Happy Holidays Season, and Happy New year – Support your liver during this season

Why do I give so much importance to the liver? Because your liver is the one that does all the work for you. If you treat it well, your health is the reward. If you treat it badly, your health gets it.


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What can you do during the season of eating, drinking more than usual and putting a lot more pressure to the liver? Well few tips easy to implement:

Your Body is your responsibility at all time, what You Eat and Drink is your responsibility. Eat healthy foods, avoid as much as possible fried food and lots of alcohol.

Have a glass of water in between beers or drinks, so that you can slow down the process of drinking a lot and rehydrate your body, while you support your liver with the detox.

Eat a good healthy meal before drinking. This will slow down the process of the alcohol and keeps your from getting too drunk.

Drink water before going to bed. This will rehydrate you.

Have a good breakfast the next day, with eggs, fruits, and vegetables, so that the body can repair any possible damage.

Eat also responsibly. If you feel full, stop eating. There is no need to carry on eating just because the food is around you.

Have a walk in the park to digest a bit better and exercise, instead of being all day in and watch too many movies all at ones.

Walk and move!

Have a New Year resolution of having at least one or two fruits and vegetables that you have not tried yet, drink more water during the day and walk, cycle, swim, MOVE more next year.

Get in touch with Nature, whatever you do!


Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

Why babies are constipated, Leading to adult constipation?

Babies drink milk up to at least 6 months. Milk is primary watery, so why would baby be even constipated?

The medical doctors will consider a problem only when the baby or the adult is constipated for more than 10 days. Now they are right, it is not a medical problem for up to 10 days. 

Baby on Hands
Baby on hands.

However if you are an adult who goes once a day or more, with a normal stool, how do you feel if you stop going for about two days or three. Would you feel pretty much full, sluggish, bloated, gassy and not wanted to smile much.

I know I would feel like that. So yes medically there is nothing wrong but in a healthy way, there is something wrong there. As I mentioned babies usually are not supposed to be constipated. Now if they are breastfeeding, ideally the mother should observe is they are drinking enough water, or if the baby had a traumatic birth, maybe they are still under the sympathetic mode and stress mode, which it means the valve that should be open when they are relaxed and eating, are closed and therefore they cannot let go of the poo. 

I would also check if you are breastfeeding that you are not eating too much spicy food, broccoli, cabbage family as that increases the air and might cause a bit more gas in the baby, or dairy and wheat or gluten could be a cause of allergy for the baby and hence get constipated, also eggs in some breastfed babies could be a problem. If the mother eliminates one food at the time for a week, they should understand if that is the food that is causing the problem. The substitute milk can be oat or rice to start with. In some babies, some breastmilk contains more lactose that the baby is ready to digest and therefore giving with each feed the infant lactase might help with that digestion. 

Probiotics infantis from Biocare or Bio-Kult which is free of dairy, can also help with the baby constipation. Remember that the intestinal tract of the baby needs to be filled with bacteria good or bad, and the cementing of the bacteria is essential for the baby from birth to 2 years old. That would set their intestinal tract microbiome for life and hence a life of healthy intestinal tract. If you or your baby had to take antibiotics for one reason or another, even with a natural birth, then I would suggest to give the baby and yourself the friendly bacteria to avoid the baby and child being full of the other non commensal bacteria. Friendly bacteria are the ones that would help soften the stools, make by products that the intestinal tract cells will use to repair the intestinal tract.

If the baby is only on dairy bottle feed and they are constipated, try to give a bit of sterilized water after a feed or take more of the probiotics infantis. If that does not help, try the belly massage, to help them getting that poo out. The more they are relaxed after each feed or later, the more they can poo well. In extreme cases, there is a possibility that the baby is allergic to dairy milk and they will be prescribed the alternative milk from their GP. 

Craniosacral therapy for babies also helps with any possible restriction on their system, balancing their stress mode into the more relaxed calm mode, which will results in pooing much better, and sleeping more. Any possible trauma from the birth can also lead to constipation and more colic.

In very rare cases there is a physical or neurological problem that prevents the baby to poo normally everyday. That might be picked up by the medical team usually.

In adults, if they always had problems with constipation, it could be harder to resolve but easier to implement changes. Dietary changes as I mention in my other blog can make a difference with the adults, as well as probiotics and craniosacral therapy. click here to read about dietary changes for an adult.

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) copyright 

Another amazing story after a craniosacral therapy treatment

Craniosacral therapy

I am always grateful when people tells me about the success story after treatments either with nutrition or craniosacral therapy. For this little story I was not expecting it. I have a Plumber who comes every year to check the boiler. He has done that for sometimes. Last year for some reason or another we waited about 18 months before we schedule a check up. 18 months ago he came with his little daughter, who at the time was 2 and half. He was talking and she was next to him helping in some way. He told me that she had had a cough for about 3 weeks and it would not go away. I usually try to stay away from treating anyone unless they book, but I could see that the girl was quite pale and hard to breathe properly, so I asked the father if I could treat her with craniosacral therapy to see if she would get better a bit. He did not know anything about CST and while I was working on the girl I explained that usual the body itself can heal but sometimes it needs help and as CST therapist we help the body to align and balance up again, especially after an illness, or trauma. I worked on her for 30 minutes about, as much as she allowed me to work on her. I did not see the plumber for about 18 months till last week. As soon as he saw me, he told me that his daughter has had a strong immune system since then and he is sure that what I did helped a lot. Everybody else now usually get sick quite easily with coughs and colds, and she is the only one that does not get it so easily anymore. I tried to explain again how it worked but I think he was not interested as much how it worked, but to the fact that he saw it worked and he did not care otherwise. 
If you have not tried it yet or you have somebody with babies and toddler or an adult friend that needs adjustments and help do suggest CST treatments. 
The community clinic reopens again after the half term Wed the 30th of October 2019. If they want to try CST for 20 minutes, as it is a donation based, there is nothing to loose. click here to read more.

How to stay healthy this winter

Insect house

How to stay healthy this winter
Autumn is here and colds, coughs, start to be around quite often. In order to be well and keep well, always have some vitamin C supplement around to help the immune system. You know that bats when they are ill make about 20.000mg of vitamin C a day. We as humans used to have the same ability, but we lost it when we started making more glucose, which is the same pathway for our energy supply, to do more during the day and night for some. 
We are amazing as human being, we usually can deal with a lot of things. That if we give our body time to heal and repair and rest. In our modern life, we lost that ability to do so and therefore out body gets too tired. That includes children as well, they have so much to do from the early morning that they have no time to rest and sleep at least 10 to 12 hours a day to repair and grow.
My suggestion for adults and children, is sometimes to just do nothing or just reconnect with nature on the week end. Just go to the any of the green parks area in London, and hang out there, just for fun, play with the kids if you have any or just walk around with no agenda or purpose. Just be. Listen to the birds and observe nature itself. Connect to the earth. 
This is a way also to stay well and feel well. 
Of course eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, mineral waters (not sparkling) is best, and just rest when you need to. 
One of my colleagues suggested to gargle with tree tea oily (needs to be spit out), one drop in water if you have sore throat (not for children), or lemon and salt gargles (children can try this) or lemon and a good honey.
Enjoy the season and stay well!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

NAET method for over reaction to food and the enviromental allergens – 10 years update

I am always happy to hear from old clients after many years, especially when they tell me that they have changed their life because of the consultation or treatment that I gave them.

I got a call few days ago from a mother of children that I treated with NAET 10 years ago, when I started to use the method, after my graduating from Health Science, nutritional Therapy.

My degree is mostly about scientific proof and looking at what works scientifically only and for some part now, they are looking into lifestyle and alternative to just the scientific proof. Even though it is still going strong and more on the scientific papers. So when I discovered NAET 10 years ago, I was affascinated by the method. Especially because it was suggested to me from a Medical Doctor who used it for themselves and had a very good results for the over reaction to their food and enviromental compounds.

I decided straight away that I had to learn the method, did not even enter my mind that it might not be true. I knew that it was the right treatment to learn. Till then I used to say to people avoid certain foods for life! For some people it was too much. And for hayfever and other enviromental allergen there was not much that you could do. 

Anyway cutting the story shorter, I learned the method, treated my son with the first 15 nutrients and group food in the list of NAET, had some treament myself with exchange while I was learning the method and than started using it with my clients. The client who called had 3 children with all sort of allergies but one in particular with Asthma. After we treated eggs mix, the asthma started to reduce and by the times that we treated what she came up with her Asthma was gone and it has gone since then. Now the mother was so impressed with the results that changed her carer as well and become a holistic therapist herself! And uses only natural methods to treat her children. 

This is a proof that NAET does work and when it does not, it might be that something else is going on with the person. With hayfever you need to have all the pollens from the entire world to get rid of it completely but for the most of it, and the local pollen it it an amazing treatment. I would not treat severe allergens as the person needs to be always on the alert but I love NAET method and it is always great to hear what happened to people that I treated long time ago!

10 years ago I did not use yet craniosacral Therapy, but I thought already then that it could have a bigger impact combined with the method. And it does, as I have now combined the two methods for the past 8 years and the results are even better!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

Craniosacral therapy and positive life changes. The power of the mind!

Craniosacral therapy how wonderful it is and the therapists are usually very intuitive and have so much unconditional love within them to want to help everyone. 
Now that I am teaching post graduate workshops, I can see how much the therapists who choose to help others to heal, they want to help and fix everything for everyone. Having their own treatments is essential for them to carry on healing others, as therapists we do get run down if we do not look after ourselves. 

Life Sailing 

It is the same for parents of children. Of course the health of the child is essential, and comes first as you are responsible for them, but also your own health and well being and happyness, as well as emotional peace is essential for you to help your family to be well. Babies and children feel what you feel, and learn what you show them to learn, either peace, balance, respect for yourself and others, including other people achievemnets no matter who they are or anger, resentment, fear, stress and worries.

If you have more than one child, usually the most sensitive one would pick all what the parents feel, including pain and think they can help, and other children will do exactly the opposite of what the parents do and fight their way till they are old enough to be who they want to be. So before you start worry about something or life itself, write down how you feel, what is your worse fear, acknowledge it and than deal with it and let it go. I have seen over and over again the power of the positive mind changing a situation completely. As well as seeing the power of the negative mind how devastating effect can have in your life. 

You as a parent and an adult have a choice. Either think good wonderful things about yourself and your life and any situation that arises or negative thinking! 
I know right now at this present time with my awareness what I would choose. The sky is blue, the rainbow after the rain is very colorful and life can be wonderful not matter what. That is your power, take it back!
Craniosacral treatments they can change your life and your family life. For chidren it will balance their own rainbow colour in Life!

(c) Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R- Craniosacral Therapist 

Green mixed salads for the summer and winter to get you moving and healthy

Green mixed salad

Following the fruit salad from last time, I would also mention to everyone that does not like salads or green vegetables, those are the ones that give you minerals and some vitamins for your body to function.

If you look after your car better than yourself or bicycle then in some way, I can describe in the following analogy what the nutrients from vegetables and fruits will do: if the fuel is the carbohydrate that you use in the car to function, and if you cycle then you use energy as fuel to cycle, then the greens and the fruits are the oil that you need for your engine to actually work or for the breaks of your bicycle to function well.

Coming back to our human body for everything else to work at their optimum level, green leafy vegetables are essential for us to function well. Also, vegetables and fruits help to eliminate toxins, from the intestinal tract and from your bladder, through urine.

So, water also is essential and vital for your body to eliminate the toxins. If you do not eliminate the  toxins, well again getting back to the car analogy: all the fumes from your exhaust pipes gets into the car and kills you!

If you think that I am exaggerated,
think again, I am not!

The reason is that if the toxins are not eliminated than little by little your body anti-oxidant pathways, which include the liver and kidney will give up working well, as they will feel exhausted and run out of fuel for them to function well, therefore all those toxins are damped into your muscles, cells, and organs and eventually damage your body beyond repair.

Di-seases starts to get in and you are done!

Would you rather eat few vegetables and fruits than have the scenario above? Which is real? I know I would?

And yes, I was lucky in some way that I grew up in the countryside and my mother was from a generation that cooked everything from scratch, and from what grew from the earth seasonally.

But Even when we did not live in the countryside, I remember my parents cooking and giving us children supplements,which I think the government in Italy was passing them on to family with children. Nowadays, the medicals group, just pass on medication and have forgotten about the nutritional value of supplements, which before included probiotics.

I remember my mother making probiotics from a bunch of live bacteria with the milk that she bought from the farmer, no medication was given or any antibiotics to kill any cow’s milk germ at that time 40 years ago. It is similar to kefir but the milk would become yogurt,so we would eat the yogurt with friendly bacteria.

All the above was great, and yes,I grew up with eating lots of vegetables and fruits from the land since the age of 11. However, my younger brother grew up with that from the start, and for some reason or another he does not like all the vegetables and all the fruits.

I am been puzzling about it, I figured out that it was more about what was available and actually having more money and buying more crap food from the shop.

Also, I think in Italy there was this advertising campaign that babies should have the extra cow’s milk apart from the mother milk, with very, very sweet biscuits that were advertised on TV all the time.

They were so good at convincing mothers that it was the best for their babies, than my mother, bless her, was still convinced they were good, in fact, she tried to convince me that my son needed that at some point when he was a baby. As I was a nutritionist already then, I did not give any extra milk with the biscuits.

My brother till few years ago,could add two spoons of white sugar in his cappuccino. I am surprised that he did not develop any type of diabetes. He has changed though luckily, he now does not add any sugar in his coffee and he started to eat a bit more of vegetables but not all the tasty variety that my parents have year around, but it is something.

My favourite green leafy vegetables are called “Broccoletti”. It is a type of broccoli tips that grow only in the Mediterranean land. It is a bitter taste but for me is amazingly good, I could eat it every day.

So, if you think that you have tasted any possible vegetables, try all the hundreds different vegetables available out there, go into Greeks vegetable shops and see what they have there that you can try.

Try one new one every week and add it to your menu every day, or change vegetable every day.

Use your food as healing your body and soul and you will be amazed how much your entire life will change!

I will just list some of the vegetables that you can start trying, pickled green vegetables do not count as that eventually will be more damaging because of the acidity:




Beetroot raw or cooked


Mixed salad

Endive lettuce

Rocket lettuce


Radicchio (even though is red is
very good)

Swiss Chard


Zucchini and zucchini flowers if you can find them near you


Tomatoes (even though they are considered fruits still very healthy, unless you are high in histamine naturally)





Green beans



Rhubarb and many, many more

And I have not talked about alcohol and toxins that you are actually putting into your body instead of healthy food!

Well that is for another blog. Enjoy your vegetables and salads and have a nice summer!

© Maria Esposito BSc (Hons)
R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral Therapist

Constipation and nutrition help tips with fruits salads

Constipation is a major problem, more than people think it is. This is true from babies, children and adults. Some babies do not go for 1 week and unfortunately medically is considered ok. I do not know about you but if I do not go for a day I feel bloated and unwell. If you are one of these people who repel fruits or vegetables or salads, well if you want to eliminate toxins from your body, you need to drink plenty of water for an adult up to 2 liters and half of mineral water (non fizzy) and eat plenty of mixed vegetables and fruits. Some recommendation is from 5 to 10 pieces of varied fruits and vegetables a day, to get all the mixed nutrients that you need in your diet as well as going to the loo ok. 

If you do not like fruits or vegetables, well that can be a lie for you as there must be some vegetables or fruits that you must like. Maybe you have not tried all the 100 or 1000 varied fruits and vegetables that are out there, apart from bananas which many people do like, there is much more. The fruits salad above, I made it with all the following fruits: cherries, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, bananas, apples, apricots, prunes, and one freshly squeezed lemon, you can add one freshly squeezed orange juices to make it sweeter and to preserve it in the fridge for about 2 days. You can add yogurt of any kind to make it a delicious dessert for you and your children. You blend it with the orange juice and lemon juices and make ice lolly for the children to have as a dessert. That would make them have enough fruits for their day. Just a warning that if you have candida or yeast (fermented poo which smells acidic and diarrhea), then you can have a varied salad with up to 10 varied pieces of vegetables, such as green leafy vegetables (Cos lettuce, rockets, radicchio salad, any other green curly leafy vegetables, spinach, avocadoes, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, artichokes, olives, and green beans or any other green leafy vegetables. The above will make you go to the loo everyday and give you most of the vitamins and minerals that you need in your daily life. If you have a health issue then this might not work and you need to see a nutritional therapist like me. 

Enjoy your salads, whatever salads, fruits and vegetables you use and have a great summer. Enjoy the sunshine too and time outdoor for your daily dose of vitamin D!

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET practitioner for over-reaction to food and the environment – R-Craniosacral Therapists

NAET for hayfever reduction and more

I have been using NAET for testing and desensitize food and environmental over-reaction for the past 7 years. For the once that do not know, here what it is and how the person who used it first developed it:

The theoretical basis of the method is a combination of knowledge derived from allopathic medicine, oriental medicine and acupuncture or acupressure (as I use) chiropractic, kinesiology and nutrition. Dr Devi Nambudripad’s simple definition of an allergy is as follows: An allergy is an adverse physical, physiological, and/or psychological response of an individual towards one or more substances also known as allergens. My interpretation is more of over-reaction from the Immune System.  These substances are usually harmless, well tolerated or even useful for most people. Dr Nambudripad’s approach is the same for full-blown allergies involving the release of immunoglobulin type E (IgE-mediated reactions) in the body, and for intolerance, sensitivities and hypersensitivities (non-IgE mediated reactions). I work mainly with the other antibodies reaction that causes delayed reaction up to 72 hours after contact with them and or masked reaction. I use her technique for diagnoses and treatments of the over reactions to balance the immune system to its normal self. If we apply the fundamental thoughts of oriental medical theory, which asserts that everything on earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, this “adverse response” can be defined as “an energy imbalance (in the body) caused by the clash between two or more incompatible energies”. This conflict creates energy blockages in the meridians (energy pathways), and accumulated blockages can cause various complaints and pathological conditions. These incompatible energies or energy imbalances are considered synonymous with “allergies” in the context of the NAET method. Read more about the method on NAET website on the link on my website right hand side.

I use the combination of NAET and Cranio-Sacral Therapy now, which it gives the extra balance between the body, the mind and the emotional cells. There are lots of research and studies regarding the connection between the body and mind and specifically the mind and the intestinal tract. The mind can affect the intestinal tract and the intestinal tract can affect the mind. Serotonin receptors, which are the receptors that make us happy or unhappy, are found in the intestinal tract as well. Using the combination of NAET Nutrition and Cranio-sacral therapy, I had a higher success rate from before, for the reduction of Irritable bowel Syndrome and reduction in the severity of the food and environmental reactions. Read some of the testimonial on my website.

I have summarized my clinical experience in the following book: Clinical experience of Irritable Bowel Syndrome click here to buy it on amazon.

Also please click here to read a pdf published studies on the outcome of NAET treatments on peanuts allergies and for a general allergy a case study published on scientific paper (even though NAET does not work scientifically, it works with the physical, mind and emotional system, as well as the energetic system). click here

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional Therapist – NAET practitioner – R-Craniosacral Therapist 

Healing babies birth trauma with craniosacral therapy

Healing babies and children birth trauma and early years trauma (this can be healed in adulthood as well to a certain extend).

Some of the children and babies that I treated with CS had some traumatic birth or even not and what some of the issues that reduced were:

Baby in hand
  • Colic’s which are very frequent in babies
  • Frequency of throwing up the milk
  • Sleeping better and more peacefully
  • Stronger connection with mother and babies (the mother needs to be treated as well as the baby for both reflux and connection with the baby)
  • Clinging babies or toddlers
  • Other problems that have been helped with my treatment of CS are:
  • Teething
  • Coughing
  • Frequent colds for the babies,
  • Toddlers and children
  • Reduction of allergies
  • Reduced irritation, which have led to a happier and more communicative toddler.
  • Reduction and or elimination of night terror in toddlers and children in general.

Starting life with a great balance system is one of the huge benefit that the baby will have in coping any of  the issue that life brings. Babies treated with CS have a more positive and happier attitude in life and feel more confident of their journey.

For children trauma,it can be a constant illness or any physical or emotional trauma. They can start healing for future benefit as well as the present benefit.

If you are an adult and you had a lot of emotional or physical trauma, that can also stem from your birth trauma. It will take few sessions for babies and children depending on the age and much more the older you are but it is worth the changing of life into positive outcome. Craniosacral therapy does change your life in better no matter if you are a baby which will start up well or an adult.

Maria Esposito BSc (Hons) R-Nutritional therapist – NAET Practitioner – R-Craniosacral Therapist