Integration of the self. Strengthening your intuition as Craniosacral Therapist. Expanding your mind.

Clinical practice workshops. Strengthening your own intuition as CST. Integrating the whole system and connecting to your higher self, while connecting to Higher Sources of the Universe.

Minimum of two therapists and a max of 4. week day 9.30 am till 4.30pm. Venue N15 6HA. Day can be agreed between the first two therapists booked and paid. (6 hours of primary CPD). £ 85.00. 

CST clinical practice for integration of the body mind and soul. Working with your higher self and connection to the Angels and their colours.

You can book separately or together.

This is for post graduate only and for therapists who wants to explore the deeper connection with their higher self and soul and working with Higher Being.

The choice of work depends on the therapists and their own Higher selves and ready gift. This can be used with clients who also are very gifted, to support their journey and helping them to reach their full potential, or the therapists to grow in their intuition and healing skills that is appropriate for CST work.

Each therapist will have a full session of dealing with their own issues and healing them of any restriction that they have.

We work on integrating the soul, which can reveal your full potential as a craniosacral therapist and therapist in general.

The workshop will be lead my me and during the sessions I will put my input and my experience in working at the highest level, with the physical, mind and soul all involved.

This is run only with a minimum of two or 3 therapist and the workshops needs to be booked at least 3 weeks in advanced and paid in full when booked.

Week day, Excluded are weekends and bank holidays and Wednesdays.

This is an invaluable opportunity for any CST therapist who would like to discover more of what they are able to do if asking for the right help.

It will run from my home N15 6HA London full address will be given at the booking.

Booking in advance only via bank transfer, check paid 3 weeks in advance. The cost for the day is 85.00 each.

Payment via bank transfer: Maria Esposito TSB  code 308472 account 24603860 or cheque (email Maria Esposito if want to make the payment in this way).

Beyond Science book: This is a true story about craniosacral treatments sessions which went beyond the scientific method of the physical, mental and emotional work, while having a powerful healing outcome. Worth reading to see what potential you have as a craniosacral therapist or any other type of therapist.

Click here to get it from Zeus Publications (including e-book)

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Coffee withdraw and over eating detox- What can you do?

Have you had too much food or drink during the holidays? or any party time? What can you do to detoxifying yourself from all that. Well the next suggestion are very good for most every toxin and over eating that you had during the holidays, including too much salt. Reduce or avoid salt completely with your food, add spicy or herbs to your food instead.
Well now is the time to detox with healthy eating and drinking.

What do you need to do to achieve that?

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables up to 10 a day of the combination, raw or cooked.
  • Eat healthy proteins, such as fish, beans and lentils and meat. If you are vegetarian or vegan just have the healthy option such as lentils, beans and tofu for the protein portions.
  • Eat healthy essential oils such as oily fish (mackerel, salmon, trout, sardines) and vegan source such as hemp, linseed oil, nuts and seeds, avocado, etc.
  • Drink up to 2 liters of pure still water as that will clear your toxins away throughout the day.
  • Make sure that you eliminate solid waste every day. if not eat more vegetables such as artichokes, green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • If yo get a headache from the detox, such as I do when I detox coffee, then have the following supplements, such as magnesium powder, milk thistle and or reduced glutathione to eliminate the toxins quicker. Make sure that you are not taking any life saving medication before taking the above supplements as the medication might have less effect.
  • Start walking every day for at least 30 minutes a day, possibly through parks or places with nature around, or use the gym a bit more, swimming, Pilates, and other classes to get you back to health.

Most of all enjoy being healthy, let go of negative thoughts about life and your present and future time and go with the flow. Start healing from the inside out and you will be amazed at the changes that you will experience in your own surrounding life!

(c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapists – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

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Global New Year resolution. How can you change your life in a more positive way?

Global New Year resolution

What is your new year resolution, what do you need to do to finally make it where you want to get? After 26 years of being a therapist and heal people either through nutrition, and craniosacral therapy and teaching now, I got to the conclusion that our biggest blockage in life is our Fears and limitations.

So, for the New Year resolution, let go of the old fears and limitations, from your own parents and your own fears and limitation. Open your heart to love for yourself and others and let go of worries about materialistic way. This year just feel the love for yourself and others keeping that in mind for the entire next year. Let of your fears about life in general and live life in full.

Most of all communicate to your children the love for them and for yourself and see what miracles can come from it. Communicate to yourself the love for life and what it brings you, transmute every single negative experience into a beautiful loving experience in your life. There is always a lesson to be learned from every experience that you have, so see everything that happened to you in the past as such and make the conscious and unconscious effort to let go of the things that you no longer need from your past and transmute it into new beginning and new patterns that are positive for you and every body around you. Live your life in the Light and you will see Light coming into your life!

Have a brilliant and fulfilling Christmas and Holiday seasons and a New Happy New Year with the biggest resolution that you ever made!

Red Oranges © Maria Esposito


My book link: Clinical Experience of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – buy it on amazon through this link for kindle and through this link for paper back copy. How our brain communicate with the intestinal tract and vice-versa. This is a change of life present for somebody that has Irritable Bowel Syndrome!


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Here are some of the blogs that are still valid this year as usual to remind yourself that your health is essential to your life and the life of who you care most!

Parents and children communication click here to read more

Vitamin D in the winter as you do not get any from November till April in England click here to read about it

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Mirror of every thoughts that you have inside every cell of your body, reflecting out into your surrounding life, which is reflected back at you! What are you reflecting back at yourself, anger? Love? Peace? Success? Fear? Joy? Fun? Shame? Guilt? What are your thoughts? click here to read more    

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(c) copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – Craniosacral Therapist

Our life is mirrored back at us. How can we change things that do not work anymore?

What do you want from your life? who do you want to be? what do you want to achieve?

Have you ever thought of that? 

Do you want to have good positive outcome from your life? or do you want the negative one to keep ruining your own plan?

After 6 years of doing craniosacral therapy and after 26 years of being a therapist and healing people, and now after doing more spiritual healing for myself and my client, I got to the conclusion that what we think is pretty much reflected into every single cells of our body. Every emotions, experience bad or good, is either stored into every cells of our body and stay with us, unless we consciously and unconsciously let it go, or transmute themselves into positive permanent changes into our life.

Scientifically every single cell in our body changes completely every year. So every year we shed our old cells and make new cells. Now it is up to us to let go the old negative thoughts, experiences, fears and everything that does not work in our life with the old cells, or keep storing old things into the cells and keep having the same life reflection looking back at us.

If we let go of the old bad experiences that no longer serves us, that are not even ours (they might be fears and experiences from our parents) and that we do not longer want or need, and create space into our memory cells for good positive things into our life, including transmuting every negative thoughts that we have about ourselves and our lives, our negative emotions such as anger, guilt, shame and most of all fears, into the beautiful emotions and thoughts such as joy, success, happyness, love and respect, every single cell in our body will reflect that, and those beautiful thoughts and emotions will reflect back at us from our surrounding life!

So try that, try it now, let go consciously and unconsciously of every single negative thoughts and emotions in your life and fill it in with new positive one and see what happens! keep doing that till every single cell in your body god the new message, it might take a year or many more to transmute completely with your fears and ego trying to stop you on the way or even some of your friends and family trying to stop it, but as a bird flying against wind and bad weather, keep going till you reach your real fulfilling life path!

(c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – Craniosacral Therapist

How you can prevent Dementia and Alzheimer with nutrition and craniosacral therapy

What can you do to prevent Alzheimer and dementia with healthy lifestyle and dietary intervention from a young age?

 Dementia is caused by a progressive and irreversible degeneration and cell death of the cerebral cortex and results in mental deterioration. Dementia lead to a gradual memory impairment and loss, especially in short term, intellect and reasoning, emotional ups and downs and personality change in some cases. There are few times of dementia, one is Alzheimer.

 Alzheimer is a pre-senile dementia and it is a very common condition in the elderly. There is no known reason for it, but there is a possible genetic predisposition, female seems to be affected more than man, and usually occurs over 60 years of age. In this condition there is a progressive atrophy of the cerebral cortex followed by deteriorating mental function.

Secondary Dementia is associated with a cumulative several small cerebral infarcts, which leads to a gradual increase impairment of mental function.

Also, brain infections and HIV can lead secondary dementia.

All the above can be also caused by a trauma to the head or a strong emotional trauma.

What can you do to prevent the above conditions, within your own power and limit?

In some studies, the following vitamins and nutrients have shown a reduction of the progression of dementia:

  • All the vitamin Bs. If you know that you have dementia in your family, or yourself start suffering from short memory loss. Maybe you can start taking some really good multi-nutrients as well as the supplement below.
  • Taking antioxidants such as vitamin C, E helps with reduction of inflammation and damage of the oxidation. This is especially if you have a lot of stress in your life or you never stop to rest and breathe well, including not sleeping well.
  • Omega 3 oils with high DHA. I would also add coenzymeQ10 for the health of the cell and vitamin A as an antioxidant and co factor for the enzyme that deals with the good and bad fats.

As a prevention if you had a head trauma at any age or accident is good to sort it out with a craniosacral therapy so that it frees any blockage to the accidental part and the flow of fluids around the head and body.

Doing sudoku or any other brain activity from the age of 55 and over also keeps your brain active and moving.

However, I would start from a very young age for a full prevention of dementia. Starting right now where ever you are and if you are a parent feeding oily fish or good essential oils vegetarian or not is also essential for the prevention of inflammation and possibly dementia in the older age. There was a big connection in the early studies of Alzheimer and dementia with using aluminium pans and foil due to the aluminium entering the brain barrier and causing some damage there.

As I mention above there is a connection with genetic as well, however, even if you have the gene that could lead to dementia of any kind, you can always prevent triggering that gene by leading a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritionally well.

Reduction of alcohol, which depletes all the vitamins B, or any substance abuse, that includes reduction of caffeine, sugar and fizzy drinks. Eating lots of green vegetables and colourful fruits and vegetables every day also helps the brain to stay healthy. Reduction of stress in your life, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water and have a break in the countryside, seaside or even the beautiful parks in London, might help get more oxygen and relax you from the everyday life.

(c) copyright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapist – NAET – Craniosacral therapist


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Opening and closing chakras meditation – Free to download

You can download to your pc or phone or music device the following opening up and closing down the chakras meditation free of charge. Just remember to always close down your chakras when you open them up before going to a public place or to sleep.

maria esposito opening up meditation

maria esposito closing down meditation

You can give me your feedback by email me and let me know how you find it!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

Craniosacral therapy: Parents and children communication

The more I work with craniosacral therapy the more I feel that I want to know what it can possible do. I am always surprised what comes out from the sessions, from babies to adults. Things that I would not expect in a particular person or child.

Sometimes I feel the anger in a child, which feels too big for a little person. My thought on that is that it is probably too big for the little person and therefore they might act out or rebel against it by having a tantrum or wanted to run all the time till they are tired.

Children are a sponge not only for things that they need to learn, but also for energetic feelings that adults and other children, who they come into contact with, have. If a parent has a long day and he is very angry with the boss or people around him and does not let it go before going home, some very sensitive children might pick up that anger and act out upon it to show their parents that they are still angry! Which makes the parent even more frustrated or angry as they just want to relax and have fun with their child. The parent then punishes the child for being naughty and to get some peace and quiet.

The poor child gets the punishment in some way or another for something that he does not understand and he/she is only trying to help the parent see how they themselves feel. If you are child is acting out just sit back on it and see how you feel, do you feel like your child? Do you want to scream and stump your feet? But you cannot because you are an adult? Do you feel like crying because of the hard day that you had or any other problem in your life right now? If so, why don’t try to copy what your child does to see if you feel better and then let it go.

What can you do to avoid this cycle, well, if your child is angry, you can try with your child to let go of that anger by both of you punching a pillow, with the intention of that anger to go and transmute into positive things.

As a parent you can also have a 10 minute of quiet time for yourself to let go of everything that you picked up from work that you do not need it anymore, as you are at your family home.

If your child is having a tantrum, maybe you or your child just need a hug, so just do that and then play together. Give your child some attention before you answer a call from any of your friends or family. Spend some quality time with them. Sometimes when we play with our children or we give attention to them, we heal our own inner child and we start feeling better and want to play with our children more.

Your children are little part of you, so treat them with respect that you would want for yourself!

Low blood pressure what causes it?

High blood pressure is usually the most talked about as it is the most dangerous one for brain damage and other physical body damage.

But not many people talk about low blood pressure, which can be as damaging or dangerous as the high blood pressure.

In the past week there has been one of the most famous people fainting and hitting his head because of low blood pressure and it made me think about my own story 30 years ago about my low blood pressure, which led me to cut my finger while cutting bread and faint. [read more…]

Fearless craniosacral therapist workshop 19.11.2017

Fearless Craniosacral Therapists!

©) poster copywright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

©) poster copywright Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)

Next one is  on the 19th of November 2017 in North London N15 6HA (full address given to attendee only)  (Lead by Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) – RCST) This workshop has got a limited space of 4 people (2 places left) 10am till 5pm. 

Fear is our enemy if we let it scare us or freeze us. It is our friend if we acknowledge it, deal with it, however we do not let it stop us from moving forward towards our positive goals, individually and globally. Remember that in one of my past posts, I said that we create our own fear. Some will be imposed and pressed on us as well. Do not give in to fear, as that would freeze us and stop us from living our lives!

Get to know yourself, so that you can heal yourself as well as heal others!

We all have fears, conscious or unconscious ones. Fears that might be ours or passed on from our parents or people around us.

The conscious fears are very easy to spot, however, if the fear is unconscious, you cannot know what is stopping you, and how to get rid of it, as if you are not aware of it and recognize it, you cannot let it go. This workshop is a combination of scientific and non scientific approaches to recognize that unconscious fear, so that you can let it go and move on to what you are capable of; professionally and personally. For this workshop you need to be ready to go deep enough and feel uncomfortable enough to let it shake your way of thinking and change old patterns that do not serve you anymore.

The workshop is a 4D practical and theoretical workshop with unique approaches on dealing with your own fears.  This can be passed on to your client as well. 

  • Practical  and theoretical workshop .
  • In this workshop we will look at the physical, emotional and mental impact of fears, stress and how they reflect your personal and professional life.
  • How your fears can lead you to getting stuck and stopping you from moving forward.
  • Connection between physical, chemical body, mind, emotional and auric fields.
  • How can we empower ourselves and others to let go of our fears and reduce stress.
  • In the practical, you work on one of your unconscious fear that has stopped you for reaching one of your goals. This is an approach that can be used with any goals.
  • Plus practical on feeling your fears and dealing with them in a unique 4D approach to make you a “FEARLESS” therapist to reach your goals and to help your client reach their goals!
  • Practical on knowing what goal is best for you, understanding a way of achieving it.

[read more…]

Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) and allergies!

What is SIBO?

SIBO is considered as bacterial overgrowth that are normally found in the colon, to be growing in the upper part of the small intestine. There are two ways of confirming this, one is by aspiration of small bowel fluids, followed by a culture and bacterial count, which is very invasive as a test, or in a simple and cheaper way, via hydrogen breath test, which measure the methane gas produced by bacteria overgrowth, and gives some indication of possible carbohydrate and protein maldigestion (Razaie).

Symptoms caused by SIBO are bloating, excess gas and abdominal distention, diarrhoea and or constipation. These symptoms are also caused by irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies. Also from my clinical experience yeast overgrowth in the lower part of the intestinal tract can cause pain as well as gas, diarrhoea when you eat sugar or drink sugary foods or fermented food. In some studies, children and adults with low stomach acid, have been find to have high SIBO conditions. Especially if they were malnourished or not eating enough food and vice-versa (Sarker). Some people also have fructose maldigestion problems, where they do not fully digest fructose either from fruits or juice. In this case the undigested fructose is fermented by the colonic bacteria and cause also IBS and SIBO like symptoms.


What is the connection between SIBO and allergies?

Now with SIBO and IBS symtpoms I found that either the person/child is intolerant to a certain food group, which it means they do not digest their food well, or/and are allergic to certain foods, which leads them to have a constant small intestinal tract inflammation, which eventually leads to the so called leaky gut syndrome, where undigested big molecule enters the blood stream causing the immune system to attack it as it is not considered part of the nutrients in the body.

What can you do about it?

The conventional way of treating SIBO is with a course of antibiotics that kills the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (Gatta). The drawback of this is that it also kills the good bacteria, which it takes ages to build up, which it means that after the person takes the antibiotics there is a possibility of [read more…]