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Nutritional Therapist BSc Hons - NAET - Craniosacral therapist for babies/children and adults. NLP practitioner and Certified Angel Guide. More than 27 years experience in holistic therapy and the well being of the human body and soul!

Babies and children can feel the overwhelming emotions of the last pandemic.

Research have shown for the past years that babies can feel the emotional stress around them. Even in the womb. The past year has been tough for everyone, that includes babies and small children. Babies are very much attached to the mother or carer emotional status. Now, this is inevitable and as we are all humans, including mothers, there is nothing you can do to avoid having emotions, the so-called challenging ones like, sadness, anger, pain and low emotions even, that could be also due to the after-pregnancy hormonal down fall, plus what is going around as well. Last year, was a global raise in fear, sadness, shock and high and low, due to uncertainty of the future. Mothers, like everybody else felt the stress from it all, especially going to hospital where there was a high risk of getting the virus, or any virus.

What you can do as a mother is to go out in the open, where is quieter as much as possible. Connect to nature. Call friends or other mothers that you might have met or even talk to other mothers from a distance even and still in the open. Share your fears and worries with your partners or loved ones. Watch a child movie or cartoons, or a funny movie to lift your spirit up!

Sleep when you can, if the baby wakes you up at night, which is normal for the first few months.

Listen to relaxing music when you breastfeed or at any time you feed your baby, so you can both relax.

If you can, both you and the baby, or child can have a craniosacral therapy, which relaxes the baby and mother in one session.

Craniosacral therapy also settles the baby after a C-section or traumatic events, like the pandemic last year, this can be for the mother as well, especially if there are still lots of fears and worries for the future.

baby in hand

If the baby has got colic, constipation, reflux and sleep little compared to other babies, craniosacral therapy in about two to three session can settle the baby and mother into a more balance state. Usually that state of balance set the baby up for life in a happier way of being, as things shifts into a different mode altogether with the baby sleeping more, smiling more than crying (even though crying is part of babies’ communication, so be patient with that), and the mother having more sleep and smiling back at their baby!

With toddlers having gone through a complete different social way of being last year, also a session or two might help them to move on and forward to get more social with other kids without the fear that an invisible thing can cause the death of grandparents and other people!

The free help for adults who can do some breathing meditation or just breathing evening and morning if they can, might reach a different state of mind and cope with what is going on around the world right now with less fear of the what future holds! Remember as humans we have been through this before, in-fact the elderly have gone through this before and maybe they can share their way of seeing things now!

Click here for the free self help videos meditation and more

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

Folic acid summarized facts

Folic acid intake is often connected to pregnancy and women, very few people know about the importance of folic acid for the health of the physical body, which include male and female health. I have summarized some of the key points below, including what you need to eat in order to get an adequate intake and absorption of folate.

Key points of folate and why is so essential to have it in our diet:

Folic acid intake is often connected to pregnancy and women, very few people know about the importance of folic acid for the health of the physical body, which include male and female health. I have summarized some of the key points below, including what you need to eat in order to get an adequate intake and absorption of folate.

Key point of folate and why is so essential to have it in our diet:

  • Mushrooms, green vegetables such as spinach, brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, turnip greens, swiss chard, kale and beet green. Brewer’s yeast contains the highest source in food, followed by black-eyed peas, rice germ, soy flour, wheat germ, beef liver, soy beans, and other beans. Fruits contain the least of them all.
  • Raw food is higher in folate, and cooking the food will reduce the folate content by 50 to 95%. There are now many cereal and foods that are fortified with folate or folic acid.
  • Absorption of folate also depends on other nutrients, such as zinc. Zinc deficiency could reduce the absorption of folate into the blood stream. One more essential key fact to be able to absorb folate properly is the health of the intestinal tract, where the folate binding protein is made so that folate can be transported into the body. Folate needs to be converted into the body to become folic acid and other compound for its multi-function use.  Among some of its functions, there is amino acid metabolism (making proteins from amino acid), and red blood cell formation.
  • Folic acid is essential for cells division, hence essential nutrient to have if you are planning for a baby.
  • It is part of reducing homocysteine level, together with B12 and B6, hence connection with prevention of heart disease,
  • Prevention of megaloblastic macrocytic anaemia. Folic acid is essential for the formation of the red blood cells.
  • Folic acid has been also connected to the health of the brain at any age, for men and women. Hence recommended intake at any age and gender!

It is recommended an intake of 400 to 550 microgram of folic acid per day to prevent any of the disorders that a deficiency would cause, as well as if you are planning to have a baby and during pregnancy. Vitamin C intake protect the loss and damage of folate.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

WATER: The real gold of life!

Water is the most important treasure on earth, without drinking water you could die in about three days. If you are one of the many people that do not drink enough water, either you are a sedentary person or a sport person, here are some reasons for you to start drinking more of this precious liquid.

Why should we drink 8 glasses of water per day?

Normally, approximately 2.5 litre of water is required each day for a fairly sedentary adult in a normal environment to replace the total loss of water that occurs though urine, faeces, skin and lungs (Naghii).

To replace the water loss about 1 to 1.2 litre needs to be in drinks, (manly water or cold herbal teas), 0.9 ml is taken through food and 0.3ml will be made by the body (oxidative metabolism) (William A. et al).

Effect of water restriction-

What happens if you don’t drink enough?

The following are a series of changes in a case of water restriction:

1-      Increase in pulse rate and in rectal temperature.

2-      Increase in respiration.

3-      Tingling and numbness of fingers and feet.

4-      Increase in concentration of blood

5-      Diminution of blood volume and more difficult circulation.

The difficulty and inadequacy of the circulation of blood under these conditions leads to difficult breathing, to gastro-intestinal upsets accompanied by nausea and appetite failure and eventually to difficulty in muscular movements and emotional instability. (Lloyd).

In an animal study, where water was restricted the animal were highly irritable and in some cases bad tempered (Lloyd).


It has been shown that under intense activity a man will voluntarily drink only about half as much water as what is needed to replace his losses from sweating and urine. Only after food and rest does a person crave the water needed to replace the deficit. (Llyod)

Herbal teas

Ingestion of hot drinks may cause internal body temperature to rise, which will result in sweating in order to cool the body down. Hot drinks are sometimes used in medical practice when it is desired either to temporarily increase body temperature or induce sweating (Llyod). Therefore cold or cool drinks are preferred to hot drinks to replace fluid during the day, especially if the hot drinks are the only fluid daily intake.

In high intensity exercise and in competitive sports

In a sport or activity with duration of at least 30 minutes of continuous exercise, there is a risk of impaired performance and even health damage due to hypo hydration (low of water). Sweating is usually the form accounting for most water loss during exercise or high environmental temperatures. The major danger of low fluid intake during a high performance is dehydration. This fluid deficit can rapidly reach level that impede heat dissipation, reduce heat tolerance and severely compromise cardiovascular function and exercise capacity. Prolonged dehydration will lead to cell death and multiple cell losses can lead to the person’s death (Naghii).

The need for replacement of water will depend on the extent of the losses incurred during exercise. Ingestion of plain water for a short duration (less than 90 minutes) is enough to replace the water lost.

In high intensity activity and competition in ingestion of plain water in the post-exercise period results in a rapid fall in the plasma sodium concentration and in plasma osmolality (Maughan). The changes have the effect of reducing the stimulus to drink (thirst) and of increasing urine output, both of which will delay rehydration. Rehydration after the high activity can only be achieved if the sodium lost in seat is replaced a swell as the water (Maughan). There is no need to take any extra sodium tablets, unless dehydration is so severe, for most individuals the normal dietary intake of minerals is adequate to maintain sodium and electrolyte balance during repeated days of training (Wiliam A).it is sufficient to eat a salty food or food high in natural salt.

Sports drinks typically provide quantities of sodium, chloride and potassium (electrolytes), which can be drunk if in high activity or in competing in a hot environment.

Sugary drinks

During physical activities lasting less than 90 minutes, water is generally the beverage of choice, however, the inclusion of small concentrations of carbohydrate (6%-8% carbohydrate) have been shown to better sustain power output over water alone during physical activities that produce fatigue in 60 minutes or longer (William A.).

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

Long COVID symptoms what can you do?

After catching the virus December 2020 and feeling exhausted for 10 days after the virus, I understand what people are talking about when they say, they are still tired after they caught the virus or they have still some symptoms. Now as a nutritional therapist and a craniosacral therapist, the first thing I did is buying a really good multivitamin, Solgar V2000 was ready available and I used that for a month after my virus. At the beginning, I crashed it as that was easy for me to do and then took it whole. Always take a multivitamin with your breakfast. At the same time I had, extra vitamin C, a tip of a teaspoon (as it was biocare powder vitamin C/ and higher Nature powder vitamin C), 3 times a day. I drank plenty of water during the day, to replenish my loss of water and electrolytes during the illness. I took also Solgar multi-billion dophilus (they are dairy free), as my COVID affected my digestive system, including the taste buds. This to make sure to repopulate my intestine with friendly bacteria, this for 2 months after. I also took glutamine from higher nature, at empty stomach in the morning to help repair my intestinal tract. After 10 days of my virus I felt 80 per cent better. I also had a distance healing, similar to craniosacral therapy from another therapist, to check my midline and to ground me within my body. I felt off centered for some reason, and I could not re-center myself back. I was off center. The one thing that I noticed as a craniosacral therapist during my illness and after, when I felt tired, was that there was not energy going through my midline. I felt that was possibility I felt so tired. Nothing was moving, or very little.

My suggestion for anyone that has still long COVID and at the age that they are still working, or even retired and there is no obvious physical damage from the virus, to start taking the supplements above and have at least three sessions of craniosacral therapy or distance healing.

Remember you are worth it!

If you are in London, or even from distance online and distance healing you can look at my website at my professional experience and integrity and book your treatment! Without delay, so that you can start living the life that you want to live again!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

Beetroot nutritional facts and benefits

Did you know that beetroots or beet (beta vulgaris) are in the same family of chard and spinach?

Roots and leaves can be eaten, even though most people do not eat the leaves much and concentrate on their roots only. This root was first cultivated and spread around by ancient Romans.

Did you know that beetroot can also be converted into sugar? Napoleon started to convert it into sugar at his time and today many Countries still converts it into sugar.

The beet green part is rich of calcium, iron, vitamin A, C and high in folic acid, so if you are planning to get pregnant or even if you are not, eat the green of the beet to get the folic acid. They are a good source of fiber, manganese and potassium. The roots are a good source of phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B6. The cooked beet root is higher in sugar, about 100 gr of beet cooked contain about 8 g of sugar. So, if you have diabetes or blood sugar level problems, watch that you do not eat a lot of beet roots.

Beetroots are high in betacyanin, which gives his purple red colour. This nutrient is a powerful cancer fighting agent.

As it is high in fiber, is good to lower cholesterol.

Studies in animal have shown that beetroots can increase the natural antioxidant in our body such as glutathione-S-transferase.

When choosing your beetroot, make sure that it is firm and looks fairly fresh.

Enjoy them by grating them with carrots in a salad, you can do some time of smoothie with water and drink it.

You can also do what my mum used to do when I was a child and I had a constant cough. As at that time there was no NHS, my mum used all the natural remedies from food and herbs to get us children well. No penicillin was used till we were about 14 of age.

I constantly had a cough, which I now know was a combination of being low in iron and energetically I could not express myself well, as at that time, like everywhere in the world, the children were to be seen but not heard!

My mum used beetroot, cut them in half, added some actual cane sugar in it, so it would be sweet, and put it outside the window at night. In the morning, there would be this natural syrup that she would give me. And that usually would calm down my cough for a while. That was due to all the goodness that beetroot had in it.

So grateful that we have changed that belief! At least in the modern society!

However you would like to use the beetroot, enjoy it!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R- Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

Healthy body, mind and soul

The past year has been tough for most people, and rebalancing our health is essential for us to get back to a normal way of living, even though there might be few years before that might actually happen.

If you observe the wild life, even in time of trauma and disasters, they keep going. They have that inner instinct that will allow them to carry on, no matter what. They do that like nothing happened. They have also a natural way of being happy by carrying on their lives as they know it.

As humans is a bit more difficult, as we analyse everything and we might keep more of the negative experience of it, instead of the positive learning from what happened. Obviously for the loss of people there are many ways of dealing with that and it is more of addressing that. For the most people, who have struggled to cope with living a different life, in the past year, and mostly being very selective with whom we meet and even being self-isolating for fear or for self guarding.

Small children have struggled and they are still struggling with the self-isolation and little socialization with other children. The children who have sibling, were better as they play with each other, the single child unit of family, have been struggling a bit more. It is essential that for the single one or the small children who have struggled during the past year that have some sort of help to rebalance and get rid of the fear that they have been put on, or maybe the computer games and online games that they might have played more than usual. Especially for the very sensitive children, playing so much online or off line, might set a lifetime of self isolation when in they have problems, rather than facing them. This is also with teenagers and young adults, who have lost the communication with their parents or never had that communication in the first place.

Even for adults, who struggle to cope with emotions and feelings might have struggled to deal with the past year pandemic.

The good things is that there are lots of therapies and help out there for anybody at the present moment. There free ones and paid ones. So for anyone who is still working, it is worth to have a therapy online or face to face that helps them deal with the global trauma of the past year, as an adult or for their children or even babies.

For the others there are so many free tools online that you do not have any excuse for not using them.

My therapies, from Nutritional advice to emotional and mental advice and healing with distance healing, craniosacral therapy healing, NLP tools for the positive outcomes in life and self empowering tools and more, are available and affordable. Look of the rest of the website to know more.

Most of all, smiling, laughing, being gentle and kind with yourself and others are all free things that can raise your frequency. So is grounding by walking or running, or doing any exercise in the park, breathing from your diaphragm, relaxing and meditating, talking to nice people on your walk if appropriate and having hope and trust for the future, talking to a friend if possible about your concerns or just having a chat with them, might brighten your day. Observing nature while you walk is also a great way to raise your frequency!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

List of Therapies

Nutritional Therapy & NAET therapy for over sensitivities to food and more;

NAET method for sensitivities to food and more;

Nutritional therapy for healthy mind/body/ strengthening your immune system. |

Craniosacral Therapy;

Craniosacral therapy for babies/pregnancy/children and mothers;

Distance healing (online) in combination with NLP tools for safety and grounding (gentle and powerful healing, babies and children sessions are only through the mother session due to their sensitivity;

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) |; This is an amazing tool to give you a way to deal with old emotions and trauma with new positive resources, as well as giving you tools to deal with new outcome, your life path and much more

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

Opening Hours and face to face prices

We are open week day from 9am till 5pm as last session, for online and face to face therapies.

Saturdays 9am till 5pm

Home visits for babies available when possible in North London N15/ N16

  • Nutritional Therapy consultation with NAET testing and dietary suggestions and any first nutritional consultation is £ 110.00 (1 hour and half)
  • Follow up nutritional advice and NAET treatment 1 hour £ 55.00
  • Craniosacral therapy for babies, children and adults 1 hour £ 55.00
  • Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) 1 hour £ 55.00
  • Distance healing online £ 50.00 (1 hour)
  • Nutritional Consultation online £ 90.00 1st consultation (1 hour and half)
  • NLP and any follow ups online £ 50.00 (1 hour)

Grounding is the key to living your life as yourself!

I have been passionate about grounding technique for the past 10 years. Since I started my craniosacral therapy course and the healing workshops and therapy since then. I am a very logical person, and science has been the priority with me and my therapies for more than 20 years. Till I started my NAET course for reducing and eliminate over reactions to food and environmental allergens. That was about 14 years ago. Then since my craniosacral training and thanks to it that I discovered that when I was faced with a big challenge and any changes in my life, I would unground quite a lot. When I was ungrounded, all went terrible wrong in my life. It is like all my fears and worries would be happening in my life. Since I learned how to ground and heal my childhood trauma that unconsciously I still had, my life is much better. Even now with all that is going on, I am at peace and calm. I am also aware of life is more than what meets our eyes really. Hence my three books “Beyond Science I, II and III, by Ariami Marpisa, that you can find on amazon, with details of what is out there for us that can help us in our lives. We are still the ones that make any choices, and according to our choice, there is always a beautiful Light that would help us. That includes our soul.

Grounding and healing our past or childhood, and learning to deal with emotions and feelings are the key to your success in life. What ever that might be. I have been teaching therapists and my client the awareness of grounding and what to do to ground, so that their lives would be how they really wanted and needed to be.

Now I have known about earthing maths for many years, I just never thought of using them for myself, till this year. I got the flu that is causing a lot of problems around and to my surprise the symptoms were not as bad, but the vitality, that flow of energy that we all have in our midline, was gone. It felt like my body shut down, and seemingly my connection with my soul and the Universe, even though knowing what I know I knew I had a lot of healing and protection. My grounding though was shaky, and I did not have enough energy to put my grounding into practice, mainly as I could not walk in nature much. It took me about 2 weeks to recover after the virus was gone. I took all the supplements necessary to get my energy power back, and all the meditation and healing knowledge that I have to get better. Still, I felt, in particular for me, I wanted something that would ground me a bit more at night and daytime without so much effort when I am in my weakest point. My healer was unavailable for a long time. So, I decided to buy the grounding math, to earth myself a bit more and the results are pretty good. Hence my decision to endorse them, as for many people, it would make a difference between living the life that they want to live, while they are seeing a therapist, and heal their childhood possible trauma or beliefs, and being miserable all the way, getting busy so that there is no way of that they deal with their emotions and feelings.

We have been put in a state of looking at our lives in the past year, and what is important for us. It is hard at the beginning, as you will see from my books, to deal and let go of old patterns. The reward when you do though is amazing and your life around you will make a huge difference.

How do you know you are ungrounded?

Everything around you are very chaotic, nothing you do works.

You lose things without you knowing that they are close to you or even in your hand.

You lock yourself out of the house

You get into an argument with your friends and stranger as you think they are doing something wrong.

You feel that everybody is against you

You feel exhausted in the morning after many hours of sleep. You feel like you worked all night.

You feel that you keep working and working, and going nowhere.

How do you know that you are grounded?

Life itself feels much better;

You feel that you are listened to and people pay attention to what you are saying and notice you!

You feel rested and energized after a good night sleep. You sleep less than you used to.

You get some many ideas of what to do in life. You get excited about life itself. You want to plan your vacation and know that you deserve it.

You feel focused and present in your life!

Here is the link to the earthing mat and more products; even the smallest and cheapest one can make a difference and you can get extra if it works.

In our modern life and with wearing shoes, if you live in towns, it is quite impossible to ground and connect to nature. Our human body is not used to it, hence, quite often we get ill, or unhappy, as we just stop living our lives. Usually, our unconscious takes over with mirroring in our lives what you need internally to heal and deal with. If once you get grounded, you encounter angry people, or sad people, or very fearful and scared people, it is time for you to address these feelings too, as you are the one that is attracting them.

Groundology - Grounding Technology

In my practice with craniosacral therapy, nutritional advice, and NLP, combined with the healing tools that I learned in the past 10 years, I do support people with their healing!

Grounding to earth

I also work with babies and mothers, to get them in a positive path for the gift of their lifetime. Remember that the brain of the baby will develop according to their parents and life. Their brain will either shape into a positive thinking path, or a negative, drama one. Babies brain and the billions of neurons and memories develop from birth to 6 years old. So, spend a lot of time with them and if you work, spend the most quality time with them, showing that unconditional love, no matter what they do, and their lives will be a happy one!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-craniosacral therapy – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

Gut and brain connection to health

Our Brain relies on our gut health to be well

Being healthy, it is considering our gut health and our mental and emotional health, as well as connecting to our own soul. In my clinic, I combine the gut and brain health, and mental and emotional health. Working on conditioned way of thinking from childhood with old beliefs and old trauma that we carry on from generation to generation. Guess what, you do not need to carry it on all the time, you can clear it, transform them into a positive way and be yourself. All of this start from your gut health. Did you know that the gut is an outsider for the body, so what you eat, what you let in the body, is essential to your internal health, that includes your brain’s health. I have dealt with IBS and allergy related condition with the method called NAET, to rebalance your intestinal tract, get re-balance your own body to recognize the healthy food as healthy, and getting your brain to think more positive about who you are and what you want to do in life. All this is a combination of 30 years of being a therapist and seeing so many people getting into a state of gut and brain health, and becoming themselves through craniosacral therapy and NLP.

Just a bit of scientific part of why the gut is connecting to our brain:

20 to 25% of oxygen is used by our brain, and hence any food that we eat is essential for our brain. Our body has got a power making cells called mitochondria which makes energy for our entire body and brain. 20% of the energy that the mitochondria make is used by the brain, and the brain use the aerobic energy. The more we use our brain, e.g., through studying or working using our mind, the more energy we need to make to keep our brain healthy. Neurons in our brain, use about 1 million mitochondria to make the energy necessary for the axon and neurological brain and body neurons to be healthy. The brain needs protein, fat and carbohydrate, as well as all the nutrients and minerals to get things working well. It takes a lot of good nutrition in order to keep everything working well. It is essential that our diet is full of nutrients and good protein, fat and carbohydrate to get our body and our brain happy.

Our mind does need a bit of stress to get our brain healthy, believe it or not. Too much stress though, will destroy our brain. So, a healthy stress is good for our brain. Walking, running and exercise is a healthy stress for the body, so that our mitochondria will make good powerful energy.

Any inflammation in the brain or in the body, due to poor eating habits, eating lots of sugar or bad fat through take away or poor nutritional food, then your body and brain will struggle to get healthy and positive as well, as even slow grade inflammation will use a lot of the power fuel that the mitochondria make to keep the inflammation low. Also inflammation will use a lot of anti-oxidants that hopefully you eat.

Reducing and preventing brain and body inflammation, is essential to our own healthy brain, and that is also essential for our positive thinking to kick in.

What kind of nutrients the body needs to be healthy? Well food that comes from the earth, good fat, good protein and good carbohydrate, as well as food full of nutrients such as green and varied vegetables, varied and seasonal fruits, and a healthy positive mind, by doing exercise that is right for you, something that you enjoy. It can be just walking in nature, as long as you can, from a minimum of 2 hours a day spread throughout the day.

Very good anti-oxidants that contain polyphenols, which are good for the brain are foods such as red grapes, pomegranates, blueberries, turmeric, apples, cranberries, and any of the healthy fruits and vegetables.

Sugar as I mentioned before, is the enemy for our brain and body. Sunlight is essential for our own energy, like the leaves of the tree that absorb chlorophyll through the sunlight, our own cells needs that sunlight in order to get the power from the sunlight into our body. Hence vitamin D is essential to be taken during winter time in England from November till April, as the Light is not strong enough to get us the vitamin D. The darker the skin the less vitamin D you make in England.

In order to give your child, the healthy start, it is essential that they have all the healthy food as possible, so that they do not get addicted to sugar and sugary foods or even salty foods. Just remember any food that comes from the earth, is a healthy food.

Exercise is essential to get our brain working well, and we need much more than 1 hour a day, especially if you sit down at the computer to work. Take many breaks to get you grounded and connected to earth.

The digestive system needs to be in good order for the brain to be healthy, there are many research and studies connecting our brain to the gut and vice-versa.

Make sure that your stools are regular and healthy, not too lose or too hard, just healthy. Pellets stools means your intestinal tract is dry and you might eat some food that is unhealthy for you, even if it is healthy.

The Mediterranean diet, all the berries, pomegranate, oily fish, healthy number of probiotics to keep our gut healthy. Rutin is an antioxidant for the brain, lipoic acid and vitamin E as well.

Even a bit of caffeine seems to help with our repair and activate of the brain, and induce positive effect on the brain. (1 a day caffeine, or green tea).

The vagal nerve, which deals with the digestive system is essential for the health of our gut and brain health. This is also essential for our emotions to be healthy, the Vagal nerve is involved in dealing with emotions. If we are on a fast pace life with no pleasure or no good diet, and be on a constant sympathetic division, then the vagal nerve, which is involved in relaxation and the healthy of the body and mind, will be shut down.

The vagal nerve is engaged also in reducing inflammation and in rep-airing what needs to be repaired. This happens during our sleep at night, during our good deep sleep, without it, there is no repair, and our brain is in constant use of energy. This after years will exhaust the person and lead to possible di-sease of the mind and body. If taken in time, it can be reversed, if not then it will be hard to get to a health status.

Start breathing!

Breathing is essential for the vagal nerve and breathing with our diaphragm, is essential for the health of the vagal nerve and our intestinal digestive system.

Other way of getting your vagal nerve in action is free and easy to get if you want to, being outside in nature, laughter, cold exposure, yoga and meditation, play and be relaxed is essential for our brain health and body health. Being social and spent time with people we love is also essential to our brain health. This has been something that the past year we had to stop doing, and it is essential that eventually we all going to socialize soon, when is safe to do so for everybody, to get our brain healthy again. Even if it is through computer and phone now, it is better than nothing. Use your social media for good intention and for positive reasons. Again just smile at people when you go for a walk, just connect nicely, say hi! b

Prevention is always better than cure, so getting your diet sorted now that you are young, or not so young, is essential for your brain health at any age, but especially to keep your brain healthy till the end of your days. Plenty of good fats such as found in fish, nuts and avocadoes, are beneficial for our brain to stay healthy.

Folate is essential for our brain health, not only for women in pregnancy, but in all adults, and folate is found in green leafy vegetables, so include them in your diet, if you have not yet.

My IBS book sold on amazon click here to buy it, connection with your gut and brain, what it is and what you can do, in simple ways.

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist – NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide