Free recorded webinars for Craniosacral Therapists

Taken from NLP tool kit, useful for everybody and easy to teach your clients
·                   1st Video link: Grounding tips for CST 
·                    2nd video link: circle of excellence  
·                   3rd video link: Midline energy centers (chakras) for csts 

Dealing with inappropriate negative emotions – with timeline technique.

This will be to preview and use as for yourself and for a gift this time of technique on your client as well. This deals with negative emotions that are stuck and grown from your childhood or your client childhood. This is a unique technique that gives the person freedom to move forward and let go of the heavy weight of carry that old emotion. For any human being carrying an old emotion from childhood can be like carrying a big cart full of stones. It might stop them from moving forward or being themselves. If you want the chance to learn this technique, for now it is free and is a gift for yourself as a therapist.

Timeline technique for craniosacral therapists

– demonstration for time line technique click here

Webinar Videos

1st video sound might be low. 16.5.20 – click here– anger first

2nd video on 16.5.20  dealing with sadness click here

 3rd Video 23.5.20 – dealing with sadness emotion click here

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Free recorded webinars for craniosacral therapist

Taken from NLP tool kit, useful for everybody and easy to teach your clients
·                   1st Video link: Grounding tips for CST 
·                    2nd video link: circle of excellence  
·                   3rd video link: Midline energy centers (chakras) for csts 

Grounding tips, Circle of Excellence and Anchoring tips to cope in these times of uncertainty and move forward!

Here are some videos that you can watch to empower yourself in these time of changing and uncertainty to move forward in your life or to cope positively! Enjoy them!

Anchoring video for joy health and humour click here to see the video

Grounding for public click here

Circle of excellence video click here

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Healthy and positive news. Circle of excellence and more

If you are suffering of hay fever right now, here are the natural anti-histamine:

  • If you have some Vaseline just spread it a bit into your nostrils so that the pollen stops getting into your nose and make you sneeze, you can do that few times a day.

The following supplements reduce the histamine reaction. It works really well and within about 20 minutes of taking them.

  • Vitamin C from 500 mg to 2000 mg a day in the worse time a day
  • Vitamin E 200 iu to 4oo iu a day
  • Quercetin follow the dosage suggested on the bottle
  • Oily fish up to 1000 mg a day (mixed EPA and DHA) a day
  • Vitamin D 2.500 iu per day to boost your immune system and bone density.

Circle of excellence to boost your calmness, confidence, pride, unconditional love and more click here to watch video

Watch my video of grounding tips and more click here

For family with young children or anyone there are some good ideas to mark a positive thing. Pebbles painting and leaving them in the park to raise the frequency of children and adult alike. You can pick up the pebbles with gloves to connect to other children who made the pebbles. You can write your initial or have lots of rainbow colours or smiley faces, here are some sample from one of my little friends:

rainbow lights from a 4 years old
looks like a ladybug
real butterfly in April 2020 In London wooberry

And thank you to the veteran who has challenged himself at 99 years old, how amazing that is. Many people see how much money he has raised;

I see someone who was born during the 1st WW, was in the 2nd WW and survived the worse time, the best times, the low time and the highest time of his life, and managed with his determination to survive many diseases and health problems as well keeping his mental state, and even manage to do something amazing before his 100th birthday, he thought about somebody else! Does he need anything at this time, probably nothing as he does not care anymore, he is going when he decide to go in style and he is going to be remembered for ever. He saw the worse of people during the war and he is seeing the best of people in this war against the stinky virus, well done Tom Moore! I am sure you are going to be near the best always and for ever.

  • Click here to read about natural anti-histamine remedies.

Well few more weeks and things will start moving forward for most people. The world has changed and moved forward though so be prepared for the next few weeks of what you are able and capable to do to move with it.

If you had the time to rethink of what job you can do, see and feel and know what you would like to do. If not choose any job and then write down what you would really like to do.

In May, I was going to run the mother and baby workshop for craniosacral therapist, and this year has been rescheduled for July 12 and 19th 2020 click here to read more if you are interested in receiving a free treatment during the workshops.

The reason I chose May is that May is the month of Mother Mary and as mother of Master Jesus represent the mother of all for everyone, including healing any mother wound as an adult. In my teenager years I used to walk a mile with some of my friends to go and pray, every evening, to a little statue of mother Mary. We would sit down in this little sanctuary in the open and pray.

Now I could say that I was very spiritual, and that would be a bit of a lie. The reason we girls and boys of 13-15 of age, would walk a mile there and back, was because of talking to guys. That was the only way we could meet and talk at my time. So, 1 mile there, 1 mile back and 1 hour of praying to mother Mary. Well we had to have fun somewhere too.

Andalucía mother Mary

Now Mother Mary has come to one of our sessions with Rose few months before Rose moved back to her country.

The statue was from the Andalucía statue of mother Mary. Mother Mary must have had a very good heart and golden heart. All babies are a bundle of pure unconditional love, and if you have one or your work with babies, you can connect to that infinite love and know what is going on with them, as they tell you their story.
I can only imagine what Master Jesus as a baby must have been. Pure Light and infinite love, I am sure anybody around him would have felt that love and felt the blessing into their life for that.

The flower that I connect to mother Mary is the Rose; mainly because May is the time when Roses grow, and the colour that I would associate with mother Mary is celestial light blue.

Even if you are not religious, you can give some thoughts to mother Mary for this month as she is considered the mother of all mothers and as I mentioned above she represents mother wound healing. I am sure quite a lot of us for some reason or another need that.

I had a dream on the 20th of April that many people were starting to go down to their inner child emotions.

One dream before the following dream, I was somewhere in the sunshine with one of my old friends from Italy and I saw lots of broken walls, there were lots of free spaces. Things were ok, even though my friend was worried, things were going to be ok.

Some were sad and missing their parents, they did not want to show their emotions as they would feel vulnerable and hence in their mind weak. So, they went into their childhood behaviour and avoided even talking to their parents.

Some went into their anger; they were upset and annoyed that they were still working and had not time for themselves. They wanted things to go back to where it was before.

Some were still blaming other human beings from what happens and hence being angry at other human being that were different from them. Just a reminder for everyone that we are all one and as one we can fight anything that comes our way.

Others were hungry and hence eating more than they need to eat, like a child that express their emotions through either eating or not eating, as that is in their control.

Some were still running away and not wanted to stop.”

It felt that the human spirit was a bit down, as humans, we want to be with other humans and want to share things and laugh and play and meet each other in person. It is natural and normal to feel all the above emotions right now. As long as you remember to respect yourself and others in dealing with your own emotions, then it is ok to accept the anger, sadness, fear, pain, jealousy and envy, as long as you also let them go as they do not serve you any longer and as long as you can find the positive of them and then let them go.

With sadness, if you have a close reason for still being sad, do go through that till you can actually say goodbye to the loved ones.

During our sessions in the past 10 years with Rose, some of the Lights told us some real-life metaphors, to help Rose and myself to get through some tough times and motivate Rose in finishing her PhD.

If you want to read more of this click here

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Arthritis – what natural tips might help with the pain.

Arthritis what can you do without
the immune suppressant medication (including the Non-Steroidal
anti-inflammatory, which are immune suppressant).

Beautiful sunshine

Food to avoid to reduce possible
inflammation if your body over react to them, it can be more just test yourself
in avoiding certain foods one at the time for few days and then re-introduce
them and see your reaction for few days after. Usually the pain from arthritis
gets worse for few days after you eat the particular food. Try one at the time,
instead of eliminating everything as that is harder at these times.

As it is a wonderful weather my decision
was to clear the garden from the Ivy which is worse than a weed if you have it.
I had some help with that and I still got my right shoulder and right hand to swollen
up with pain, especially at night. I got 3 of my fingers numb and I got woken
up by it. I always have some arnica pill and cream in the house, so I used a
lot of the cream on my hands and shoulders and I took 30 cc of arnica for a
couple of days. And the pain and swelling went down in a day. I am still
working with the shoulder.

So if you would have been told by
the NHS that you need to come off your arthritis medication as it suppresses
your immune system and you are in pain, or you know somebody that is in pain,
as they have been told to get off the medication, see if they can try the
arnica cream and pill, if they can get it.

My grandfather, who passed away
30 years ago about, had arthritis most of his life, as he worked really hard in
his young age, till he retired. At that time, there was no medication that was
given for it, and my grandfather could not afford it anyway as the NHS did not
exists yet then. I remember when I was growing up, my grandfather washing his
hands every day, probably few times a day, with warm water and lemon to have
some pain relief. It must have worked, as I never heard him complain about it.
So maybe that is another tip to try and see if it works.

Other possible food that can be a
problem, are: tomatoes, cow’s milk and cheese, aburgine, strawberries, kiwi, potatoes
and gluten food.

You can substitute these foods
with gluten free foods, or just have brown rice, quinoa or corn food, sweet
potatoes, or other vegetables right now. Choose simple foods, reduce sugary
foods, and try any food that you eat quite often to change it a bit, to see if
you can reduce things down.

Tumeric with honey might help
reduce the inflammation (make sure that you are not taking any other medication
that such as warfarin or aspirin as they can cause some problems with them).

Some other herbs that you can have
a tea with are nettle teas, oregano tea, rosemary tea and ginger tea. Fresh if
you can find them, right now, nettle is all over the place. Again, just be
careful with that.

Vitamin C also helps with reducing
the histamine reaction and hence reduce pain.

Hot and cold compresses, starting
with hot and finishing with cold. If the part is hot where the pain is, just
use cold compressing only.

Look at website where other
things can be used, such as homeopathic websites and herbal websites. Bionutri
sells herbal teas that can be taken easily.

Biocare for zinc and vitamin C
powder to help boost the immune system.

Drink plenty of water to flash
away the toxins more easily

Watch things that are funny and
makes you laugh. This will lift the spirit up and reduce the pain.

To help with breathing have some
sea salt baths or Epson salt or Himalayan salt. Also you can make a cone out of
paper and use coarse sea salt or Epson salt or coarse Himalayan salt in the
cone and shake it before breathing in the sea-salt air. This helps with
clearing the airway. Sea air is very beneficial for the breathing lungs.

If you would like to get some grounding exercise tips for the younger generation, to cope with the insecurity of these times click here

If you want to be more spiritual aware and learning new things to know about a message that I wrote in 2018. “We are all one and as one we are going to win the battle of this times”. Click here by Ariami Marpisa

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Grounding tips to be present at all times at this time and stop loosing your wallet and bank cards

In the past two days, while walking my dog, I have found two bank cards. One was in the grass and another with money in it, the entire wallet. This remind me when I was very ungrounded and kept loosing things from my own hand or my own neck as glasses being on the back of my head and looking for them the entire day. This is being too much on your head, instead of your body. This is when you lose the bigger view of what you can do for yourself in this time of worry. This is when it is harder to find a solution to the problem that we are all facing. This is when we watch so much news that there seems to be no way out.

Lets start with taking some breathing cycles from your belly. Tell you brain that at this moment in time, all is good, you are in a safe place, inside your home if you have one and you have plenty of foods and water. Your children are safe if you have some and at this moment in time all is good. Now start noticing where your feet are, can you feel them? how do they feel? Are your legs shaking? what can you do to stop them shaking? If they are shaking it means your stress/fear response is on and therefore lots of adrenaline is going throughout your body for you to start running. If you cannot run, usually people starts to feel angry and scared, therefore they shout at the most innocent person in the house and then most of us feels guilty in doing so.

Back to feeling your legs. Press your feet on the floor, feel the contact of the floor, is it cold, hot or neutral. Then start feeling with your hands your feet, massage them in the middle of the soles, both of them, one at the time. Press your fingers in the middle of it and feel them relaxing. If you could not reach your feet have a bowl of warm water and put your feet in them.

Otherwise you can start feeling with your hands your hips, your back, your arms your hands. Press in the middle of the hands to feel your hands more. Rub them together till they feel warm and soft. (well wash your hands right now as the stinky virus get it out). Add a lavender essential oil on your hands and smell it. Awaken your sense of touch, hear and see.

Once you feel more present in the moment time, take another couple of breathes starting from breathing in and belly goes out, and breathing out belly goes in. You can even count till 4 or 6 when your are breathing in and count up to 6 when breathing out.

Now put your hand on your heart and feel it beating, is it still beating fast? or is it beating much slower than before. How are you feeling at this moment?

Can you anchor this way of being on one of your knuckles, do this few times on the same finger and when you feeling your heart beating a bit faster and your legs shaking touch the same finger to retreat the same state of mind. In order to increase your state of present and calmness and maybe a bit of joy in this time that we are all going through, think of a time where you were on holiday, or a time where you were most happy and present in the moment and when you are in that state at the highest peak, anchor that moment on the same knuckles. Repeat it few times so that when you are in need of that state of mind, you can touch your knuckle and the brain will get into the state of present mind and calmness so that you can deal with the possible solution that comes to you.

Keep breathing, keep grounding, keep your state of mind as you want it to be at this time and age. The above is NLP.

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) copyright – R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral therapist and NLP Practitioner

In this time of uncertainty keep your mind, body and spirit healthy

In this time of uncertainty, many
of you are already doing this and that is great for the ones that are not yet
there a message of wisdom:

If you feel overwhelmed by all
this get yourself into a state of calm or total control by:

– Going from overwhelmed to busy

– From Busy to organized

– From Organized to totally in control of what you can control in your life at this moment.

Once you are at the state of
total control, anchor that state of one of your knuckles.

If it is hard to get to that
state think of a time when you were in total control, place yourself into that
moment in time, and feel what you feel, hear what you hear and see what you see.
Anchor that time few times. Then come back to the present time and fire your
anchors when you want to be in a state of total control. (if it does not work,
repeat the same things with stronger feelings when you are in a state of total
control, positive feelings). This is Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

You can do the above with any
other positive and healthy and appropriate feelings that you want to be in at
this time. Example: state of calm instead of state of fear.

If you are the ones that is
procrastinating a lot in this time and you would like to feel motivated do the
same thing as above in this order:

– From this state of procrastination if you want to get to motivations

Here are past healthy tips to
keep you healthy at this time with food and liver detox. Please do not go on
water fast at this time unless you are very healthy and have a liver support
supplement with you. Your body might go into a detox and in need of a lot of
nutrients to detoxifying the toxins. Do the detox with a healthy food, eating
vegetables, fruits and healthy protein food, with beans and lentils if you are
vegetarian or vegan. You want to be healthy at this time and avoid causing a
detox crises or a healing crises. Thank you

If you have a high fever, use cool compresses or use a small towel. Also an old remedy is use the small towel with vinegar on it to be put on the elbow, knees and beyond the neck. This can be used with children fever too to lower the fever to 38th degrees when the immune system is stronger in fighting what they need to fight. (if you are very ill at this time and age please call the emergency, this tips are for people that wants that are healthy usually, thank you).

Fruit salad

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sunshine and yellow light

If you would like to read a bit more wisdom from the ancient Native American click here to go to Ariami Marpisa blog.

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In time of fear – keep calm and feel the infinite love within you and spread it to everyone around you.

gut brain connection and talk (c) copyright

There is a story that I would like to share with everyone about what myself and one of a very gifted client learned for past 10 years about fear:
Myself and my client had an opportunity to receive some higher up knowledge and awareness while we were dealing with our own fears.
What we were told is that we create our own fears on Earth and we keep reinforcing it with things that are all around us, so that we stop moving forward into the unknown. We get scared of what we cannot see or feel and freeze in fear if any big changes occur.

We learned that if we acknowledge our own fear and then let it go of wanted to know our own future, even at time of uncertainty something positive happens.
New positive doors open and new possibility happens.

We start looking at what is important to us in our lives, what we can let go that is negative in our lives, and we can change within ourselves and what we do to make our present life better and possible future that we want.

We learned that if we let go of the worries and fear of being unable to go through something or achieve something positive for ourselves and others, we can actually do what we felt impossible. Simple as that.

We learned that when we simplify our lives and our judgement of ourselves and let go of the fear of even achieving something, we go through with a more fulfilled way. 

Considering that right now we have a cause that is keeping most of the World in a state of fear. Instead of keep staying in this fear, we could go back to the cause of the fear, and see what we can do in our power to find a solution that works for ourselves and or others.
We give our brain flexibility of thinking, and give few more choices of being in a different state of mind.
We empower ourselves by choosing the state we want to be in, instead of staying in this state of fear that we have been put on,.we feel empowered to be able to make choices.

Instead of staying in a state of fear, we can choose to be in a state of calm, or neutral, or in control of what we can do to minimize the consequence of what we are fighting against, which is an unknown, invisible thing that is causing the immune system for some people to struggle.

What we can do, is to connect to our soul, for many people they can pray to the Universe, the Guardian Angels, the Angels, God, Source and the Lights to give us a solution to the problem that we are facing.

We can draw from our own inner wisdom, the resources .that we have to deal with the current present situation. Even draw from the wisdom of our ancestors in dealing successfully with crisis.

Our ancestors have all been where we are now with a lot of fear around. Draw on the wisdom of raising the moral of people even in the darker times with laughter, support for each other, kindness, compassion and most of all infinite love for themselves, life itself, the earth and treasure the goodness in ourselves and others. 

Here all the tips to feel healthy nutritionally and keep your spirit up:
Sing, dance, connect to your own infinite love within you and others. 
Imagine that you have an Angel or a Light being or even the inner wisdom of your Great Grand parents to guide you in this time. Ask for help and you will receive it, for your own positive outcome and for others as well.

Send out there if you are able to, lots of healing to all humanity right now, and you will see the Light at the end of the tunnel!
Remember that the elderly and the weakest right now are in danger, everyone else is ok. Remember to be kind to yourself and others in the meantime. Remember to help the elderly more, they cannot go shopping in bulk for many reasons.
Take this time to think what resources and skills that you have to reinvent yourself for possible new jobs. Take this time to reflect on that too.

I would like to make few points and suggestions on things
that are happening now and things that maybe everyone can reflect on:

Just to state some facts that I looked at:

In the past few years which it was that flu has killed more
than this year flu.

The young and children/babies have an immune system that works;
hence they fight the virus as it should be.

My questions with the elderly of now, what is happening with
their immune system, why is the immune system so low?

What is lowering their immune system?

Cortisone and some medication
lower the immune system, so does stress and fear
trigger the same mechanism of stress.

Fear causes the person to either
fight (anger, frustration) (hence the fighting about toilet paper or nappy and
food in the supermarket); flight (run away); or freeze (unable to move).

Even considering the decline with age, the immune system has
his own reserve of fighting viruses.

Only the ones, where the immune system has been compromised
need to be more careful, even though I see elderly around less concerned about
it than the young generation. And anyone with asthma and low lung capacity.

This stingy virus as I decided to call it, is staying for a
long haul. And I decided to call it another name so that it stops having the
power of fear. The ancient Egyptians believed that if a King was named and
remembered, it will live for ever and they would never die. As I want this
virus to die or transmute in a weaker state, the decision was made to call it stingy. Maybe you can choose another name so that it
loses is power completely. Just a bit of fan to have with children.

Also remember, the lungs are like the trees they need pure
air to function well and they need air.

So, lets reflect on what we can do to make sure that we get
air around. If you are smoking, now is the time to stop or reduce smoking as
smoke weakens the lungs.

In the past what was helpful was sea air. There are salt
pipes for the elderly that helps and other salt breathing products for younger
generation. Or even water and sea salt.

Or even use what my grandfather used, make a cone with some
paper, add sea salt or Himalayan salt in it, shake it and breath in the salt. This
is especially helpful with the elderly.

Use as much as possible natural remedies for pain, instead
of using ibuprofen or any similar products.

Start breathing from your diaphragm
to get more air in and reduce the stress mode. Raise your belly out when you
breathe in, counting up to 4 or 5, push the belly down when you breathe out. Repeat
the breathing few times to tell your brain that all is good, all is fine.

To help reduce the state of fear and
anger, put yourself in a state of calm. You can anchor that in the following
manner, so that you can recall it at any time:

  • Imagine or remember a time where you were
    absolutely calm and in peace with yourself. If you cannot remember it, put
    yourself in a state of calm now with the breathing technique or think of a time
    where you were so happy and were enjoying yourself. Once you are at that point
    hold and squeeze a finger or your wrist or squeeze your hands together. Now
    shake it off, and count till 5.
  • Go back to the state of calm and increase the
    state about 30 times. Anchor it like before when you are at the most calm.
  • Repeat that few times. Once you feel confident
    that you are at the state of calm. Everytime you feel going into stress, touch
    the finger or squeeze your hands, whatever you have done to anchor your state
    of calm.

Let’s reflect now on how we can help the environment and
trees around the world to be planted and give us air and the earth back its
nature a bit more. We can all do a little bit of what we are capable of doing
towards that.

I am ending this thought in thanking everyone doctor, nurse
and anyone that are helping to fight the stingy. I also thankful for the
goodness in the human beings that are coming out, reaching out for the people
who are the most vulnerable and offering a helping hand.

Again, if many of you would like to try to ask for help to the Universe, God, the Lights, try and see what happens. Love to all

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner

Nutritional therapy phone consultation for health and food over reactions

Nutritional therapy consultation for health and to reduce food allergens. Products suggestions to reduce histamine over reaction.

In the 1st consultation you will get:

  • In 1 hour, phone consultation, where I am going to ask more questions to assess your situation and health. This in order to understand where you are at now, what you have done, when your health started to change and how you can make new changes.
  • With the food diary which needs to be completed with the health check form prior to the consultation, I am able to assess the food that are in your diet that could cause problem in your health right now and make suggestions to substitute them with food that are less reactive. The suggestions will be drawn from my experiences in dealing with over reactions to food, for the past 20 years and from the experience that I gained through NAET testing and treatments of the most food over reaction, with great results. Click here to see testimonials.
  • You will also get a typed written suggestion of what to avoid and what to include in your diet. You will also get a follow up email to check how you are doing after a month of implementing the changes.
  • The 1st consultation is also good for general health, health in pregnancy and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Fee for the 1st phone consultation is £ 90.00, to be paid one day prior to the consultation by bank transfer to Maria Esposito TSB code 308472 account 24603860.

Follow ups on line, are £ 50.00, paid prior to the phone consultation to assess how things are and what can be changed still to improve your health. 

There is a 24 hours cancellation policy for the bookings and any cancellation after that will be charged at full price.

No refunds as any suggestions given are valid according to my experiences and it is essential that you follow them to see what works and what needs to be changed still.

To book an appointment email me to arrange the appointment slot, fill the form and email both forms once the consultation has been paid. Click here to download the health check form. Click here to download the food diary form or write down three days of typical diet from the moment that you wake up in the morning with the timing of when you eat and drink each meal. Write any food that you eat and drink during the day, including at night.

Time slots are 10.30am till 4.30pm day time week day and Saturdays. (Sunday closed).

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – NAET Practitioner- R-Craniosacral Therapists – NLP Practitioner

Eczema treated with NAET – Nutritional Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy – Before and After pictures

Hands at the start of treatments 6 months prior to the after

Left hand at the start of treatments September 2019

 hands at the start of treatments with NAET – nutritional
Therapy and craniosacral therapy (combination of therapies). September 2019

Left hand 3 months after December 2019
Left hand at the present time March 2020

March 2020 – present time

Child having same treatments with NAET – Nutritional Therapy and Craniosacral therapy

Back of knees September 2019

Knees at present time March 2020

Back of knees February 2020

Click here to read about NAET method, nutritional therapy and craniosacral therapy

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