant properties as well as the anti-inflammatory properties of the cherry. Tart Cherry contain a high amount of phenols and anthocyanins and cyanidin (Wang, Kuehl). Gallic acid is a phenol that is found high in cherries and in many studies gallic acid is an antioxidant protective of the kidney and the uric acid cycle in particular which is one of the reason it helps the gout. [read more…]

Communications what it means to me

The past few years I have been trying to understand what communication means to various people and to me in particular. What if found path that I took either with friends, or past relationship or people in general including people who you had thought could communicate better their idea. I found that culture, upbringing and the state of mind of the person all contribute to what a person wants to communicate or understand of the communication between them and others. I read many books on communication or mis-communication and interpretation of facts and events. Reading books from Louise Hay, the Barefoot doctor to Marshall Rosenberg and many others, [read more…]

Kiwi fruits nutritional value

Nutritional value of a kiwi:

Kiwi fruit is originated in China and was called (and still is there) Chinese Gooseberry. It was then imported to New Zeland where was named kiwi fruits. It is part of the Actinidia family (woody wine plants).

In the past 30 years as the kiwi fruit has been introduced to Europe and the rest of the world there has been an increase in allergy to the fruit. The allergy can be from a mild rash to anyphylatic shock which is more severe and needs immediate medical attention. Some people are allergic to the tree pollen and later develop an allergy to the fruit itself. For this reason it is suggestible not to introduce kiwi fruits before a year old in children that are prone to allergies or have parents that have any form of allergies, including peanuts, celery, tree nuts and seafood’s.

Who ever is not allergic or intolerant to the fruit though, should enjoy the fruit as much as they can as the nutritional value of the fruit is very high. [read more…]

Choices that we make in our lives

This is another knowledge that I have acquired since embracing a bit of Spirituality and working with cranio-sacral therapy, either receiving it or giving the treatment is  the importance and meaning of choices that we make in our life. Some choices are made for us and others we consciously make. Some are made because of fear of repercussion from our society and family and others because we are scared to make a mistake and we do not want to risk to be wrong or right sometimes. I found from my own [read more…]

Follow your heart

Since I started cranio-sacral therapy I have been told to feel from the heart when you work and opening the heart. I have been not understood that much until 2 years ago when I kept reading about spiritual books of all sorts and got my self a bit into healing for myself and now naturally using for my client. I was thinking about children and babies of now. Our generation and our parents were pretty much survivors of wars and therefore the priority was to teach the kids a survivor skills rather than teaching them to follow their heart in what they wanted to do for life. Some countries are still in that survivor mode and the teaching is still the same. Some have tried to mix with the modern now days world and are clashing because of that. [read more…]

Painful legs (cellulitis)

I found out with one of my very intuitive client that her painful legs, which in the past have been diagnosed as cellulitis where caused by eating wheat and gluten. She avoided eating wheat for a while and it was better but when she started reintroducing it they were painful again. By taking the wheat out the detox caused a bit more pain for few days but then she will be better. I treated her in the past with NAET but I think sometimes you need to treat the wheat and stay away from it as much as possible still, it is just so that the accumulation of wheat would not cause the inflammation in her thighs. Maybe it is the unbroken wheat which it is not broken down by the lack of the enzyme rather than an allergy itself. With the lack of enzymes there is much that you can do unless you add the enzyme to digest the wheat. Wheat has got two proteins that can cause the same damage, gluten and gliadin. Quite a lot of people are allergic to gliadin rather than the gluten itself. We would not have had made that connection if it wasn’t for my client being so intuitive in one of our Cranio-Sacral Sessions. I thank her for being so open to any possibility and for the help that we get during our sessions always…

Here is also what is the medical term for cellulitis, my client did not have a broken skin but inside deep into the skin is where [read more…]

MSG reaction again

Monosodium glutamate (MSG again)

Well after 3 years of being fine, again I went to meet my friends for a Chinese Christmas party. The last two years were great and fine.  This year again the MSG in the Chinese Restaurant was too much and in order to detoxifying it I had to take all the possible supplements to support my phase two liver detox and intestinal tract and drink plenty of water. That was not enough though as I had to treat myself for my migraines with cranio-sacral therapy in order to balance my body and feel less like a pendulum swinging from one side to another. It did work and I was fine. But it took me about a week to get rid of the MSG and feel myself again. I started having a knee ache that week as well, which it means the toxins were so much that my liver was not quick enough to eliminate. Well that is only MSG but it can be with any extra toxins during Christmas time, which can lead to headaches and feeling foggy brain and low in energy. In fact some of these symptoms can also be cause by sensitivities to food or drinks or any allergen. It really depends a lot on how your intestinal tract is and how fast the liver can detoxifying…

Cranio-sacral therapy and old patterns, traumas and new baby patterns

Craino-Sacral and Somato emotional release (it means releasing emotional trauma from the physical tissue) 

I now understand what John Upledger, in his book “Somato Emotional Release”, meant in memories from childhood, staying in your tissue and being stored in the cells that will affect the person in his/her choices in life unknown to them.

We all grow up, mostly with parents that had been told that as a parent you have absolutely every control over our children that they do not know anything and when we say so it is so! Quite a lot of us have grown up with that parenting, some less than others and some more than others. Our parents have no fault of their own, they were mostly on the survival mode and therefore no time to argue with kids of what is the best for them.

Their own upbringing and social environment meant that dealing with anything was pretty hard and in order to deal with what they needed to deal they had all the control of what was good or bad for the children, with no saying at all from us as children. This does not mean that is our parents fault for everything and blame everything on them, even though for some can be a choice and luckly now we have that choice and understanding. Here is the link to what effects that early life would make on the future kids, from birth to two years old it is the most important time for their neurons to form on the most positive way of seeing themselves and others and their experience in life: click here to read about that. Even during pregnancy the fetus start hearing the mother and father voices and would recognize a book that you would read over and over again after their birth, as well as any of the song that you would sing or listen too. By the time of 26 weeks they can hear all that, but even before that they can feel your hands or the father hands or anybody else who loves them!

[read more…]